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Mundane! Seriously, every minute will become Mundane when you don’t know how to wipe-out time in the Airport.

Whether you are traveling alone or with your family. The clueless situation will not be going to run away quickly.

i.e. I present my tried and tested ways on How to spend 3 hrs in the Airport.

But first, let me ask you: have you ever been in this situation before? What did you do at that time? Let me know in the comment’s travelers.

How to Wipe-out Time in the Airport?

Travelling Solo becomes hardcore when you don’t have anyone to talk to.

The Airport is among the areas where everyone seems in a hurry and restricted to themselves.

In that case, Often, we end up counting the number of check-in counters inside the Airport, including myself as well.

I know you have started imagining now ?.

Then, I figured out some points.

Let’s go straight away onto it.

1. Reading the Unread Emails

Reading the unread mails
Reading the unread mails
Spend Time Reading the Ignored Emails in the Airport

Yes, those unread emails which we majorly ignore on our notifications. Sometimes these unread emails turn out to be important.

In my case, the promotions tab turned out to be important. I saw many various emails from websites that I had subscribed to for the knowledge and was ignoring like hell.

And received some email vouchers too ?.

Not specifically the promotions and social tabs but also the Inbox tab.

When we are in a meeting and an email pops up and usually, we end up clearing our notifications tab. We left with a blank mind after some time.

i.e. Reading unread emails is a useful thing to spend time at the airport.

It’s more like, if we want to pass time at the airport then why not spend doing something useful rather than wasting time at all.

2. Buy a remembrance memory of that particular city

We all know that memory cannot be bought, but are made.

In this case, buying a physical product that you can feel forever is the way to go. It could be anything special about that city where you have traveled.

Often, Airports have particular shops that have a specific product or famous product or commodity of that city.

For e.x: – Goa Airport has Goan famous Cashews listed in the shops to sell. 

That’s what I was referring to a memory to buy. It could be a showpiece item too.

What happens is, when we see that product or showpiece. Our memory automatically refreshes and brings joy to our faces.

On the other way, this could also act as shopping to spend time at the airport.

3. Writing your memories

Writing down your memories
Writing down your memories
Write your memories from your visit in a notes section

Sometimes memories kill us from the inside, but what to do. It’s the only thing we all are busy making in our lives.

Am ‘I Sounded a bit more philosophical?

Let’s get back to our madness.

Write it anywhere, in a diary, on your phone, or even on your clothes. No, I am not joking about the clothes apart.

Just be different.

If you ask me, I write pointwise on my phone every day in the note section. Yes, that note section in our phone often finds itself useless as compared to the social media apps.

So jealous notes section might me now.

You can write your memories while waiting for a connecting flight or while having a layover at the Airport.

This would be the utmost best thing to wipe out the time at the Airport if someone asks me.

Let me tell you something, during my visit to Goa. I had arrived at the Goa International Airport 3 hrs before the departure.

I end up finishing and giving the final touch to the article, Dudhsagar falls. Yes, 60% of the work has been done in the Airport and rests on bits and pieces at different places. The idea and foundation of this article were also laid there.

Guess what?

Apart from 3hrs arriving early at the airport, the flight turned out to be 40 mins late.

i.e. 3:40 mins of survival time in the Airport. Mission accomplished while spending time doing useful things.

This section will make your 3 hrs time spent at ease.

4. Print your Boarding Pass

I will sound a bit taken for granted here.

But yes, that feeling of putting your hands on your boarding pass is special. I had given myself this opportunity of feeling like never before.

Someone, who just used to withholding bus tickets somehow puts his hand on the boarding pass is a moment of delight. You will agree if you ever did.

Also, if you are the first time in the Airport. Printing your Boarding pass would be a unique experience in your air travel journey.

Hand-held boarding pass has benefits in today’s online world.

5. By Seeing the Bigger Picture

By Seeing the bigger picture
By Seeing the bigger picture
Transfer and See the Photos on Bigger Screen with Your Family

“Had to switch up, look at things different, see the bigger picture”.

Okay, I know you began singing the iconic song now.

Please come back here,

What’s a trip without clicked pictures? Right, transfer the pictures from your camera to your phone or your laptop.

So that your whole family will able to see the bigger picture together, laugh together, cry together, and make memories together.

6. Share pictures on social sites

Sharing pictures on social sites gives joy. Your relatives or your friends feel happy seeing your eye-catching photos.

In a continuous process with “see the bigger picture”, then the next step you can follow is sharing the picture to your social handles.

Sharing at that particular moment, when your memories are fresh and you are feeling energetic will likely create a positive impact on your mental health.


The article strongly backs up faith to wipe out time but in an effective way.

Or else,

You will end up wasting your 3 hrs at the airport and I don’t want to happen that.

If you have liked the post then don’t forget to share and subscribe.

Let me know if this has helped you to spend 3 hrs at the Airport?

See you on the roads, or at an airport?

No way,

Always, on the roads.

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