How to Make a Short and Sweet Barot Valley Trip (For a Day)
Barot Valley,  Himachal

How to Make a Short and Sweet Barot Valley Trip (For a Day)

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The first time I had heard about Barot Valley was in Bir Billing.

Yes, Asia’s highest paragliding place has a lot of gem places around. I had mentioned in my last post about the out of box things to do in Bir Billing. Where I had summarized Barot Valley a bit. This post will be going to talk about this jaw-dropping landscape for a short & sweet trip.

Where actually is Barot Valley in Himachal?

Fog covering majority of the trees on an overcast day
This scene was shot at the starting of the winter season in the mountains

If you want to analyze that where actually is Barot Valley present. Then the closest known place is Bir Billing. If you don’t have enough idea about Bir Billing then you should definitely read this Bir Billing travel guide.

To give an overview of the known places from farthest to closest –

  1. Delhi to Barot distance is around 500km approx.
  2. Palampur to Barot distance is around 75km approx.
  3. Mandi to Barot distance is around 64km approx.
  4. Bir Billing to Barot distance is around 50km approx.

This would give you a rough idea that how far you would have been from Barot Valley if you had visited the closest to any of these above-mentioned places.

How to Reach from Delhi to Barot Valley?

As such there’s no direct Delhi to Barot Valley bus. You need to board an overnight bus from Delhi to either Bir or Mandi district. Upon reaching either of the places, frequent HRTC direct buses ply to Barot.

You will not be facing any issue regarding your stay in the Barot if you’re planning for any.

Mandi to Barot

If you’re traveling from Mandi to Barot, here’s the mandi local route timetable.

Palampur to Barot

If you’re traveling from Palampur to Barot, here’s the local bus route. If you didn’t get a direct bus till Barot from this route then you can take a bus till Joginder Nagar and afterward the bus to Barot.

Jogindernagar to Barot

If you’re not getting a direct bus to Barot from either of the places then head to Jogindernagar. Regular buses to Jogindernagar are available on the Barot route. It will be going to take around 1:30hrs -2hrs from Jogindernagar to reach Barot.

Bir to Barot

You would be getting a bus from Chowgan Chowk to Barot directly. If not directly then till Jogindernagar for sure, rest interchange & you’ll be on your way.

Note – Some taxis can directly take you to Barot from nearby areas. The charges may vary.

The majority of the people come to know about Barot when they’re exploring the nearby area assuming – Bir Billing.

How to make a short & simple yet sweet Trip

Traveling by bus might be challenging for people who very often travel by bus & especially in the mountains.

Here’s a straight tip – Head out as early as possible to catch a bus & you would be getting more time to explore Barot. I would be explaining to you the reason also in the forthcoming lines.

Okay, let me disclose. Buses after 4 p.m from Barot would be a probably NO. You’ll hardly be going to find any buses that would be taking you out of Barot especially in the winters.

  1. Explore the Barot Village on your foot. The footsteps would allow you to discover something more than otherwise, four-wheeler would have missed. Walking on the narrow roads has its own fun in exploration. The houses, locals, and the valley would make a perfect memorable shot.

    Water Reflection of locals walking on the streets
    Water Reflection of locals walking on the streets
  2. You will be finding a Barot dam, hydroelectric project. I am sure that it will be going to remind you as if you’re in a foreign land. Because the surroundings of the dam are so eye-catching and magical. As you can see in the image below. The crystal clear water would make you say “WOW”.

    Hydro Electric Dam in Barot Valley will leave you awe-struck
    Barot Hydro-Electric Dam
  3. The place is more inclined towards serenity what I call complete peace in the mountains.
  4. You can enjoy trout fishing in the UHL river but it also depends upon the season probably April to October are considered as the months for trout fishing in Barot. Also at other places in Himachal like Tirthan Valley is an ideal destination for trout fishing.
  5. The landscape of Barot is untouched, perfect for landscape photography if you’re passionate. You can spend hours admiring the beauty of your surroundings.

But don’t forget that you’ll need to head back before the last bus leaves out. Most probably you’ll be getting a bus to Jogindernagar and then you can interchange to reach your destination.

Note – If you’re planning to stay in Barot then there’s no need to catch a bus.

Weather in Barot Valley

Foggy Mornings in the Barot at the time of winter season
Foggy Mornings in the Barot at the time of winter season

Since Barot is situated at a height of 1835 m, then there’s no doubt that winters are probably much colder than nearby places. Bir is situated at a height of 1525 m, which clearly depicts the vastness of the scene. Even I am feeling a bit colder after imagining this scene. Okay, cool.

The freezing winters v/s the pleasing summers. What would you pick?


Whether it’s about exploring a new city by car or getting involved like Barot on foot, life has its own way of showing you the beauty around. We should be more responsible enough to leave a place like it was before our arrival. So the future humans can describe more enormously about their experiences & stories.

With this, the Short day to Barot Valley comes to an end.

I hope this would help you to plan your trip accordingly shortly.

Please don’t forget to share.

Until then, see you on the roads.

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