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Are you thinking of heading to a snowy place and spending some time with your family and friends?

Consider going to Bir Billing this winter season.

But why Bir Billing in winters, you must be thinking, right?

I have reasons for you to visit Bir Billing this winter –

A. Less crowd in peak winters as compared to any other snow region.

B. Quite a place away from the city bustle.

C. You can indulge in adventure sports in Bir Billing.

I think these reasons are enough to make you explore Bir Billing in the winter season by making you come out of your cozy blankets.

Must-do things in Bir Billing

Toy Train Ride

Toy Train ride is still on many people’s lists and was mine too at one point, but I rode a few days back.

Therefore, tick marked ✅.

Okay, I am coming back to the point. So you can ride the toy train from Ahju railway station.

Ahju is just 5-10 mins of walk from Bir road, but due to some reasons, the toy train from Ahju station will not be available.

You have to go to Baijnath Paprola railway station to experience a ride on the toy train.

How to reach Baijnath Paprola railway station from Ahju

From the Ahju bus stand, take a bus towards Paprola.

The Ahju and Paprola distance are 10 km, and the bus will charge Rs 20/- per person.

You will reach your destination in the next 20-25 mins.

The bus will be dropping you within walking distance from Paprola railway station.

The toy train has a schedule and only runs at a certain period in a day.

(You can check the timetable and fare chart listed below in the image

Toy Train time table in Baijnath Paprola Railway Station
Toy Train timetable in Baijnath Paprola Railway Station
Toy Train fare list in Baijnath Paprola
Toy Train fare list in Baijnath Paprola

If you are going in the afternoon, the departure time of the toy train is 2:10 p.m., and you can go to Pathankot from the Toy Train.

If you are looking for a short-distance ride, hop out at Majheran. It is the next station to Baijnath Paprola.

Or Even Panchrukhi or directly Palampur is the city station amongst the listed ones.

The Toy Train fare from Paprola railway station to Palampur is Rs. 10/- and you have to take a bus from Palampur to reach Bir back.

Yes, this toy train will go to Kangra and then Pathankot.

One of the best things about this toy train journey is getting scenic views from the window side.

Note – Do not try to put your heads out of the moving train, and don’t try to travel without a ticket. The result will be costly.

Mountain Cycling

I wrote a whole article on how to use an e-cycle in the mountains because I just loved the e-cycle ride and wanted you to experience it.

Mountain cycling is pure love, to be honest, without a doubt. But a cycle will test your patience and stamina compared to an e-cycle; that makes the work a lot easier because it’s a paddle assist cycle. 

I would personally recommend trying both and sharing your experience with other fellow travelers.

But let me again remind you that the mountain has a lot of uphill. So, don’t feel underconfident about your strengths that uphill has downhill. So, it’s a good idea to cycle in the mountains.

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Bir Monasteries

In addition to Paragliding, Tibetan Monasteries in Bir will get counted among the most looked out things in your Bir trip.

Am ‘I right, But why?

Because of the culture and discipline, they exhibit in their words and actions.

Bir Monasteries to visit –

(taking Volvo bus stand as a common point)

Nyingyang Monastery

Nyingyang Monastery in Bir
Nyingyang Monastery in Bir

If you are going to Bir by taking an overnight Volvo, then Nyingyang Monastery is hardly 1 min’s walk away from the Volvo bus stand.

Tsering Jong Monastery

Tsering Jong Monastery in Bir
Tsering Jong Monastery in Bir

This monastery is close to Chaugan Chowk. It’s 5 mins of walk from the Volvo bus stand.

Chokling Monastery

Chokling Monastery is present in the Tibetan market and is within 10 mins of walking distance from the bus stand.

Palpung Sherabling Monastery

Palpung Sherabling Monastery in Upper Bhattu
Palpung Sherabling Monastery in Upper Bhattu

It is 7 km away from the Bir Billing landing site. The monastery has been best traveled on cycle or two-wheeler because of the scenic beauty it surrounds throughout the journey. You can also walk to the monastery, but the time taken would be around 2-3 hrs.


Bir Billing Paragliding in the winter season
Bir Billing Paragliding in the winter season

Now, most of you think of Paragliding and that in the winter season?

Alsohow is it like to spend winters in Himachal versus winters in Goa?

And straight forward answer is a Yes.

Paragliding is closed only in monsoon seasons, and in the winter season, you can see the snow-clad mountains all around, and flying at that time is so much fun.

If you are scared of heights, you will be terrified initially, but as soon as the first few moments pass, you will feel like a bird who wants to fly as far as possible.

Few things to keep in mind before choosing the travel company to paraglide with:

A. Check the company license and how long they are in this business.

B. Confirm that the pilot is well trained with a license and has years of paragliding experience.

C. Ensure that the piolet will guide you about how the Paragliding goes; to control your nerves before the take-off.

D. You must get equipped with all safety measures taken before flying.

You should confirm essential things to help you build trust with the company and the pilot.

The charges for Paragliding will range around Rs. 2000 – Rs. 2500 (Including GoPro video) depending upon the paragliding company you choose.

The flight will enchant 15-20 mins which you will remember for a lifetime.

The overall conclusion is that summers and winters are soothing for exploration.

Life remains meant to be lived outside the comfort zone to see the unseen.


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I hope you will travel to Bir Billing in the winter season not to escape but to explore.

Until then, keep traveling.

See you on the roads.

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