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Undoubtedly, the Afternoon will remain extremely superheated in Udaipur in April.

Because I visited Udaipur for Holi in March; therefore, I can understand the Udaipur weather in April.

However, the weather becomes pleasing in lake city in the evening. Ultimately, the night evolves into the most beautiful time of the day to move out.

If you’re persistent, you can explore Udaipur even in the Afternoon but with the necessary precautions.

Let’s quickly see what those are,

Precautions to Take When Planning to Explore Udaipur in the Afternoon, Especially in Summers

1. Wear Full Sleeves

It is best to wear full sleeves to protect your body from direct sunlight.

I was wearing a full-sleeved shirt, but I rolled up to my arms and tied it up. However, it would be best if you weren’t doing that or remain prepared for some severe tan.

Vansh Tiwari and Accompanying Mate at Bahubali Hills
When we visited Bahubali Hills

Note: Wear a head cap and cover your face to protect your body from the sunlight.

2. Carry Water Bottle Everywhere

Staying hydrated will be essential in Udaipur, So keep a water bottle with you. In addition, if you can carry multiple water bottles, then it would be adequate.

As you already know, Rajasthan’s heat evolves intolerable during summers.

And, the opposite I did,

My biggest mistake was not holding the water bottle, and we had to stop the scooty someplace every time we needed to drink the water. Indeed, I drank plenty of water in between.

3. Rent a Two Wheeler

It would be most acceptable to rent a two-wheeler if you don’t have a personal vehicle.

Truthfully, you wouldn’t feel any problem locating the two-wheeler renting shops in Udaipur. In addition, renting a two-wheeler would cost you around Rs.400 – Rs.500 for a day.

For example, you rented a scooty at 10a.m, so you have to return it at 8 p.m. Irrespective of your hiring period, the Scooty return time stays fixed.

Ultimately, you can plan to cover faraway places in Udaipur in a two-wheeler. Consider two days in Udaipur to have the best experience in the white city.

Udaipur in April

Likewise, I expressed that I visited Udaipur in March and explored the outdoors in the Morning and Afternoon.

Morning’s are satisfactory!

But, the Afternoon had made me so exhausted that no energy remained left to even move out at night. So, let me remind you again — the most fantastic period to roam in the city is undoubtedly night, especially in the Summer.

My forearms turned utterly red because of the continuous exposure to the sunlight.

However, you can still plan outdoor things in the summers in Udaipur.

The days become highly heated as the summer month moves forward.

So, You shouldn’t have to Visit Udaipur in Summer?

The answer to that question ultimately depends on your motive.

For example, 

  • If your motive is to explore Udaipur, you must follow the above precautions for a lovely experience.

Suppose your motive is relaxation, and you don’t want to go out in the Afternoon to see Udaipur. 

  • Then I think Udaipur would be the most suitable place, as you can visit it at Nighttime. Moreover, the weather will grow pleasant because of the lakeside.

Plus, you can do Work from Home from Udaipur. Ultimately, work in the afternoon and go out in the nighttime, which is the best time to move out in the summers.

I loved going out at night in Udaipur; indeed, you would question that Udaipur remained the exact place that became unbearable to move in the Afternoon!

In addition, you can visit the rooftop of the place you are staying. 

I stayed at Moustache Hostel and sat on the rooftop for 2-3 hours on both days. 

Truthfully, the weather was so pleasant at night that the time clocked midnight, and I was sitting on the rooftop, I didn’t realize.

Thus, Udaipur in April and the entire Summer will have its charm that you have to experience.

But, Afternoon to be avoided going outside; otherwise, you become fatigued till the most loved weather of the day arrives.

Then, What’s the Best Place for a Nightout in Udaipur?

I visited Gangaur Ghat in Udaipur four times — 2 times in the morning and 2 times when approaching darkness; I cherished spending time at the Gangaur Ghat and seeing the surroundings. 

Hence, I consider Gangaur Ghat the most suitable place to visit. Plus, it’s overlooking Pichola lake; ultimately, you can sit there for some time admiring the surroundings.

In addition, it’s not only the Gangaur Ghat that’s present near the lakeside; there are many other places where you can sit; consider a restaurant near the lakeside. 

Your motive for dining will also become fulfilled, along with seeing pretty night lake views.

To Sum Up

I am confident you felt connected to my March experience and will help in deciding to visit Udaipur in April.

Frankly, the purpose of your visit decides the best month to fulfill that particular goal.

Otherwise, the nights in Udaipur would forever stay appealing.

That’s it,

I have expressed my thoughts regarding visiting Udaipur in April.

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