A Tale of Exploration

Scribbled Underline 2

by Vansh Tiwari

Grandfather insisted on joining me to Mathura as his remembrances from there evolved faded.


I consider you also become attracted to an exemplary color combination, similar to a well-dressed individual.

Color Soothing Street Doors

Well - Maintained

Likewise, a pleasing color combination a well-maintained structure define the importance and value.

Boat Ride at Vishram Ghat

Your day would stand incomplete until multiple individuals approached you for a boat ride at Vishram Ghat.

Selfie on Boat

Indeed, the excitement! Also, you can view Aarti at 7p.m, at Vishram ghat while sitting on the boat.

Narrow Lanes

Mathura's narrow lanes provide an old traditional feeling to the passersby. For an adequate understanding, I clicked Grandfather.

Flirting Monkey's

It's appropriate that you remove your specs before approaching Vishram Ghat because there remain flirting monkeys!

Monkey's Everywhere!

If you spotted one Monkey, throw a banana, and witness the vast gatherings of Monkeys on the street.

The Land of Krishna

Mathura is a Holy city; spotting the Krishna dedicated eye-gathering wall crafts remains expected.

"I Visit Mathura especially during the week of Holi as the city evolves more colorful"

This is Mathura's Huranga Holi

Rani Sui Lake Trek

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