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If you’re preparing to go to Manali later, Manali to Solang Valley will be on your list & that too is in the first spot.

Most of us visit Solang Valley for snow if we haven’t found it in Manali during winter.

OKAY, OKAY, myself too.

Manali to Solang Valley is not a long road trip in terms of distance. But, it will be more of a short budget experience under Rs.500.

This article will continue to talk in detail.

Vibrant Clouds & Blue Sky on the way from Manali to Solang Valley
Vibrant Clouds & Blue Sky on the way from Manali to Solang Valley

I remembered that while coming back from Solang Valley, a few people stopped me on the road & began asking –

Is it worth visiting Solang Valley?

Was there a lot of snow?

Is the snow above knees level?

Was the crowd too much there?

Many questions had asked while I was trying to add meaning to their Questions. So I hope that you’ll have these questions in your mind too?

The article will be short to the brief article & Let’s start without any further stoppage.

How to go to Solang Valley from Delhi?

The Delhi to Solang Valley distance is around 540km.

To reach Solang Valley, first, you’ll need to reach Manali.

You can reach Manali by taking an overnight bus from Delhi. The average time taken to Manali would be around 13-14hrs.

Daily buses run between Delhi to Manali.

Apart from traffic on the road, it might also take a day to reach Manali. Yeah, mostly when the road gets covered with snow. Delhi to Manali snow trip might end up testing your patience level too.

Upon reaching Manali, you can moreover proceed to Solang Valley. I also explained further how Solang Valley is under Rs.500 from Manali.

Note – If you’re traveling using your vehicle from Delhi, then, one word – Lucky You. But also hope you’re “Lucky Enough” to escape the mountain traffic.

How to go to Solang Valley from Manali?

Sun Spreading its Rays All Over the Valley
Sun Spreading its Rays All Over the Valley

The Manali to Solang Valley Distance is 14km. On average, it takes about 45mins – 1hr by any means of transport to reach Solang Valley.

There are many means of options available to go to Solang Valley from Manali. Below are the following means of transport you can take to reach the Solang Valley.

Manali to Solang Valley on Shared Cabs

If you’re willing to travel from Manali to Solang Valley via shared cabs, then you can take cabs from Manali itself.

You can easily spot cabs on the side of the Manali mall road. The distance between Mall road Manali to Solang Valley is around 14km.


You can find vehicles just near the Old Manali bridge if you’re somewhere around Old Manali.

The taxi fare from Manali to Solang will be Rs.2000-Rs.3000 for around trip.

The average time it will take you to reach Solang Valley would depend upon the traffic & the season you will be visiting.

Also, you can reach Solang Valley by taking a bus from Manali. I know the bus will cost even low, but the buses are very limited in numbers.

Manali to Solang Valley by Renting a Vehicle

That is a necessary point on which the whole article revolves.

The cost of renting a vehicle at Manali generally depends on the model you are renting. If you want to rent a Motorcycle in Manali, you can find the rates with their model numbers & other necessary details in my Old Manali blog.

The Houses were seen on the way from Manali to Solang Valley
The Houses were seen on the way from Manali to Solang Valley

Renting a scooter in Manali will be around Rs.500 – Rs.600 per day.

Hari Bike Rental in Old Manali offers a scooter at a bonus price of Rs.400 if you’re a solo traveler. I know that you now understand everything. So I request you to please hang on.

Allow me to complete this further & let me know your thoughts at the end of this post.

You can rent the following vehicle  –

  1. Motorcycle
  2. Scooter OR Cycle

If you’re crazy, you can visit from Manali to Solang Valley on the cycle too. But, if you are not an active cycle user & hadn’t cycled long enough on high mountain terrains before then, please don’t use a cycle.

There’s no need to worry if you’re in a group or a couple. You can divide the money among all.

Make sure to check the vehicle properly. Also, check the availability of the fuel option because the fuel will play a role here.

You have to leave very early, between 8 a.m – 9 p.m, from Manali. The two-wheeler rental shops open at 8 a.m.

Leaving Early will resolve almost half of the difficulties while going to Solang Valley.

Early Morning Shine on the Trees in Manali
Early Morning Shine on the Trees in Manali

Petrol Pump in Manali

Until now you had reached Manali, rented the two-wheeler & now it’s time to head to the petrol pump in Manali.

There are two petrol pumps on the way from Manali to Solang Valley.

Just head out on the route to Solang Valley, and within 15-20 mins leaving Manali, you will spot a Petro Pump. You can get the two-wheeler filled with or within Rs.100 or according to the current per liter price.

There’s no entrance fee to visit Solang Valley, to know if you’re visiting for the first time.

Paragliding Activity taking place in the Solang Valley
Paragliding Activity taking place in the Solang Valley

That is how you can arrange to travel from Manali to Solang Valley for under Rs.500.

If you want to go further to Rohtang Pass, get the vehicle filled.

I believe you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. So, please make sure the sign indicator on the two-wheeler dashboard is full.

Parking Spot at Solang Valley

You can find paid parking spots available at the Solang Valley.

You can easily park your vehicle & can explore the Valley. In addition, you can participate in the adventure activities occurring out there in the Valley.

If you’re in a two-wheeler, you can park on the roadside. There will be lots of space available.

Also, there are a lot of roadside Maggi & Chai options available. You can relax there while overlooking the Valley or by gripping an eye on your vehicle ?.

Road Conditions

The road from Manali to Solang Valley will be smooth & excellent, just like this river stream below.

Nearby river stream on the way from Manali to Solang Valley
Nearby river stream on the way from Manali to Solang Valley

There will be a lot of zig-zak turns on your way to Solang Valley. But the views will be breathtaking. If you’re on a rented vehicle, you can stop the vehicle roadside & can enjoy the scenes.

But make sure that you drive safely, or if you’re in the cab, the driver takes you safely.

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The big stones towards the River Stream
The big stones towards the River Stream

In the end, I would like to answer the questions being asked me while coming down from Solang Valley.

Have you remembered the point? I had mentioned that leave early & half of the problems get resolved?

People get stuck in the 4-5km long traffic before the Solang Valley. However, in the morning, you’ll not find a lot of traffic, which means you can easily reach Solang Valley.

Q. Is it worth visiting Solang Valley?

Ans. Yes, it is worth visiting the Solang valley. But, especially for the snow lovers, your heart might break when you do not find the snow there. So, check the weather before making your trip to Solang Valley, Manali, or even anywhere.

Q. Was Solang Valley a lot of snow?

Ans. It depends upon the day you are visiting.

The snow doesn’t depend upon the season because it will always be the winter season, but the day matters here. So if you’re visiting after snowfall at Solang Valley, then yes, you will find a lot of snow.

There will not be a complete NO because you will always find snow. The snow level can be lower, but the snow will be there in the winter.

On the other side, during the summer season, you’ll not be going to find snow.

Q. Was the snow above knees level?

Ans. You will find the snow above the knees level when you visit Solang Valley after the snowfall has already happened. Maybe the next day or 2-3 days after.

Q. Will the crowd at Solang be too much?

Ans. The crowd at Solang Valley remains throughout the year but on the higher side during the winters to enjoy the snow activities.

I believe that I had added utility to what you came for & end up reading till here.

Let me know if you have any other to allow you to move from Manali to Solang Valley, even under Rs.500. I would be happy to hear & it will be helpful to others too.

Until then, see you on the road.

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. Manali is an exotic hill station that draws every person to explore its unbeatable beauty and adventure sports. The weather of Manali is very pleasant all throughout the year hence you can go for a tour to Manali whenever you wish to.

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