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Bir Billing is known for Paragliding and stays considered a heaven for paragliders from all around the world. But you’ll be excited to know that there are many things to do apart from Bir Billing Paragliding.

There’s no doubt that Paragliding will remain the talk of every trip. But, there’s so much to explore in this small Himachal Pradesh that would be beyond imagination.

What image do you make in your mind when someone says out-of-the-box thinking?

Yeah, in reality, it’s possible & doable.

The same thing goes with this article that, in reality, the list is doable and will make your trip to Bir Billing entertaining.

1. Visiting Andretta Pottery Studio

Visiting Andretta Pottery apart from Bir Billing Paragliding
Andretta Pottery Studio Entrance

Andretta Pottery Studio is India’s oldest working Pottery Studio located in the town of Andretta. The distance between Bir Billing to Andretta Pottery Studio is around 24km.

If you are fascinated about creating something from your hands, then it’s a must place to visit on your Bir Billing Trip.

How can you reach Andretta?

There are two options available for you to reach Andretra from Bir Billing –

  1. Bus – You can catch a bus from Chougan or Bir road to Baijnath. The distance from Bir to Baijnath is around 15km. After reaching Baijnath, you’ll need to take a bus to Paprola. Suppose you got a direct one to Panchrukhi. Andretta comes much before Panchrukhi, so keep your eyes on the roads & the conductor too. The bus journey will be going to take time around 2-3hrs. But at the same time, it will be cost-effective as well.
  2. Hired Cabs – You can get cabs from the Bir market conveniently. Shared cabs will do your work efficiently if you’re a group of 3-4. The taxi will directly drop you at the Andretta Pottery & Crafts Society gate in about an hour.
Handmade Art at the Pottery
Handmade Art at the Pottery

You will be excited to know that you can even do a course on pottery making & the techniques involved.

I know you must think how exciting it would sound to get your hands dirty in creating your art and giving it a shape. Bang on!

A person self practicing the process involved in pottery making
Self-learning from one of the sessions

You must check out the Andretta Pottery Studio website for the necessary info.

Mountains, Peace, Creating art that’s how it goes. You can take sessions from the experts and even get hands-on experience, but you’ll get charged for a certain period.

The process of letting the clay dry
Letting the clay dry on the wall

At Andretta Pottery Studio, you can spend plenty of quality learning time. But, even a whole day would be less for someone who loves to create his art & style.

Note – Why to restrict yourself to just your desired destination! You can explore the town of Andretta on your foot.

2. revisiting Paragliding Take-Off Site after Paragliding

Must out of the box thing to do apart from Bir Billing Paragliding
Seeing others fly without any nerves

It’s almost 100% damn true that tourists visit the paragliding take-off site only for their paragliding experience.

But, how does it sound to revisit the take-off site?

For your own paragliding experience, you will be reaching & straight away your flight starts in about 10-15mins. So you don’t even get time to soak in the vibrant energy present in your surroundings.

Reasons to revisit the Paragliding Take-Off site after your Paragliding Experience –

  • Watch the energetic & enthusiastic solo flyers that will take your breath away with their practice & determination for paragliding.
  • For the priceless emotions of the flyers who are just going to fly soon.
  • You can capture the paragliders as they prepare, run & fly in the air.
  • You can spot the mountain peaks from the top.
  • Enjoy the bumpy journey to the take-off site again with a relaxed and tension-free mind.
Pilot getting prepared for his fly
Pilot getting prepared for his turn to paraglide

How to Reach the Paragliding Take-Off Site

The distance between bir to billing take-off site is 18-20km approx., that would take around an hour.

How can you reach again when you are not going Paragliding. Because when you go Paragliding, a jeep comes to pick you up with your pilot & glider.
You can reach out again –

  • Rent a two-wheeler – You can rent a two-wheeler and enjoy the scenic 18 km road trip ride to the take-off site. Renting a two-wheeler is available in the market at a minimum per day until you need it. After that, it’s more beneficial because you can stop anywhere you want & explore that area.

Note – The road to the Billing take-off site is rugged and bumpy. Therefore, you must drive very slowly & carefully & enjoy your ride.

  • Hitchhike or take a lift – My personal favorite hitchhiking. Many jeeps take the people for the paragliding experience on that route. But why will they let you get in the jeep? Honestly, it depends from person to person. Some will allow it, while others refuse if this doesn’t work out. You can take a lift from your paraglider pilot that took you up for the paragliding experience. You can request them to take you along as they did before but not for Paragliding this time!
Watch people touching the sky from the billing take-off site
People flying from the Billing take-off site

Among these two options, if you’re not comfortable with a hitchhike/lift, then renting a two-wheeler is your way to go.

I want to point out this as a must-do list in Bir Billing.

How was this out-of-the-box thing apart from Bir Billing Paragliding? Let me know your experience in the comments.

Just a reminder – have safe driving on the mountain roads.

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3. Cycling Downhill from Billing

Cycling Down from Billing apart from Bir Billing Paragliding
Cycles overloaded in a jeep till Billing.

You can consider this point in continuation of the previous point.

Mountain cycling is among the adventure that requires determination to complete your journey. Cycling Downhill from Asia’s Highest Paragliding Site is a breathtaking adventure.

You’ll be reaching the Billing take-off site by Renting a two-wheeler, hitchhiking, or by any idea. 

