Chitkul Travel Guide - A Guide o the last Indian Village
Chitkul,  Himachal,  My Experience

Complete Chitkul Travel Guide – Let me guide you to the Paradise

Firstly, Chitkul was not on my mind 🤔when I arrived in Kinnaur Valley.

Then what happened which changed my mind to arrive in Chitkul and end up writing this complete Chitkul travel guide.
The day before, I was in Kalpa.

I had made a plan that I will leave before the sunrise for Chitkul and be right back before the sunset ( Just me things ).

According to my plan, left before the sunrise. Since I was staying in Village Kashmir (Kalpa) hardly any bus passes by before 8:30 a.m. on that route to reach Reckong Peo.

Hence, Waited for some time. Luckily 😃, I saw a bus that had dropped passengers on the Kalpa-Roghi Road curve at 8 a.m.


I got the bus from Kalpa-Roghi curve
I got the bus from Kalpa-Roghi curve

Conversation Between Me and the Bus Driver

Me – Is this going towards Reckong Peo?
Conductor – Yes, come up fast (strict of their time).

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On the way to Chitkul - Lets start the Chitkul Travel Guide
Chitkul 3 Kms away

Let me be your Chitkul travel guide and take you to Paradise ♥.

All About Chitkul

Chitkul Mornings
Chitkul view from Zostel

Chitkul is the last residing village in the India – China border. The Indian roads end here and you cannot go ahead from here all you can go is backward.

The road to Chitkul is no less than a dream road trip. Driving 🚎on these road conditions are mostly preferred by experienced drivers for safety concerns.

The first and most important thing right at the start – I have been seeing pictures of Chitkul in social media where a part of land near the river has been used as a dustbin to throw wrappers and polythene.

I mean what’s this, it’s our motherland and we are treating like this then how we can increase tourism with the behavior of such kind. i.e Travel Responsibly.

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How to Reach Chitkul from Delhi

Delhi to Chitkul By Flight ✈️

The nearest airport is in Shimla (Jubbarhatti airport).
All the towns are accessible from Shimla because it’s the major hub. You can either take a bus to Sangla or hire a cab which will directly drop you at Chitkul.

  1. Delhi ➡️ Shimla (Flight) (347km) ➡️ Sangla (Bus) (223km) ➡️ Chitkul (Bus) (24km)
  2. Delhi ➡️ Shimla (Flight) (347km) ➡️ Chitkul (Cab) (246km)

Delhi to Chitkul By Train 🚆

The nearest railway station is Shimla.
After reaching Shimla there are two options as mentioned after reaching Shimla by flight.

  1. Delhi ➡️ Shimla (Train) (347km) ➡️ Sangla (Bus) (223km) ➡️ Chitkul (Bus) (24km)
  2. Delhi ➡️ Shimla (Train) (347km) ➡️ Chitkul (Cab) (246km)

Delhi to Chitkul By Bus 🚌

Lots of options are available here by Bus –

  1. Delhi ➡️ Shimla (Bus) (347km)   ➡️ Reckong Peo (Bus) (231km) ➡️ Chitkul (Bus) (64km)
    Delhi ➡️ Chandigarh (Bus) (244km) ➡️ Reckong Peo (Bus) (339km) ➡️ Chitkul (Bus) (64km)

Note – You will be going to reach Reckong Peo in the evening. Therefore, you have to stay in Peo for a night and take the bus the next morning to Chitkul which starts at 9:30 a.m.

  1. Delhi ➡️ Shimla (Bus) (347km) ➡️ Sangla (Bus) (223km) ➡️ Chitkul (Bus) (24km)

Note – Same here, you will be going to reach Sangla in the evening. Take night rest and leave for Chitkul the next morning.

  1. Delhi ➡️ Rampur (Bus)(470km) ➡️ Sangla (Bus) (100km) ➡️ Chitkul (Bus) (24km)

If you don’t want many breaks and wanted to reach in one go –

  1. Delhi ➡️ Sangla (Bus) (567km) ➡️ Chitkul (Bus) (24km)

If you want to divide your journey and take rests at Frequent interval –

  1. Delhi ➡️ Shimla (Bus) (347km) ➡️ Rampur (Bus) (129km) ➡️Sangla (Bus) (100km)➡️ Chitkul (Bus) (24km)

*If you take my advice, I will strongly recommend (1) and (2) here because you will get the much-needed break in changing the bus and that is the most important part in the long journey.

I reached Chitkul by taking the 1st option in (By Bus).

I hadn’t booked or enquired about where I will be staying during my Chitkul trip. Therefore, it is the starting of the season (Mid-April) and roads have just been opened so it is pretty easy to find a stay.

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How to Reach Chitkul from Reckong Peo

Reckong Peo to Chitkul by Bus 

If you are starting Chitkul Trip from Reckong Peo bus depot - bus chart (Part -1)
Bus Chart – 1st Part
If you are starting Chitkul Trip from Reckong Peo bus depot - bus chart (Part -2)
2nd Part

From Reckong Peo buses leave to different parts every day as you can see in the image above with timings and their respective destinations.

