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I have been Travel Blogging for the last 1000 days. Pleasing!

Not consistently and confidently at the starting, came late but came correct.

The day on which I had started the travel blog. It was 18th May 2018. You can also check for your blog using the whois domain tool.

Travel Blogging was like admission into a playschool when I had just begun. I understand that I managed to reach School grades although passing from playschool hopefully.


This blog post will not be a high-grade boring talk. I Know that dull conversations sound sleepy ?.

Suppose you had read my earlier blog posts. I moreover deliver it as a one-on-one conversation between you & me.

Moving further

This blog post is from my 1000 days of Travel Blogging experience.

Suppose you have just started up with travel blogging at any stage or even in a different field. I hope my experience helps. 

That matters the most.

9 Grateful Things Travel Blogging had Taught Me

Underneath, I had written the 9 points that I had learned in my journey so far & more to come.

I consider that everyone has much to gain from others’ knowledge later; the afterward can execute the learned thing in the profession.

1. Manage Time for What You Love

Everybody loves something in life.

It can be singing, dancing, traveling, and the list continues.

But as you will progress further, you will realize that you need to provide sufficient time and consistent effort to what you love.

In my case,

I stated time in the context of giving space to producing the content.  

And efforts in the context of presenting the level best before submitting every piece of content online.

I think that every field demands the above-required thing.

When I proceeded, I figured out these blogging ideas when you feel there’s nothing to write.

2. No Need to Travel for Every Article 


You agree that traveling is an expensive field & one cannot travel wherever they want each week or month.

Yes, you might fancy that the people who run travel blogs might travel every time for every content. I used to have the same thought on travel blogs during my initial stage.

Later I realized that you’re a single person managing everything independently. So then, you must stick your focus on one thing rather than running after everything.

I published one post a month during my beginning days, or maybe it took much longer to print.

Suppose you are working for a travel magazine or a travel company. Then, it can understand that you might have to travel for every article.

But, when you are working on your blog and as a travel blogger. Then, it would help if you considered various factors that come into play, and the money constraint is the biggest.

3. Give Your Level the BEST before Publishing

Giving your level the best is the essential part. 

Moreover, it somehow related to the preparation stages and how everything must be executed and presented.

During my commencement days in the travel blogging, it remained:

  •  No re-checking of the content
  •  No use of images that support the context
  •  The content was not much informative too

Sooner, I realized that I needed to change how I thought.

4. Being True to the Readers

The readers are the ones who will be going to visit the blog and read the content.

For e.x – If someone landed on the blog and found that everything written does not sound true in real. Then, the possibility of people not appreciating the blog will grow high.

Let’s consider another example of news TV –

Suppose you had switched on a news channel. Somehow, you had found that they are showing misleading news or stolen videos/content from another medium. But, then, you don’t even wish to visit that channel again the next time because of the perspective created.

I hope that my point is crystal clear here.

5. Provide Value to the Viewer

Being Genuine and providing Value go hand in hand.

Why would someone visit my travel blog if I am not sharing true or worthy learning?

Giving Value and knowledge can be a turning point when people decide why they visit your blog.

6. Express Wholeheartedly

I understand that a blog is a space to express yourself honestly.

Why not?

You have created a space where you will add Value, expressing and making yourself better for the future ahead, just like another field.

For e.x – Let me know how both of these sound to you –

Ram is a good boy. I met him in school days. We sat next to each other and became best of friends.


I met Ram in my school days when he had been punished and was standing outside the class. Since then, we are best friends because I was there accompanying him in punishment too.

I hope you loved how I expressed the second one. Right?

You loved it because I had expressed myself wholeheartedly.

7. Enhanced Writing and Grammer

When I compare myself with my previous self, I see many differences in my writing and describing it.

I mainly think that this has happened because I wanted to move forward.

Suppose a point comes where you have to decide what’s next? 

How you’ll move ahead from here?

The secret of moving forward remains somewhere hidden within only.

8. To Be Consistent

I admit that I was not consistent at the starting.

Did you know that – According to the research by Worldometers in the first quarter of 2021 itself, there are more than 5 million new blogs on WordPress every day!

That’s an unbelievable number.

Being Consistent is the way to make your efforts reach the people continuously.

I am still shocked by the blog post-published numbers. Phew!

9. To Keep Learning and Evolving

It would help if you didn’t stop learning at any point in your life. Just like, I have published 101 blogs and have shared my learnings.

With this point, a perfect example came to my mind during last year’s lockdown.

Earlier, I didn’t know much about photography and compositions.

Last year was an opportunity when everything was at a halt. To be precise, I learned a lot about long exposure and landscape photography. I read multiple articles and books, watched videos on that subject, and eventually practiced at home during the lockdown.

When the lockdown lifted,

After some time, I even went to a specially chosen place Jibhi to implement what I had learned in those days on the field. 

You can see the photos I clicked on the photoblog from Jibhi Himachal.

And I was glad to see how I progressed in this subject over the years.

That’s it from my experience.

I was valuable in sharing my experience if you had read the whole article.

Now, I want you to share your experience with me,

Let me know how you have utilized your time during the lockdown?

Until then, see you on the roads.


That's Me! 9 Grateful Things 1000 Days of Travel Blogging Taught Me

About Author

Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. Congratulations on 1000 day anniversary of following your passion! It’s so good to read how you progressed during this time.

    Talking with experience, just to continue chasing your dreams with determination against all odds is the toughest off all.
    All the best for upcoming posts!

  2. Congratulations ? ? ?
    It is always great to know, what goes in the mind of excellent bloggers like you, you described everything so perfectly ? ❤
    I am enjoying reading your blog ? keep writing

  3. Hey! Congratulations on completing 1000 days of your blog! This was a really good read ?

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