How cycling works –

  • You can hire a jeep to take your rented cycles up and down. The jeep person will be taking around Rs.500 around. This option is suggested when you’re in a group of at least 2-3 people ready to do this adventure with you. You might have to disassemble the cycle if it’s not getting fit into your jeep. Later you can re-assemble when you reach your point.
Assemble the cycle when you reach Billing take off site
Assemble the cycle when you reach Billing take off-site

First and Foremost, where to get the rented cycles?

You’ll be getting the rented bicycles from the market, where you will also be getting the bike. Therefore, you will easily find various options in the market.

  • If you have enough stamina, you can take your cycle up on that 18km stretch on your own. “Hat’s off. “Another way this can be possible only –
  1. If you rent a fully charged e-cycle, you will only need the charging energy while going upwards & downwards. Then, you need to paddle and apply the brakes. If this is your option, you should know how to use an e-cycle in the mountains.

Here’s a point to note again – Do not try to overtake or do a cycle race on the roads.

Spend some time or even hours up at the Billing. You can get some snacks to eat & coffee to drink while watching adventure sports live.

Enjoy your time cycling down.

4. Becoming a Spectator in a Basketball Match

You mean what, when, where? Are you kidding!

Where does Basketball Match take place in Bir?

The students of Bir Sakya Lama School play Basketball almost every day or every alternative day at their school court in the evening. You can easily spot this school in a google search while in Bir.

The enthusiasm & energy of the students will make you jump and join them for a game or even ask them to allow you to play with them. Anything will be fine.

The school is not a big city hype where a sky-touching building will make you look high in the air. Instead, it’s a small school, and you can easily stand leaning against the wall or sitting somewhere to watch the match.

How about that dunk?

Becoming a Spectator in a Basketball match at Bir Sakya Lama School
Basketball match at the Bir Sakya Lama School

So, this can be considered a place to visit in bir billing.

5. A Trip to Barot Valley on a Local Bus

The Barot Valley is known for its jaw-dropping landscape beauty & trout fishing. By the way, you must take note of the seasons for trout fishing in the Barot Valley. The distance between Bir Billing to Barot Valley is almost 50km, and you can make a day trip to explore the valley.

Barot valley on a local bus
Jaw-dropping morning from the Barot Valley

But since this post is about out-of-box things, we will be looking closely at traveling on a local bus instead of any other means.

Bir Billing to Barot Valley on a local bus –

  • You can find a direct bus from Bir Chaugan Chowk to Barot Valley.

Where is Chaugan Chowk in Bir?

Chaugan Chowk is 15-20 minutes away from the Bir Market area.

  • Daily local buses run between Bir to Barot, but there’s no fixed schedule timetable for the buses. In this case, you must take an early morning bus around 7 a.m from the Chaugan Chowk. The bus will arrive anywhere near that time and directly drop you at Barot.
  • The bus from Bir to Barot Valley would charge you around Rs.90 per person. (prices are subject to change)
  • The bus will take approx 3hrs to cover the 50km distance and reach Barot.
  • The bus journey to Barot will pass via Bir ➡️ Chauntra ➡️ Jogindernagar ➡️ Ghuma ➡️ Ghatasani ➡️ Tikken ➡️ Barot.

The bus will stop at Jogindernagar for passengers for a few minutes before heading towards Barot.

You can explore the Barot Valley upon your arrival.

Beautiful Foggy Barot Valley just before the heavy rain
Foggy Landscape from the Barot Valley

You need to return backward, so please note that after around 3-4 p,.m no buses leave from Barot to Bir. So, make sure to reach much before the last bus timing & also you can check with the locals for current bus timings.

Also, you will not be getting a direct bus to Bir from Barot or a bus to Jogindernagar. From there, you can catch a bus to Bir Chaugan Chowk.

I have summarised how to Make a Short day trip to Barot Valley.

6. A Hike till Dharmalaya Institute

Dharmalaya Institute is for compassionate living. It exists in between a forest at the top hill. You can easily spot a Dharmalaya institute while walking a few distances from the Bir towards Dharmalaya Institute.

Before your visit, you can check out the Dharmalaya Institute website, its courses, and other necessary information.

A road takes you to Dharmalaya, but this is an out-of-the-box article. Therefore, we will be talking about covering the distance while walking some footsteps & resting a bit of hiking in the mountains.

Please note that take proper guidance from the locals before hitting the jungle, or you will be misleading your way through.

A walk through the jungle to reach the Dharmalaya Institute
A walk through the jungle to reach the Dharmalaya Institute

Just keep an eye on the road!

The view upon reaching the Dharmalaya Institute is top-notch as it’s situated at quite a height that one time you’ll feel almost standing equal with the flying paragliders.

Just Kidding, but the view will be breathtaking while walking or trekking in the mountains.

7. Trying Aloo Momo’s in your Breakfast

After traveling in the upper points, it’s now to fill some stomachs.

Aloo Momo as your breakfast and after quite an exploration or morning walk will give you a feeling of relaxation in the mountains.

It would be best if you did not have difficulty finding Aloo Momo in the Bir market.

That’s it from my out-of-the-box things to do apart from Bir Billing Paragliding.

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Let me know if this has bought excitement to your trip or not.

Then, when heading to Bir Billing, add these to your lists.

Until then, see you on the roads.

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Bir Billing Apart From Paragliding
Bir Billing Apart From Paragliding
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