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Baga to Dudhsagar Falls | An Escape from Simple Beach Life

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Haven’t you got bored by visiting the same beaches in Goa over and over again?

I know that you love beaches but life strongly demands a change.

The change is to escape from the boring beach life to experience something different in Goa.

Let me take you on a journey from Baga to Dudhsagar falls and it will definitely be going to be your perfect run away from the daily beach life. You must have heard about the falls & even seen in the movie Chennai Express. Yes, you got it right that train scene when it stops over the waterfall.

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Since my journey had started from near Baga Beach.

How to reach Dudhsagar Falls from Baga?

The best thing you can do is pre-book for Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

Many of the bus operators will be going to pick you from your desired location. (Only if you’re located in the following areas –Arpora, Candolim, Panjim, Baga, and much more).

Mentioned below are the distances from well-known locations in Goa to Dudhsagar falls – 

  1. Arpora to Dudhsagar falls distance is 88km approx.
  2. Candolim to Dudhsagar distance is approx 84km.
  3. Panjim to Dudhsagar falls distance is 76km approx.
  4. Baga to Dudhsagar Waterfalls distance is approx. 88km. 
  5. Madgaon to Dudhsgar distance is approx 47km.
  6. Goa to Dudhsagar falls distance is 26km approx.

However, you can enquire about your location pick up. The guided bus operators will tell you the inclusions in your Dudhsagar bus tour.

(Kindly go through it, and must compare with other tour operators before booking).

By the way, this was my first time in Goa and the experience was quite good. Keeping a few factors away.

The Bus Journey to Dudhsagar falls

Baga to Dudhsagar falls bus journey
                                                                                                       Early Morning Faces

Your journey will be going to start earlier than the normal wake-up days i.e. somewhere between 5-6a.m (If you had booked a bus tour). The Baga Beach to Dudhsagar Waterfalls distance is approx. 90km by road. 

The entry to Dudhsagar starts at 8:30 a.m. and after paying the entry ticket you are eligible to sit in the jeep.

The bus from your pick-up point will be going to drop you at Kulem which will be the endpoint of your bus journey. You can have your breakfast at Kulem because you won’t find any place to eat beside this point.

Keep this in mind that the distance from Kulem to Dudhsgar falls is 10 km approx. The jeep safari will be of 45 mins and you will be given 1:30 hrs to spend your time at the Dudhsagar waterfalls and afterward 45 mins to come back.

i.e.  3 hrs total journey time allowed.

You can clearly see Monkeys and Lagoons hopping from one tree to another. They won’t do anything to you unless you don’t tease them.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Falls complete view
                                                                                                                 Dudhsagar waterfall

Dudhsagar falls are amongst the Tallest waterfalls in India. You need to walk about 5-10 mins to reach the base of Dudhsagar from where the jeep will going to drop.

Vice – Versa while coming back.

My Thought – If you had visited Kempty falls in Mussoorie, then you will find a lot of similarity with Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa.

Entry Fee for Dudhsagar Falls

The Jeep tour entry fees till the waterfalls will be Rs.500 per person, including drop and back.

The forest entry fees will be Rs. 50 per person charged by the forest department.

The Dudhsagar falls opening timings are 9 a.m & closing timings are 6 p.m on all the days.

If you are a family with a child aged above 4 years then he/she will be considered under the full entry fees charge, i.e. 500 per person.

Nobody is allowed to start the jeep tour to the waterfalls until you have rented a life jacket. The charges for a Life Jacket will be Rs. 40 per person.

All the charges come under Dudhsagar falls entry fee.

(Note – If you had booked a bus operator then you don’t have to pay the charges separately as it’s already been included in your package).

Other charges

If you are carrying a camera then you have to pay an additional fee of Rs.30 and for professional equipment, you have to pay a hefty fee too.

No. of Members allowed in a Jeep

The Jeep-like Bolero, Tavera, Mahindra, etc will be going to take you till the waterfall.

Each jeep can accompany max. of 7 people.

For ex-:

If you are a group of 7 people then you will be going to have a full jeep with your members.

i.e. for 3 people then you will be going to have other 4 people accompanying you.

In case you are a solo traveler then you will be going to have other 6 people accompanying you.

You can also book an independent jeep by paying Rs. 3500.

For ex-:

If you are a couple and want to take the independent jeep ride then you will have to pay Rs.3500 for the whole jeep. (500×7, simple)

If you are a group of 5 people and want to enjoy the jeep ride amongst your members only, then also Rs. 3500.

