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Going around on the Goa local Bus was one of my preferred choices while exploring. I am sure that local bus transport would be your go-to priority while exploring any other city?

Furthermore, they would agree with me regarding the stringent on their budget travelers.

Like any other city, Goa’s local bus service is notably excellent. So you can travel affordably & can stay longer in Goa.

The Goa local bus service will be affordable and is the best way to commute to Goa on a low budget.

You must also be aware that Goa offers a low-cost rental two-wheeler. So you will get a two-wheeler on rent in Goa for around Rs. 300-Rs. 400 (4 USD – 6 USD) for a day. But the rental cost also varies from season to season in Goa.

Two Wheeler Scooter on the Streets of Goa surrounded by Coconut trees
A Two-Wheeler ride by a foreign tourist in Goa

You can cover the areas of Goa on the two-wheeler. It will save plenty of time.

But the question here is that if you’re a long-time traveler like a solo for a month in Goa, then saving each day must be your priority.

We will be talking about the Short period travelers v/s Longer period travelers in Goa.

1. Goa for a Short Period

If you’re traveling to Goa for a short period, say three days in Goa. There’s no doubt that if you’re the first time Goa, you want to cover most of your journey in that deadline period.

Considering the situation, renting a two-wheeler would be the best option because it will save your time & you’ll cover the most on your short trip to Goa.

2. Goa for a Long Period

If you’re traveling to Goa for a Longer period, suppose 15 days or maybe for a month. Then slow travel should be your motto & exploring on Goa local bus would be an excellent decision.

Traveling around on a Goa local bus will cut short your daily Goa expenses while living there for a prolonged period. But, relying on the local bus services would not control your budget.

It would also help find other loopholes to minimize your goa trip budget.

Going to Goa for a longer time is strict with your budget. Therefore, the local bus transport is the best way to commute to Goa for long-term & budget travelers.

That also indicates the article’s title revolves around a long period of travelers.

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The very first thing I did was dropped out from Goa local bus & headed to witness the sunset
Sunset on Beachside in Goa

Goa Local Bus Service

There are multiple buses from Goa that operate on different routes daily.

The local transport in Goa is well connected. To all of its areas around. You already know that finding a local bus service would not be an issue globally.

The main concerns that local bus transport demands are patience, adjustment & flexibility. In return, it will allow you to spend & save wisely. These are my thoughts on what I believe is necessary to travel longer anywhere.

Let’s hop on the points –

I. Local Buses for Goa International Airport

I would mention Mandrem in Goa here because I have covered that area and will explain my views.

If you live somewhere around Mandrem side & if you have to go to Goa International Airport. Then, this would be the journey route using the Goa local bus service –

From Mandrem ➡️ Mapusa ➡️ Panjim➡️ Chicalim ➡️ Margao ➡️ Goa International Airport

Mandrem to Goa International Airport

  • The first Mandrem to Mapusa bus leaves at around 6:30 a.m, which will charge you Rs.20 per person. The bus comes at an interval of almost 40-45mins.
  • After reaching the Mapusa bus stand, you can take a Mapusa to Panjim bus & which will be going to charge you Rs.20 per person. Mapusa has an interchangeable bus stand, so the bus would already be present or arrive in a few minutes at routine intervals.
  • Take a bus from Panjim to Chicalim & it will charge you Rs.30 per person. That is because Panjim has an interchangeable bus stand.
  • After reaching Chicalim, you have to stand on the other side to take a Vasco to the Margao bus. It will be going to charge you Rs.10 per person.
  • You can tell the conductor to drop you on the front road of the Goa International Airport.
  • The time taken could be around 2-3hrs & the cost will be less than Rs.100.

Note – 1

All the currency used above is in Indian rupees, which mainly converts to less than < 1 USD, apart from Rs.100, which converts to more than > 1 USD.

The bus would be the cheapest way to reach Goa International Airport.

Note – 2

Suppose you stay at some other place like Anjuna, Vagator, etc. Then, you have to travel to Mapusa. Afterward, you can either follow the same route as discussed above or the way best suited to you.

To explore around for a prolonged period on the Goa local bus is majorly done by foreign tourists. Because the other country travelers spent a lot of time in Goa, it would be very feasible for foreign tourists & others in a long time.

Tall Coconut Trees in Goa
Tall Coconut Trees in Goa

II. Local Buses from Goa Madgaon Railway Station

You can take a Goa local bus service from Goa Madgaon Railway Station to anywhere around Goa.

First, you have to come out of the railway station & need to cross the road.

Here are two options –

1. Directly reach Margao Bus Stand by Walking

Suppose you want to test your feet straightaway in the city where you can rent a means outside the railway station. Then you’re on the way to exploring the unseen Goa as well.

The nearest bus station to Madgaon railway station is the Margao bus stand 4-5km away. So you can either walk for around 45-50min to reach the bus stand.

2. Reach Margao Bus Stand by Bus

You can take a bus outside the Madgaon railway station if you are tired. However, you have to show some patience before the bus’s arrival. The bus will cost you around Rs.15 & drop you at the Margao bus stand.

Now, you have reached the Margao bus stand. Your destination is somewhere around Margao. You can directly go to your desired location.

III. Margao Bus Stand to Panjim Bus Stand

Public transport in Goa is the most convenient means to travel & explore around. You can spot the buses on the moving roads. The vibrant multicolored buses are easy to get the eyes captivated.

But if you’re looking to go to a fancied far remote location in Goa only. Then, you will need to interchange the buses.

