Solo Trip to Goa - How to Make One Exciting Month Exploring Alone?
Goa,  Solo Trip to Goa

Solo Trip to Goa – How to Make 1 Exciting Month Exploring Alone?

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You are a solo traveler or unwillingly forced to do solo because of the WhatsApp group that had canceled all your plans? Then, no need to worry as I will guide you to make your Solo trip to Goa Awesome and solo worthy.

But do not cancel anything right away.

JUST do not!

Every solo traveler was once used to be a group traveler. Which would have either forced to travel alone or generally does according to their Interest.

Which one are you?

But no worries, whosoever Goa is On,

Going Goa Alone has its energy & enthusiasm that only a Solo going can understand.

I heard a BIG YES.

To make a month or even a few days worth remembering & that too a Solo trip to Goa, Then, you need to follow your heart. Yes, that Dhak – Dhak telling you to move.

I had mentioned below the four pillars of travel & everything revolves around these points if you had seen them closely.

If you can manage to control these points somehow then, you are Awesome, to be honest.


  1. How to get around
  2. What to see around
  3. Stay
  4. Food

One month is quite a long time to live in a different city.

If you are planning for a short time, you can check Goa Itinerary for 3 Days.

You have to manage your daily Goa expenses side by side, apart from making an exciting Solo trip to Goa. Also, check you do not end up getting budget exhausted.

How to Make an Exciting Goa Solo Trip for a Long 1 Month?

Everything starts with getting out, so we will be starting with –

1. Beaches to Explore in your Solo Trip to Goa

Vagator Beach Goa
Vagator Beach Goa

Do you know that there are 35 beaches in Goa?

It might be possible that many beaches have still not been listed anywhere & are left to be explored by humans.

If you are the first time Goa, your heart would want to explore every beach in Goa.

In reality, when you step out –

For e.x, You went to a nearby beach a few times. Then, you will hesitate a bit to explore away beaches unless & until you heard something very out of the box that your nearby beach does not have.

I hope that you are getting my point here.

Exploring every beach in Goa would cut short to a handful of beaches that you will hear about.

I had tried to explain some of the beaches by putting them into different types below.

For e.x:

I.If you want Peace on the beaches of Goa

Mandrem Beach in North Goa is very peaceful. You will not be going to find a lot of human gatherings there. It is present at the center of Arambol Beach and Ashwem Beach.

II.If you want Crowd on the beaches of Goa

The Arambol beach & Morjim Beach is fully packed with tourists from all over the world. You might also bump into someone you know during New Year.

III.If you want to experience Adventure on the beaches of Goa

There are two North Goa beaches Vagator & Baga Beach. It has water adventure activities that might excite you to visit there.

I hope you understood what I was trying to explain here that after visiting a handful of beaches, you will look for something that will attract you as a visitor. It can add value to your experience.

Every beach has sand where you can leave your footprints behind, and every beach has a seashore where you can walk along during the Sunset.

With Sunset, I just remembered a point that you must experience a walk along the seashore during Sunset. It will make you feel calm and relaxed.

Walk along the Seashore during Sunset in your Solo Trip to Goa
Walk along the Seashore during Sunset in your Solo Trip to Goa

So, human nature tends to attract that can add value to their life. This will ultimately make you feel to discover more in your Goa solo trip.

Goa has not just beaches to explore but a whole world outside as well.

2. Travel Affordably & Conveniently in your Goa Solo Trip

Entrance to Mandrem Beach in Goa
Entrance to Mandrem Beach in Goa

Entrance to Mandrem Beach in Goa[/caption]

People just love saving, but when it comes to traveling around, nothing can come in between.

You might agree here with me that if you have Rs.100 & you have to choose between exploring as a tourist VS exploring like a local in the city. Then you might slightly lean towards a local lifestyle. But only a handful of people ends up traveling like a local.

On your month-long Solo trip to Goa, you will surely need to travel to Goa on a local bus, giving you more freedom to use your budget wisely.

What are your suggestions for traveling on a local bus?

3. Staying Alone in Goa

Big Coconut Trees on the Goa Beach Side
Big Coconut Trees on the Goa Beach Side

The third main point from the four main pillars. When you will stay in a hostel for a month. There is an excitement missing at this point remembered, what the title says.

Yeah, exciting month alone in Goa.

What if you would get a chance to Volunteer in Goa.

Sounds cool?

This would be a very excellent decision in your Solo trip to Goa.

Going Goa alone does not mean that you just remain to yourself and do not talk with anybody around. This would be the option where you can even take people out to see the city around.

Man Sitting on the edge of the river to rescue if any mishap happens
Man Sitting on the edge of the river to rescue if any mishap happens

Sometimes even if you are not willing to go around on the bus. If any of the hostel people have rented a scooter, then they also can drop you around. Quick and Easy.

From Interacting with the people to sharing unheard stories, the thrill resides in the Solo trip to Goa.

How can you find Volunteering opportunities in Goa?

This is something you need to make an effort to find from your end.

You have to message & mail the hostels, actually a bunch of hostels. Then you will receive a few replies, and only a handful of them have an opportunity, and you choose amongst the ones. How it goes. The tasks and responsibilities will be assigned to you, just give your best and have fun.

4. Food Options in Goa

How is it like to eat the same thing that you can find in your home city?

Sounds a bit off to me!

Trying the local homemade food would bring excitement. In Goa, you can easily find local restaurants that will offer mouth-watering dishes.

Now here is the point, You cannot take the food lightly. Remember that this article has been focusing on one long month, and you do not want to come back home in a week, right.

After all, you will also need to make your Goa Solo Trip budget under control.

Let me tell you that local Goa restaurants have a thali system.

The thali will cost you less than Rs.100-Rs.120 per person. You can check out my other blog. It talks about How to Save Few Bucks in Goa on Food in detail.

I will be honest with you and share these tips on my other blogs too.

If you are a tight budget traveler, you will need to sacrifice your comfort zone to make a trip filled with excitement & enthusiasm.


In the end, I just wanted to conclude that a Solo trip to Goa or in any part of the city requires a different kind of approach to see around. After all, it is the experience that matters the most.

I believe that the article will help you all on a Solo trip to Goa.

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Until then, happy traveling & see you on the roads.

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