After dropping off from the jeep you have to walk for 5-10 mins to reach the foothills of the waterfalls.

Carrying of a plastic water bottle (Most Important)

I am definitely assuming that you need your plastic water bottle on this long journey. Hence, you have to carry your plastic bottles along. i.e. you cannot throw the bottles inside the forest or anywhere in and around the waterfall.

The whole jeep plastic bottle will be going to be numbered and written like 1, 2, and so on. You have to carry and show the numbered bottles while coming back.

For ex-: One jeep = 7 members and each having one plastic bottle each. i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 were numbered on the bottle.

It’s a very good initiative to protect the environment from careless human beings.

If you had by chance not able to show any particular numbered bottle, then there might be a fine imposed on you.

Monkey caught on camera at Dudhsagar Falls
                                                                                                    Monkey caught on camera

Dudhsagar Visiting Time

The waterfall remains open from 9 a.m to 6 p.m every day. The Jeep ride to the waterfall starts leaving at around 8:30 a.m – 9 a.m and it takes 45 mins from Kulem which is 10 km away from the Dudhsagar waterfalls.

Road Conditions till the Waterfall

The road conditions are not good. If you are sitting ahead in the jeep then you will feel like the king of the sanctuary who is just enjoying the bumpy rides and making videos.

By chance, if you’re sitting in the backside of the vehicle like Bolero then you will swing like anything from one seat to another.

A bumpy ride that you must enjoy and experience while you sit on both the seats in onwards and backward journey.

Note – You cannot take your personal vehicle inside the sanctuary. Only Authorized official jeeps are allowed.

Mobile Network  

As soon as you arrive in Mollem town, there’s no mobile connectivity for Airtel users. In fact, users of Jio, BSNL, and Vodafone would have the last laugh.

Food options inside the forest

Dudhsagar Waterfalls is located in Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, Sonaulim, on the border of Goa & Karnataka and is surrounded by dense forest i.e. there’s no availability of food inside the forest area and near the waterfall. I know that many of you have seen snacks counter just near the waterfalls at so many places but not in Dudhsagar falls.

It’s a completely protected and zero waste area.

Before starting your jeep journey you can have food just outside the entrance. There are plenty of local restaurants in Mollem town, from where the Jeep ride will be going to start.

Also, you are free to move after 3 hrs of the forest journey. 

Toilet options

Yes, there are separate toilet options in the sanctuary for both men and women. You will be going to find the toilets on your way to the Dudhsagar waterfalls.

Cloths changing option at the waterfalls

There are as such no rooms maid for both the genders to change the cloth. While the men do on the spot and it advised that women should change in the toilets only.

Dudhsagar Falls Best Time to Visit

As far as what I can say and take into consideration the local’s point of view; the time just after the monsoon when the waterfall is in its full bloom is considered as a wonderful time to visit the Dudhsagar falls.  

The waterfall will not be opened during the time of monsoon officially. Hence, people try to adopt unofficial ways i.e. risk their lives to see the waterfall. There are other ways too but I am not going to talk about that. Hence, keeping it simple.

After the monsoon season, it will be the time to welcome the winter season all over India.

But going to Goa in winters, especially if you are from the north side your expectations from the climate will be much more.

Things to keep in mind before entering the Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Since you are entering the waterfalls –

  1. Respect other people regardless of what they are wearing both inside and outside the waterfalls.
    (Note – Respect animals too, hardly you are going to see any apart from monkeys but still).

  2. If you have a professional camera, I am assuming that you love nature and the surroundings. Don’t me someone who was present there just to capture the strangers and foreigners.

  3. Take complete care of your belongings, if all the members of a family are going into the waterfall then must keep an eye on your belongings too.

  4. Avoid taking any precious item with you which will become a threat of being stolen away.

  5. Please wear your life jackets before entering the waterfall, the rescue till will be there if any mishap happens.

  6. The waterfall is quite deep in the middle but with the life jackets-on, you can easily swim.

  7. The rocks are very slippery on the side of the waterfall, be very careful.

  8. Don’t take waterfall lightly, after all, it’s the water. Be cautious with your body.

  9. There are fishes in the waterfall which remain present every time. You don’t need to be scared of them.

  10. You can capture the scene which you once saw in a movie where the train passes just ahead of the waterfall. Mostly goods train passes from the waterfall route. Nevertheless, a train is a train scene.


I hope that the journey from Baga Beach to Dudhsagar falls will be going to bring relaxation and change from your beach routine.

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See you on the roads.

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