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Bir is a place in the state of Himachal Pradesh that is majorly known for Paragliding and Billing from where the Paragliding starts (Take-off point). You cannot separate these two words, if they are together, they make an adventurous impact.

Keeping all the Gyan aside, let’s focus on my Bir Billing wondrous experience (My experience).

Since this post is all about the experience in short. i.e. lookout for a detailed travel guide to bir billing.

1000 words will be going to tell how’s the overall experience.

Buses from Delhi to Bir

Daily Volvo buses run between Delhi to Bir and it took’s 11-12 hrs with one stopover at dinner.

All Volvo bus takes to stop at the same Dhaba while returning too but the food will be good.

Visiting Bir Monasteries

I am hoping that many of you have been to the monastery at least once.


If you haven’t been that’s fine too.

Bir Monasteries are the prettiest monasteries I have been to; in fact, I have been to one monastery before but haven’t seen from that perspective before like what the children do here, is this a monastery or kind of a school and a lot more questions.

But this time in Bir I was able to figure out a few things that I ask myself.

You can visit three monasteries two are in Chaugan and one is in Upper Bhattu.

All the monasteries are peaceful for meditation and quality time for inner peace and self-satisfaction.

The children study here, and they have also been taught the daily lifestyle activities which lack in modern city schools.


I have done the paragliding in Bir approx. two years back and at that time the name of Bir Billing has started spelling out like those were the initial days.

Now people from all over the world come to experience paragliding at Asia’s highest paragliding place.

Some myths about paragliding –

1. It’s not for fat people

Somewhat true and some not, yes you need to be fitter or at least you might be able to run a few steps and weigh less than 100-110 kgs.

2. You need to learn paragliding

If you are paragliding with professionals then you don’t need to learn. All you must do is run a few steps and then watch the mountains from the upper view.
In case if you want to do solo paragliding then you need to learn and practice a lot of solo paragliding (that’s a different scenario).

Watching the birds fly just a few meters away from you will be a blissful experience.

Pro tip – don’t try to catch any of them.

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Local Markets

You will be going to find two local markets, one in Bir and the other in Chaugan. In both the markets, you will get items for daily use and for other users too.

Treks in Bir

There is still a lot to be discovered in Bir and Trekking is an important aspect. I majorly know about two treks in Bir –

  1. Bir to Billing
  2. Bir To Rajgundha

I have done Bir to Billing Trek and it takes almost 5hrs to reach Billing. Also, it’s a beginner’s trek so you won’t require hard trekking skills and patience.

In the Bir to Billing Trek, you can camp at night and then paraglide the next morning.

The Rajgundha trek goes beyond the Billing. It will be going to take another 4-5 hrs to reach Rajgundha from Billing.

Yes, you can make it as 2-3 days of trekking trip starting from Bir to Billing and Rajgundha and then vice versa till Bir.

There is a lot to be discovered in this region.

Stay Options

Bir is a place where you can stay from 10 days to a month with an availability of Hotels, Hostels, and Homestays at a reasonable price.

Especially the number of options available in Hostels have increased by over 150% in 2 years.

All the hostels are located in the Chaugan area only and can be easily accessible by foot. Hotels and Homestays are located in different parts and you can choose according to your preferences like the nearest attraction, peaceful surroundings, and many more.

Mountain Cycling

Whenever I ask about Bir Billing’s experience from people they always talk about paragliding and nothing apart from paragliding from Asia’s highest point.

On some roads, you need to struggle with your cycle but on some, it will go with the flow like butter on bread.

Cycling charges are Rs.100 for an hour and Rs.500 for a day.

You can also opt for e-cycles in Bir Billing which will be going to cost you around Rs. 600 for a day and currently available in two places. One in the Hosteller and the second one in Flagler Hostels.

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Bir Billing is a fantastic place to spend your holidays and it’s bliss for adventure lovers.

I will be coming with detailed posts on Bir Billing very soon. i.e this was my Bir Billing experience and I hope this post has helped you in deciding your future travel to this place.

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See you on the roads.

Keep Travelling and exploring.

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