If you are departing from Reckong Peo. Two HRTC buses leave daily from Peo-

  1. 9:30 a.m. Bus timing= Reckong Peo ➡️ Sangla ➡️ Rakcham ➡️Chitkul

First Bus Reaches around 2 p.m., wait for 5-10min and depart from the same route because Indian roads end.

  1. 12 p.m. Bus timing = Reckong Peo ➡️ Sangla ➡️ Rakcham ➡️Chitkul

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How Chitkul Happened in a Sec

Happy faces of the students
Chitkul Sr. Secondary School

I had a plan of going till Sangla and then afterward to my homestay in Kalpa at the end of the evening.

I left my homestay early morning….

Reckong Peo to Sangla Bus = Rs.72

Reached Sangla at around 12:30 p.m. and hopped out of the bus, had my lunch. and began to ask-

Me – What things can I do in Sangla?
Locals – Nothing much, instead go Chitkul.

Asked from few others and they kept saying the same thing, not only in Sangla but also hearing the same thing in Kalpa too that Chitkul is like a Switzerland of India.

Okay, in a sec. made a decision that I reached till Sangla and if I am not going Chitkul then it would be a waste of coming till here.

I knew that I have to stay in Chitkul for a night now, and all I have is a camera, phone, and wallet and my other belongingness is kept in Kalpa approx. 72km away.

Arrival in Chitkul
This Building is Zostel and I was walking on the edge to reach the entrance

Luckily, saw the same bus which dropped me at Sangla bus depot. The drivers had their lunch and were about to leave and I asked.

Conversation between Me and the Bus Driver 🙈

Me– Can I come again? I am now going to Chitkul  🙈
Conductor – Come on!

Sangla – Chitkul Bus = Rs.40

Reached Chitkul at 2 p.m. and literally shocked to see Chitkul, never-ever imagined that Chitkul trip can turn out to be so beautiful.

Snow-covered 🏔️all around and baspa river🌊 making its presence felt when looked down.

Major Note – If you are a foreigner, you need to take permit before landing in Chitkul. The permit can be taken from Reckong Peo, near the Peo parking where it has been written “Tourist Info System”, you can take info and permit for Spiti too.

Also, If you looking for something near and adventurous then Triund Trek might be a good option.

Chitkul Images

Chikul Travel Guide
Outside Zostel sitting area
Mountain View from Baspa river
View from Baspa river
Chikul Travel Guide
Clicked from Zostel
Childrens of Chitkul - Chikul Travel Guide
Chitkul Village

I have been mesmerized by the Chitkul beauty and felt thankful that I made a decision to come here.

It’s cold too. Leaving everything apart started searching for a place to stay.

Accommodation options in Chitkul

Guest House options in Chitkul – 

Amar Guest House

  1. Address – Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh 172109
    Ph. No- 09882808668

Vanshika Homestay

  1. Address – Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh 172106
    Ph. No- 09418193464

Hotel options in Chitkul –

Samaa Resorts

  1. Address – Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh 172109
    Ph. No – +91 9892098962, +91 9819186633
    Email –

Hostels option in Chitkul –

Currently, there are only two hostel options in Chitkul –


  1. Address – VPO Chitkul near Thakur Guest House Chitkul
    Ph. No- 022-4896-2265
    Email –

Wanderer’s Nest

  1. Address – The Wanderer’s Nest Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh,172109
    Ph. No- +91 – 8800824825
    Email –
Zostel Chitkul

I stayed in Zostel Chitkul = Rs.599 for a night.

The weather in Chitkul is altogether different, the cold breeze has been blowing in the afternoon. The roads have just been opened at the starting of April, plan your visit accordingly.


I have some bad news for the users of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and any other network users because only BSNL works here.

After landing in Chitkul or I can say after crossing Rakcham mobile signals will not come into play.

It’s not necessarily that you have to switch between your network provider, at least the network ensures that you see the magical beauty of Chitkul without looking at your phone or being disturbed. The actual answer to living in the moment.

Weather in Chitkul

Weather in Chitkul
Near Baspa river

In Summers 😓

Days in summers remain heated as an argument and the temperature drops as the sunsets like a solution.

It is advised to carry inners and jackets to keep yourself warm during nights. Summers merely starts from Mid-April and continues till Sept.

In Winters 🥶

Winters in Chitkul are very harsh and the roads starting from January till April (depending upon the conditions) are closed because of snow and locals take shelter in the lower regions.

Still, Oct-Dec can be visited if the weather allows.

Best Season to Visit Chitkul 

Best season to visit Chitkul
The last destination resort

The best season would be from mid-April – August or even September (Take care of the monsoon season). The days remain bright and sunny with slight cold nights.

Jan – Apr

In these months’ temperature ranges from min. -20 degrees in the month of Jan to the max. 0 degrees in April. Not advisable or I can say one cannot visit because of heavy snowfall.

