Bir  Billing Apart  From Paragliding

by Vansh Tiwari

Thick Brush Stroke

1. Andretta Pottery

 Involve fingers in shaping your creativity. The best way to learn something is always to indulge in it.

2. Paragliding

You can admire the Paragliders and capture the scene as they get  EQUIP, RUN and FLY.

Take - Off Site

3. Cycle Downhill

I consider that the Finest thing to do; Cycle downhill from the paragliding take-off site. To express, I have written an entire blog concerning that:

4. Spectator in a B-Ball    Match

The students of Bir Sakya Lama School play Basketball. You can easily stand leaning against the wall or sit somewhere to eye the match. Moreover, Applaud the efforts!

5. Barot Valley

Barot Valley is known for its jaw-dropping landscape beauty & trout fishing. Choose local bus over a private vehicle for best experience.

6. Hike to Dharmalaya Institute

For Compassionate Living

A short day hike amidst the shadowy forest will lead you on a hilltop.

Jodhpur Blue City

A Day in a Five-Star

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