By Vansh Tiwari

48hrs in Jibhi Himachal

48hrs in Jibhi Himachal

Jibhi Waterfall

The most enjoyable point about Jibhi Waterfall is its location; the path looks mysterious, as if you are seeing a Hollywood drama!

Unquestionably, you can spend quite a time here, if you love to get surrounded by nature. Additionally, the wooden bridges make the location and way appealing.

I loved the surroundings, and that's why I spent quite a lot of time, photographing and admiring.

Besides, you can keep your feet inside if you fancied doing that.

I had chosen to do Long Exposure Photography considering Jibhi Waterfall precisely. That went well. So, Jibhi Waterfall is also suited to tell your perspective.

Streets of Jibhi

Since, Jibhi is a small town. So, you can easily cover everything by foot. 

The winter's in Himachal are bone-chilling. So, a walk or jog on the streets can provide warmth to your body, especially to Jibhi Waterfall, considering it's pretty steep.

Shoja and Jalori Visit

Passing via Shoja, a day visit to Jalori pass can fill your dreams of seeing the snow in winter season. However, if it had snowed too much then, you could not reach Jalori pass. 

Waking up to see sunshine in the mountains is my favorite thing, especially when the sun rays fall over the white cliffs or high trees.

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I had visited Jibhi twice in Winters. However, I still feel like many things were left to get seen.