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Driving in the mountains is a crazy feeling and especially driving a two-wheeler like a bike or a cycle. 

But have you experienced peddling an e-cycle in the mountains?

This post is all about e – cycling in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh’s Bir Billing. 

Keep reading till the end to know how exactly an e-cycle works and a lot more insights. 

I wrote this post because I genuinely felt that there’s a need for e-cycling awareness in the steep mountains to make travel easier and convenient. 

Not just only Bir Billing but any mountain place requires an ordinary cycle as well as an e-cycle too. 

What’s an E-cycle?

e-cycle in mountains
e-cycle in mountains

An e-cycle or an electronic cycle is very similar to a normal cycle apart it has rechargeable batteries that act as a push while peddling. 

It’s very useful while peddling on a continuous steep climb because you won’t have to get down of your cycle and a gentle push on the peddle will do your work. 

Importance of an E-cycle in the mountains?

e-cycle in the mountains plays a very crucial role – 

1. Make you fitter

We all know that daily cycling is good for our body and makes us active and fitter for the daily routine work. It doesn’t mean that in e-cycling you don’t have to put effort. You have to take it as an ordinary cycle but with gentle push support behind you.

2. Eco-friendly

With the increase of pollution day by day, adapting eco-friendly as much as possible is the need of the hour. E- cycling is completely eco-friendly with no harm to the environment.

3. Convenient

The e-cycles are very convenient. You can run out of traffic or inside small lanes with ease. Especially when going down from steep height is pretty amazing, all you have to do is put brakes.
There are a lot more benefits but these are important three that I felt should be shared.

How an e-cycle works?

The working process has been divided into 3 simple steps –

Step -1 

Step -1 of how to use an e-cycle
Step -1 of how to use an e-cycle

You will see a panel on the left-hand side of a let’s play e-cycle where the dashboard shows buttons like on/off, different modes, and a battery meter. 

Let’s play is the first company to provide an e-cycle on rent in India. Currently, they operate in Manali, Rishikesh, Jaipur, and Bir. 

Step – 2 

On the right-hand side, there’s an accelerator. ( As shown in the image below ⬇️ )

Step -2 on how to use an e-cycle
Step -2 on how to use an e-cycle

All you have to do is hard press and put the “ON” button, i.e. the red light will start showing. 

A. When the battery is fully charged 

In that case, it will show red light on high.

B. When the battery is not fully charged ( As shown in the image below ⬇️ )

The battery is not fully charged
The battery is not fully charged

In that case, it will either show red light on the low or red light in between low and high

Step -3 

Step - 3 A gentle push
Step – 3 A gentle push

Now, just start doing normal peddling and e-cycle will do the rest of the work and that is a gentle push on your cycling efforts. 

So, these are the steps on how an e-cycle works. 

Where to rent an e-cycle in Bir?

Currently, there are two places to rent an e-cycle in Bir. 

Either you can go to Hosteller which is a few steps behind the Volvo bus stand or can be got to Flugler Hostels which is ahead. 

What are the Charges for renting an e-cycle in Bir?

The charges are Rs. 600 to rent an e-cycle in Bir for a day. 

How long can an e-cycle go?

It completely depends upon the charge of an e-cycle. When – 

1. The battery is fully charged 

If the battery of an e-cycle is fully charged as if it’s showing red on high then it will give a mileage of up to 60 km per hour with a single charge. 

2. The battery is not fully charged 

If the battery of an e-cycle is not fully charged then it will eventually end up for a lower period. Let’s say 2-3 hrs. 

It’s completely not necessary that it has to be a ride on steep mountains only but in fact, if you ride an e-cycle on plain rode then you’ll notice that it’s much smoother than an ordinary cycle. 

Places in Bir that you must experience on an e-cycle

There is so much to explore in Bir Billing that you can even cover on cycle. Some of the routes that can be best for cycling are –

1. Chaugan market

The roads are comfortable to ride an e-cycle. You can experience right from the Chaugan chowk to the paragliding landing site.

2. Upper Bhattu

Driving an ordinary cycle to upper Bhattu to see Palpung Sherabling monastery is challenging. I faced challenges in fact in most of the cases even end up dragging the cycle because of steepness.

e-cycle would be a great option to consider driving on this route.

3. Bir to Billing

If you are fascinated to make this cycling adventure memorable then you can cycle till Billing which is about 14 km from Bir. This route slowly goes up and up with your every step towards Billing.

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You will agree with me that with technology comes advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon us how we are going to see it and utilize it thereafter. 

The advantage an e-cycle provides, in this case, is less human energy usage and more comfort. 

Likewise, the disadvantage it provides is that we can become used to and get inside a comfort shell that is very hard to be broken. 

If you have liked the article and if somehow it had helped you then don’t forget to share and subscribe.

Until then keep traveling and exploring. 

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