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A Cycling Adventure Story from Asia's Highest Paragliding Spot. Sounds, Unusual right!  I consider it as an out-of-the-box thing to do. It's the most enjoyable cycling I had ever done, and it came surprisingly. To bring your knowledge, Billing is Asia's Highest Paragliding Spot, and you can also say that it's the Paragliding take-off site and Bir is the Paragliding landing site. I have a blog solely dedicated to Bir Billing. You can read that for further understanding about the place from my perspective. I have also talked about the Do's and Dont's that you have while cycling downhill.  Enjoy the Adventure! — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/vansh-tiwari/message
  1. Cycling Downhill from – A Surprising Adventure
  2. How Quick Decision Can Make Your Best Travel Memories

Has it ever happened that you thought of leaving everything and escaping to Goa?

Then why haven’t you done it yet!

Okay, I was merely saying.

I often use to give Goa examples because you can relate easily. In fact, How does it sound if I say,

“Has it ever happened that you thought of leaving everything and sitting at home?

Dull and boring, right!

But in a severe tone,

A decision taken in seconds can make your best travel memories.


You can likewise say that – Don’t take that much time to consider something that seems good to you.

This article will also share my quick decision experience that turned out to be among the best travel memories. You will love the stories that had genuinely happened for sure!

Keep Scanning Furthermore!

What did I Mean by Quick Decision in Travel?

A quick decision when something appears, let’s assume in your thoughts, and you have to decide to act upon it at that particular moment.

I believe these examples you can easily relate to:

  1. Go to the office today or take a leave because the weather is Awesome!
  2. Whether to carry an umbrella along or not because it’s raining heavily outside.
  3. To wear a mask while sitting in a car or not? (Yes)

The decision for these above-stated situations can’t stay left for the future. Instead, you have to act upon them quickly.

To Make a Quick Decision in a Situation Examples

In travel, a quick decision could be not only travel-related, but it can be anything.

For e.x – Among the two hotels available, which one to choose both are costing the same price per day and only one bed left in both. So, you have to make a decision quickly here.

Tricky Situation

Sometimes we fall into tricky situations where taking a long time would not reach any conclusions.

For e.x – You decide, which one shall I choose if I like both Strawberry ice cream and Vanilla ice cream?

In that situation, making decisions in seconds would be the only key I can imagine.

I hope my point is crystal clear to you.

How to Make Decisions Quickly?

I don’t want the article to sound like boring high-grade lectures.

I have tried to precisely give examples and views that I believe you can relate to.

To make quick decisions, the only thing you need to do is to listen to your heart.

Let’s take an example, considering what we had just discussed above.

For e.x – I like both Strawberry ice cream and Vanilla ice cream. So therefore, deciding what the heart says would resolve all the mess.

The answer to, How to make a quick decision is preferably different for every individual, and I have expressed my viewpoint in the above-stated line.

That’s sufficient for running on the boundary lines, and let me virtually take you into the field for real-life examples.

I will explain by giving my experience of immediate decisions and how that resulted in the best travel memories.

How My Quick Decisions Turned Out to be the Best Travel Memories?

I shared my three real-life experiences from quick decisions that became part of my best travel memories.

I am excited to relive those moments while you share and giggle behind the screen.

So, here’s the first one –

1. The Decision to Go to Chitkul

I will not be describing deeply about the Chitkul in this article. There are separate pieces dedicated to that on the blog!

Articles on Chitkul – 

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After Exploring the Kalpa Valley, I had an additional day left.

Upon questioning the locals, they suggested me that, go to Sangla and Chitkul preferably. Both these places are nearby.

The bus took an extended time and reached Sangla at lunchtime.

Please read here thoroughly for a better understanding-

I had a belief that Sangla and Chitkul would be just another town nearby, as the locals informed me. So, the plan was to travel backward to Kalpa the same evening.

As per the plan, I reached Sangla and searched for places to visit. Local’s of Sangla told that go to Chitkul preferably. The Switzerland of India!


It’s already midday, and if I went to Chitkul, coming back the same day would become next to impossible.

In a second, I quickly decided to go to Chitkul. 

Heard the heart!

Moving forward, I found the same bus that dropped me in Sangla. 


If I had missed that bus, I would have to wait for another 2-3hrs for the next bus to Chitkul. So the half-day that was still left would have been wasted!

Lastly, I arrived in Chitkul without the rucksack, explored, and sojourned for a night.

Conclusion from Chitkul

In between, I decided to move backward or proceed forward to Chitkul.

The decision to move to Chitkul eventually made it the topmost travel memory.

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2. The Decision to Spend 30 Days Volunteering in Goa

Volunteering in Goa was a life-changing adventure.

But, initially, proceeding to Volunteer in Goa for 30 odd days was the concern.

I was seeking to volunteer in Goa actively.

Then, following, when I got an opportunity. The 30 days duration was non-negotiable. I have to sojourn anyhow if accepted. 

Time to decide!

After considering that getting an opportunity beyond the expected duration is not usual, I instantly decided.

Go for it!

Exploring and Photographing Goa was part of the Volunteering work that I agreed with!

Conclusion from Goa

I eagerly craved to explore Goa. 

Succeeding got a chance that would ultimately minimize the expenses in Goa. Besides, I would live in Goa for a month to experience the culture and lifestyle. Furthermore, explore and photograph, most importantly.

If I had responded with a NO, I wouldn’t think I would have that much knowledge of Goa. Leave apart everything; the spending would be extreme if Volunteering were not concerned.

You can check out the entire Goa series.

3. The Decision to Photograph the Holi Festival Amidst Corona

It was 2020, and everything seemed fantastic before Corona announced its arrival.

The spread of COVID has gradually picked up pace in India. As a result, the people had started considering before coming into large gatherings.

The Holi was around the corner, and we had decided about 1 month back that we would go to photograph. 

To remain on the safer side, most people decided they would not be going to the Mathura Holi.


The plan got canceled.

A few days later, I received a call that Huranga Holi was happening.

There were a couple of people who had agreed! We would be following the necessary safety measures that all of us promised.

Now, it was up to me whether to photograph the Holi event or not.

I replied YES, and it turned out to be a lifetime experience.

Conclusion from Holi

The Mathura Holi was a special event.

The immediate decision to go made the things sorted.

However, the corona fear was slightly existing, but belief in ourselves had made us proceed forward.

Overview with the Help of an Infographic

An overview of the points I had discussed above using an Infographic here!

An overview using an Infographic of the Best Travel Memories


Overall Conclusion

If you were still wondering what ice cream I had picked, I chose Strawberry ice cream.


I believe that I have Justified my thoughts on How Quick Decisions can make your best Travel memories.

And, Don’t overlook to listen to your heart!


It doesn’t imply that in Corona and lockdown circumstances, you came with thought and promptly made a quick decision to go someplace!

Think considering situations and conditions. I hope you can understand!

Let me know your quick decision story that you are satisfied with?

About Author

Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. I am happy that you took quick decision for that trip, the place chitkul looks amazing ??
    I also adore the professionalism of your blog posts, with flow charts and everything ????

    1. Thank you Shivani for reading, Chitkul is among the top of the list memories ?.

      I try to enhance the reading experience to the level best. I want the reader to feel as if they are themselves present there to experience ? Thanks for the feedback!

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