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Leh Ladakh demands a foolproof plan before you begin the adventurous journey. In addition, you can’t overlook carrying a Postpaid connection before traveling—Though I have an Airtel SIM, I got an Airtel Postpaid connection.

Eventually, it would be best if you could carry an active mobile network in Ladakh. Although I know that far away places from Leh, you wouldn’t be getting any network, but still.

I recalled the Cricket World Cup semi-final between India and New Zealand, and I had to go to Kashmir by road from Delhi in the evening.

At that time, I didn’t gather any information concerning the mobile network connection in the Jammu and Kashmir region. So ultimately, I remained disconnected from my family members.

Furthermore, I had to stay dependent on the local people to provide their phones, so I could make a call at home and update them.

Ahh! Whatever journey you will embark it will be full of learning. 

It would help if you didn’t make the same mistakes I made. Hence, enter the J&K region and your favored place in Ladakh with an active Postpaid SIM.

How to Get an Airtel Postpaid Connection?

Unquestionably, you will be researching online to obtain a Postpaid Airtel connection.

But let me guide you, there’s a difference between converting a Prepaid Airtel SIM Connection to Airtel Postpaid Connection v/s and obtaining a separate Postpaid Airtel SIM.

Likewise, I did all the research online and concluded that after converting my Prepaid Airtel connection to Postpaid online, I would be able to use the same number SIM in Leh.

To confirm my belief, I went to the nearest Airtel store. 

Unfortunately, what I heard, made me spend additional Rs—250 on buying a new Airtel Postpaid SIM.

The executive there said that my Airtel connection is now Postpaid, but I couldn’t use this Postpaid connection in Leh because I hadn’t done KYC before converting that connection.

On questioning, can I get it done now? The reply came. It isn’t possible, as you have already applied for the Postpaid connection online, and it got active too.

Also, note that you can again convert to Prepaid SIM from Postpaid after 90 days. So, the only option was to wait until the period was over.

In addition, you can discontinue your Airtel Postpaid SIM after 90 days, a similar period as converting to Airtel prepaid.

Ultimately, the conclusion arose, I have to buy a new Airtel Postpaid SIM for Rs. 250 that includes the basic plan with 40GB data usage, 100 SMS per day, and Local/STD and Roaming calls—unlimited.

I carried 2 SIM to Leh:

  1. 1, for which I did Prepaid to Postpaid by applying online.
  2. Another I bought the Postpaid SIM was by visiting the Airtel store.


That sums up pretty clearly. Now,

How to Obtain an Airtel Postpaid SIM by going to an Airtel Store?

Step 1: Visit the nearest Airtel Store.

Step 2: Enquire that you want a new Airtel Postpaid SIM.

Step 3: You must provide your fingerprints, which the Airtel executive will do by placing your finger on an asked place.

Step 4: The Airtel Executive will then snap your photo.

Step 5: You need to provide your Aadhar card.

Step 6: Choose your preferred number from the list of the numbers shown to you.

Step 7: You will get your new Postpaid SIM in hand.

Step 8: Although the SIM would have been activated as you provided all the details, you can ask the Airtel executive. If it still hasn’t, you can insert the SIM into your Phone and restart it.

Did you have an early morning Flight to Leh? Then, Be Prepared as Your Plane May Return Back!

When I Landed in Leh

After landing in Leh, my expectancy turned into the belief that:

  1. The Airtel SIM I converted from Prepaid to Postpaid online didn’t work.
  2. But on the other hand, the Airtel Postpaid SIM I bought worked perfectly for calls and data usage.

When you have an Active Mobile network, even you can work remotely in Ladakh. Likewise, I did for a few days, precisely the starting 2 acclimatization days.

The first 48hrs in Leh will eventually influence your journey ahead.

So, where will Airtel Postpaid in Leh Ladakh work?

I have categorized Airtel network availability from three places I went to and have expressed my thoughts below.

Leh Town and Nearby Places

  1. You will find a good Airtel Postpaid network in Leh and nearby areas like Shey and Thiksey.

In Nubra Valley

  1. Ditto, in Diskit and Hundar, you’ll find a decent Airtel postpaid reach.
  2. But, in Turtuk, you wouldn’t find any Airtel network.

In Pangong

  1. You won’t find any Airtel network coverage on the Pangong lakeside.

Can you Operate the Internet without a Postpaid Network on your Phone?

Absolutely Yes, WIFI will be a savior.

Though, having a WIFI depends on your stay or the place you visit.

For example,

During my visit to Ladakh, I stayed at Jig gyas Guest House in Leh, where I got WIFI. Indeed, the WIFI speed is pretty good for Online calling and messaging.

In Turtuk, I stayed at Sukoon Homestay, and the WIFI was the savior for online activities. Indeed, the Airtel network doesn’t exist in Turtuk.

So, if you do not have a postpaid SIM in Leh Ladakh, that will not be a problem because you can manage the tasks on WIFI. However, if carrying an active connection all the time is necessary, you must get a postpaid SIM for Ladakh and J&K region from your town firsthand.

  • Ultimately, someone else’s mistake has to be your learning.
Vansh Tiwari doing Thumbs-Up in Ladakh

So, are you ready to kickstart this adventure?

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