May – Aug

In these months’ temperature ranges from min. -10 degrees in the month of May to the max. 8 degrees in the month of August. You can also expect snowfall at the starting of May too.


In these months’ temperature ranges from min. -2 degrees in the month of Sept to the max. of -10 degrees in the month of December.

Things to do in Chitkul

Things to do in Chitkul
The Final Destination Resort

My best part about the journey is I end up covering a lot because I travel mostly on foot. Hence, This is the main reason the Chitkul travel guide is taking place.  

1. Panoramic walk 

Panoramic walk near Baspa River
Baspa River

When in Chitkul, must take a panoramic walk along the Baspa river or just chill alongside and make a panorama of this beauty.

2. Check post walk  

Meet our Indian soldiers
India – China Border

This walk will be going to your memorable and a proud one too. I was accompanied by my army camp dogs right from the start to the end.

You will be crossing the last resort on Indian soil and progressing towards the army check post. If allowed you will actually be reaching till check post.

3. Nag Temple

Nag temple opens only at the time of Lohri – local replied, after being asked at what time it will going to open.

*One more advice from a Local – Stay away from the dogs of Chitkul Village because if you are not going to give biscuits to dogs, they will bite you and the hospital is very far from there ( Exact words the local spoke to me ).

4. Durga Maa temple 

Durga Maa temple opens every day at a sharp 9 a.m. and you can take the blessings and spend some time in the open surrounding’s.

5. Walk in the village

Walk in the Village
Walk in the Village

Any walk is blissful and especially when it’s in the last inhabited village.

Interact with the locals that how they spent their whole day and try to keep yourself in their shoes that what how will you manage to survive in these conditions or environment.

6. Chitkul Trek

Yes, trek lovers, you got this one.

There’s a flag post trek in Chikul and the flag can easily be seen from the land. It’s an easy trek which passes from the village and you can also take local guidance to reach the endpoint.

Dogs of Chitkul
In the Chitkul Village

Buses from Chitkul Bus Stand

Buses from Chitkul Bus stand
Hindustan Ka Akhri Dhaba Point, Buses leave from here

Hats off to our HRTC drivers who drive on these dangerous roads. As shown above, this bus directly came from Mandi and reached in the morning to Chitkul.

The drivers are strict in their time. Hence, stick with time according to your plans.

These buses leave from Chitkul Bus stand where you can find written as “Hindustan Ka Akhari Dhaba “ –

  1. 6:30 a.m. Bus timing = Chitkul ➡️ Reckong Peo
  2. 9:30 a.m. Bus timing = Chitkul ➡️ Mandi
  3. 12:00 p.m. Bus timing = Chitkul➡️ Sangla
  4. 2:00 p.m. Bus timing = Chitkul ➡️ Reckong Peo
  5. 3:30 p.m. Bus timing = Chitkul ➡️ Chandigarh

All the buses pass from Sangla and Kharcham if mistakenly you miss your preferable bus take any and reach Sangla or Kharcham and from there board as per your plans.

For Ex- It goes like this, starting from Reckong Peo 

  1. Reckong Peo ➡️ Kharcham ➡️ Sangla ➡️ Rakcham ➡️ Chitkul

It comes like this, starting from Chitkul –

  1. Chitkul ➡️ Rakcham ➡️ Sangla ➡️ Kharcham ➡️ Reckong Peo

Food options

Food options - Chitkul Travel Guide
People eating food in Zostel

Normal Indian food is available in Chitkul. Yummy Rajma Chawal, not for any specific reason but to feel the living environment with mountains in the backdrop for a mouth-watering taste 🤭.

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Chitkul and “Hindustan ka Akhri Dhaba” – You know what I mean.

Budget for Chitkul

From the perspective of a normal Solo Traveller –

Chitkul can be done under the budget of Rs.6000 – Rs.6500 for 3-4 days, considering one day to reach, two days in Chitkul and one day go back to Delhi.

Delhi – Shimla Bus = Rs.650-Rs.750 (Volvo Bus)
Shimla till Chitkul ( From any routes listed in the how to reach section ) = Rs.600- Rs700 (Ordinary Bus)
Stay(Hostel = Rs. 500 – Rs 600) for a night  + Food = Rs. Under 1400
Stay(Hotel  = Rs 1000 – Rs 1500) for a night + Food = Around Rs. 2000

This is not an exact but a rough guess from me because I did Kalpa and Chitkul combined under Rs.8000. Read, How you can do Trip to Kinnaur under 8k too.

Major Note – Travel responsibly and don’t litter your surroundings. This is a serious matter


Q. Can I do Chitkul trip in 1 day like “Go early morning and return back in the evening”?

A. Yes, only if you are traveling with your personal vehicle. Otherwise, it’s impossible when you are traveling by bus because as soon as it drops it straight away head back towards its destination and you have to stay (must stay) in Chitkul.

This is my Chitkul travel guide and hopes you will have a blissful trip. If you have any other questions, please comment down below would be happy to help.

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Behind the scenes - reaching towards Baspa river (Chitkul Travel Guide)
Chitkul Behind the scenes


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