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Two days before Holi, I received a phone call from a friend who wished to celebrate Holi in Udaipur.

Apart from Barsana and Huranga Holi, I haven’t seen Holi celebrations in any other city.

Therefore, I instantly said, Aye!

Thus, I booked the bus from Delhi to Udaipur the same night and reserved a stay at the Moustache Hostel. 

Unfortunately, finding a place to sojourn during an extended weekend was troublesome because every hostel remained sold out.

Luckily, the beds in Moustache Hostel haven’t got fully occupied. So without a wait, I reserved the two dorm beds.

Moving forward, the Day to leave.

My Friend Missed his Delhi to Udaipur Bus

The one who was excited and approached me with an idea to travel to Udaipur had eventually missed his bus. WOW!

The bus departure time was 6 p.m.

Accordingly, I reached the bus stand near Hanuman Murthi in Karol Bagh on time.

But, my friend got late — to the extent that he missed his bus.

After requesting the bus driver and conductor numerous times, they couldn’t wait beyond 5 mins.

The bus staff would remain strict about the schedule even though anything happened regarding the passenger’s arrival.

Thus, at that very moment, I thought that the Udaipur journey had become my solo trip to Udaipur. Of course, that would be fun, but the twist was waiting onward.

Luckily, My Friend Got the Next Bus

There remained a not so planned but well-known twist in the tale when I thought I would travel solo to Udaipur.

Meanwhile, standing at the empty bus stand, my friend called me to check any other bus availability. Hilarious conversation!

However, I couldn’t find any other bus from Delhi to Udaipur from the exact spot.

Then, my friend found a bus with two seats left for reservation.

Consequently, he boarded the bus, finally!

Delhi to Udaipur

Firstly, I arrived in Udaipur on the Day of Holi early morning.

My preferred drop-off location was Udaipole; thus, the bus reached there an hour before the expected arrival, approximately 7:15 a.m.

The Autos stood waiting for the passengers.

Though, I couldn’t spot anything to travel apart from taking an auto to the Moustache hostel.

The Auto fare from Udaipole to Moustache hostel was Rs. 150. Though I was a single passenger; therefore, I had to pay the entire amount. Besides, the shorter route remained closed due to some construction, so the auto took an extended way.

Whereas, if you are traveling in a group, let’s suppose 2-3 individuals in an auto, the fare will get split effortlessly.

I Reached Moustache Hostel Udaipur

The check-in stayed at 11:00a.m, and I well arrived at 7:30a.m

I know the early morning time is undoubtedly perfect to start exploring. Furthermore, I would get a glimpse of the Holi celebrations in Udaipur.

Therefore, I dropped my backpack in the common area, unzipped it, took the camera, and went to capture the Udaipur.

Gangaur Ghat

The initial place I visited was Gangaur Ghat. That remained nearly less than 200m away from the Moustache hostel.

Gangaur Ghat Udaipur
Gangaur Ghat

Notably, there are multiple entrances to visit the Gangaur Ghat Udaipur.

Excitingly, I peeked through every door! Haha! The lake views were spell-bounding and refreshing.

Lake View from the Gangaur Ghat
Reflection of an old building seen from Gangaur Ghat

The following activities I noticed on the Gangaur Ghat in the morning:

  • Individuals feeding pigeons
  • Pigeons flying formation
  • A lady performing Yoga 
  • Photoshoot happening

The things mentioned above would stand out enough to keep you hooked. Additionally, the lake views would unquestionably make you spend an extended time.

Furthermore, the Badi Lake view from Bahubali Hills will leave you mesmerized, though plan your visit to see this beauty in Udaipur.

The pigeons were getting feed at Gangaur Ghat
The pigeons were getting fed.

On leaving Gangaur Ghat,

I saw a stage set up; therefore, I strongly sensed that Holi celebrations would occur here.

Back to Moustache Hostel

After spending more than an hour at the Gangaur Ghat, I returned to the hostel.

Afterward, I called my friend, whose bus should have arrived by now.


Unfortunately, my friend conveyed the bus would reach Udaipole an hour late.

Thus, I waited in the common area.

Additionally, there remained multiple travelers who were eagerly waiting for check-in.

Meanwhile, I ate the roti and achar that I brought packed from home for breakfast.

Guess something; I noticed that the friend had arrived at the Moustache hostel.

I prepared My Camera to Capture Holi in Udaipur.

I carry a bag to protect the camera, especially during the Holi events.

