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Weekend Evening and nowhere to go?—Consider visiting Delhi’s Humayun Tomb.

You might have been to Humayun Tomb earlier. 

  • If went alone, try with a group of friends.
  • If went with friends, try going alone.
  • If tick marked both the above points, try visiting with your family.

Nevertheless, if you found things sound pretty dull.

  • Then, visit with a precise purpose.

I have been to the Humayun Tomb earlier 2 times before choosing to visit again.

What draws you to re-visit a place? Mainly, a purpose. That purpose could be architecture, Photography, interest in history, etc.

For instance, I re-visited the below bus stop:

Bus Stand Near Jor Bagh Metro Station
People sitting at the Bus Stop

My interest remained in Photography. So, I decided to visit Humayun Tomb in the evening.

But, if you also want to go someplace in the morning, you can consider visiting Safdarjung Tomb in the daytime and then Humayun Tomb in the later afternoon or evening.

Which is the Nearest Metro to Humayun Tomb?

The nearest metro to Humayun Tomb is Jawaharlal Nehru Metro Station, Violet line. You can walk from the metro to reach the Humayun Tomb.

Since I had visited the Humayun Tomb after a long time recently, so I thought that Jor Bagh Metro would be the nearest, but that metro station is closest to the Safdarjung Tomb.

Taking an Auto from outside Safdarjung Tomb to Hamayun Tomb will cost you Rs. 60-70.

Auto Ride in Delhi

If you’re only planning to visit Humayun Tomb, then the JLN metro station is where you have to keep an eye on.

The distance between JLN metro to Humayun Tomb is roughly 2.2km, and you can easily walk and reach there. Although, if you choose to take an Auto, it will cost you Rs. 40-50.

Ultimately, the fare of the Auto also relies upon your bargaining skills, the number of people accompanying you, and the time of the day. Hence, remain flexible.

What is Humayun Tomb Ticket Price?

The Humayun Tomb ticket price is Rs. 40 per person for Indians and Rs. 250 per person for foreigners.

Allow me to tell you about a Laughable Happening:

When I stood in the ticket line, the security guard mistook me for a foreigner and gently waved and directed me to stand in a separate line.

I spoke: Indian hu mein (I am an Indian)

Security Guard smiled shyly!

You will get an entry token which you have to keep safe until you leave the Tomb. Ultimately, that token resembles a metro token likewise. 

Notably, If you are wondering, are there any camera carrying fees?—No, you can take your cameras with you without additional cost.

Isa Khan’s Tomb 

Humayun Tomb is pretty big, Indeed.

You will notice the Tomb of Isa Khan on your right-hand side with a garden when your entry went done.

In the evening, you will find a pleasing blend of sunlight and shadows playing hide and seek, mainly causing you to sweat a little.

Isa Khan's Tomb Photographed by Vansh Tiwari

Moreover, the Isa Khan’s Tomb architecture is quite remarkable.

Isa Khan's Tomb

But, again, if you have a purpose, for example, Photography, you will spend more time there than you usually will because you will discover unique ways to photograph subjects.

  • Isa Khan Tomb in Humayun Tomb

Moreover, the Garden grass looks refreshing with the rich green tone, and the surroundings consistently suit the eye. Therefore, praising the people who keep the garden neat and clean.

Individual cleaning the garden

Humayun Tomb

After walking a few footsteps, you will notice the Humayun’s Tomb.

The surrounding garden is vast and also beautiful!

In addition, the giant trees are the preferred places in the garden and an ideal place to sit to escape the sunlight.

Besides the garden, there are benches in a short interval, where you can sit and relish your time.

But wherever you sit, you consistently watch the Humayun’s Tomb.

Humayun Tomb

As you approach closer to the Tomb, it will look more praiseworthy.

Undoubtedly, you will snap multiple pictures of Humayun’s Tomb from a different standpoint.  

Similarly, I looked for different perspectives, mainly on the surroundings.

Individuals Walking at the Humayun Tomb
Big trees in Humayun Tomb Garden

Eventually, I remained alert to spot unique perspectives. Also, I included humans to make the shots appear more appealing and connected.

Amazingly, the weather turned overcast and made the evening more pleasant. That’s what is interesting about the monsoon season; the humid day can turn enjoyable at any moment.

Walking up the stairs to see Humayun tomb

When you climb up the stairs and reach nearer to the Tomb, you will appreciate the views from above. In addition, you will spot “n” numbers of people moving towards and outwards.

Humayun Tomb - Photographed by Vansh Tiwari

Unquestionably, you will have a mesmerizing time!

The picturesque Humayun Tomb will not disappoint you.

Water Reflection of Individual's Walking

There also exist spots where water gets collected, and you’re the best to know what I mean. Therefore, it’s your time to show your perspective!

Did you get Inspired? Then, when are you planning to visit?

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