If your destination is around Panjim or Mapusa, you must take a bus. The buses run at frequent intervals from Margao to the Panjim bus stand. The cost will be around Rs.45 per person.

The distance between the Margao bus stand & the Panjim bus stand is 32km approx via a faster route. Therefore, the time needed will be around an hour.

Upon reaching the Panjim Bus stand, you can go directly there if your location is around Panjim.

IV. Panjim Bus Stand to Mapusa Bus Stand

If your destination is around Mapusa, you must take a bus from Panjim Bus Stand. The bus will cost you around Rs. 20 per person. The Panjim and Mapusa bus stand is around 27km approx via a faster route. The time taken will be 45-55 minutes approx.

Upon reaching the Mapusa Bus stand, you can directly go there if your location is around Mapusa.

The buses from the Mapusa bus stand connect you with the most loved beaches in Goa.

V. Mapusa Bus stand to Vagator Beach Bus

You can get Goa local Buses from Mapusa bus stand
Mapusa Bus Stand in Goa

There is a direct bus from Mapusa to Vagator & the bus will drop you at the Vagator bus stand. It is a few minutes of walk away from the Vagator beach. The Mapusa to Vagator bus will cost around Rs. 40 per person. The distance between the Mapusa to Vagator is around 10km. The time taken would be 30 minutes.

Moreover, Goa buses are multicolored, like blue, pink, green, etc. Just for the sake of knowledge I had expressed. The sitting structure inside the Goa local bus would be the same, but the overall experience will be quite different.

Note – Every bus has a scheduled time of leaving from Mapusa. The last bus time departs from the Mapusa bus stand is 8 p.m.

Vagator Beach to Anjuna Beach

There’s no way to walk along the seashore because of the big rocks which block the way. But you can take the road route. The distance between both of the beaches is around 5km. So you can either walk while navigating on google maps or take a bus.

VI. Mapusa Bus Stand to Anjuna Beach by Bus

You can take a bus from the Mapusa bus stand to Anjuna beach & the distance between them is around 10km approx. It will charge you around Rs. 20 per person.

Likewise, you can take a bus from Anjuna to the Mapusa bus stand while returning.

VII. Mapusa Bus Stand to Mandrem Beach by Bus

You can take a bus from the Mapusa bus stand to Mandrem Beach & the distance between them is 20km approx. The bus will charge you around Rs.20 per person and drop you within a few moments of walking distance from Mandrem beach.

Mandrem to Arambol Beach

If you love long walks & I am sure that you do. Then you can walk along the beach. The distance between Mandrem beach to Arambol beach is 3km approx. So it would roughly take you around 40mins to cover.

If you don’t want to bother your legs much, you go on the roadside to take a bus to Arambol. The bus would charge around Rs.10 – Rs.15.

House on the Mandrem beach side
House on the Mandrem beachside

Mandrem to Morjim Beach

When you’re on the Mandrem beach facing the seaside & the right side goes to Arambol beach, and the left side goes to Morjim beach. The distance between Mandrem beach to Morjim beach is 5.6km approx. So it will probably be a long walk for more than an hour to reach if you wish to do so.

If you’re willing to take a bus, that would be a convenient option. However, it would cost you around somewhere Rs.20 approx.

VIII. Anjuna to Arambol Bus

Likewise, I stated that you have to interchange your buses to travel from Anjuna to Arambol.

Firstly, you must take a bus from Anjuna to Mapusa bus stand and afterward from Mapusa to Arambol Bus.

IX. Mapusa Bus Stand to Baga Beach by Bus

You can take a bus which will charge you Rs.20 per person from Mapusa Bus stand to Baga Beach. The distance between them is 10km.

Note – The way you’re traveling forward is the same way you can travel back to your origin location.

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How are the Facilities in Goa Local Buses

Streets of Old Goa surrounded by colorful buildings
Colorful buildings surround the streets of Old Goa

That’s for sure; you don’t know the routes upon your first instance in Goa.

The Goa local bus becomes crowded many times & it is advisable for the women to either take a seat or take a stand at the corner to avoid confusion. Apart from this if you’re new to Goa especially, foreign people and didn’t know the places. Then you can directly ask the conductor of the bus. The conductor will guide you to your destination.

There are very few buses that operate at night. So if you’re traveling around Goa on the bus, you should ask the driver or conductor about the last bus time to your desired destination. That will help you to plan your way back accordingly.

You can still reach your desired destination by other means, but it will cost you too much. This article is all about traveling long and spending wisely. So not missing any buses should be on the top of your priority lists.

I stayed and Volunteered in Goa for 30 days. So therefore, traveling by Goa local buses was like a routine.

Bus Facility in Goa

The bus facility in Goa is somehow equal to other states in India. There will be a bus driver and one conductor who will give the tickets.

There are separate seats for the ladies, and above them will be written as “ladies’ seats.”

By chance, suppose another gender person sits on the lady’s seat. Then, the women have the right to ask the person to vacate the chair.

It’s dependent upon the person to stand or can take their seat. If there are no seats on the local buses, you’ll require to stand in that case.

Some of the other must-have facilities in Goa local buses include – 

  1. First Aid Box
  2. Helpline Numbers

The earlier specified thing must be in all the state buses in an emergency.


There’s no firm rule for traveling around on Goa local bus. It is the most convenient and affordable way to explore the town. If you consider my thoughts then,

Goa local Bus service+ Foot = Best way to explore the entire region

If you want to add anything, share your views on traveling on Goa local bus.

Then, do let me know in the comments.

If the article has helped you, don’t forget to share and follow the blog.

Until then, happy traveling on the Goa local bus & I’ll see you on the roads.

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