Though the Holi also took place at the Moustache Hostel rooftop, I first decided to visit Udaipur’s streets, especially near the Gangaur Ghat, where I saw the stage for Holi.

Gangaur Ghat on Holi

I took my friend to the Gangaur Ghat.

The music was playing; individuals were dancing their hearts out. People threw Gulal’s aimlessly in the air and heartwarmingly on each other known faces.

I hadn’t imagined I would witness those scenes outside the Gangaur Ghat.

But I remained empty-handed,

Though we didn’t carry a Gulal; therefore, we went ahead to locate a shop concerning that.

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Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple
Scenes Outside Jagdish Temple

The Jagdish temple is a prominent landmark in Udaipur. I remember an Auto person said that all the stays and tourist activities are near the Jagdish temple.

The view outside the Jagdish temple was even more enchanting.

Even the foreigners were present there, footing to the tunes of Balam Pichkari.

For safety, the police officials held an eye on misbehaving individuals. 

My friend bought a Red Gulal for Rs. 20 outside the Jagdish temple. Then Onwards, we began coloring each other.

Paying Money for Gulal
Friend Paying for Gulal

Crowd Shouting Holi hein!

Individuals Screaming Holi Hein
Individual Screaming on Holi

Back to Gangaur Ghat

My visit to Jagdish Temple for Holi remained for a short period, as we mutually determined that Gangaur Ghat fancied much better celebrations.

I stood at one corner and began photoing the Holi celebrations, simultaneously hopping on the tunes.

The children on the balcony began throwing their Pichkaris onto the crowd. That indeed remained an amusing moment!

Children's throwing water from Pichkaris
Children throwing water from the balcony

After spending some time at the exact spot, I moved further to capture a different viewpoint. Finally, though, I succeeded in doing that!

  • Holi Celebrations in Udaipur

Plus, the mate clicked me.

  • Vansh Tiwari During Holi in Udaipur
  • Vansh Tiwari at the Gangaur Ghat

Someone even asked, what kind of shield are you wearing in hand? That’s a camera, and I protected it with the cover.

My friend didn’t get a chance to go near the Gangaur Ghat earlier; thus, he fulfilled his wish while returning to the hostel.

Are you considering visiting Udaipur in April?

Moustache Hostel

I reached the hostel with a half-red face; no one beat me. Haha! Though, because of the Holi colors. Aye!

Straightly, I proceeded to the hostel’s top floor,

Holi played on the hostel’s terrace; nevertheless, I saw very few people engaged in coloring.

Meantime, I felt like eating something.

To satisfy the thirst, I went downwards, and my friend ordered sandwiches—those remained sufficient to meet the need for some time.

I was tired, but I grew super active while playing sports.

So, there was table tennis; seeing no one playing, I told my friend to play a few games.

I Even Won! Hurray!

Then, I moved to the reception to inquire about the additional time required for the check-in.

I got a reply; you can now check in.

Though the sheets have not been laid due to the ongoing Holi, the hostel staff will apply the bedsheets in the evening.

Nevertheless, a bed is a bed. So at least, I would get some much-needed time to rest after getting freshened up.

Evening Visit to Gangaur Ghat

Until now, you must have perceived that I love Gangaur Ghat, which stood the 3rd time I visited in a single day.

Do you know the best thing to do at Gangaur Ghat?

Let me tell you, 

  • Would you mind sitting on the stairs and feeling the calming breeze when it touches your face?
Vansh Tiwari at Gangaur Ghat
Vansh Tiwari at Gangaur Ghat

I heard, amazingly not!

I did this for approximately an hour at the Gangaur Ghat and photographed the surroundings. Though, that remained my primary motive.

I sat at the Gangaur Ghat until dusk and then moved to the hostel.

Is Celebrating Holi in Udaipur a Good Idea?


When I booked my bus seat for Udaipur, I didn’t think twice about the Holi experience there.

Holi in Udaipur is excellent, though I didn’t have any expectations when I arrived. But, indeed, the Holi celebrations remained a remarkable moment during my weekend trip to Udaipur.

At most, I thought Holi in Udaipur would be better than sitting at home because Holi doesn’t happen at my house.

To sum up,

If you have read the entire blog, I genuinely feel you understood until now that traveling to Udaipur for Holi would stand a great thought.

But prepare for your journey a week in advance to avoid sold-out surprises!

Moreover, you can explore Udaipur following days.

So, would you mind letting me know where you celebrated your Holi?

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