Jibhi Himachal in Images Blog - 17 Pictures that will Leave You Say WOW
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Jibhi Himachal in Images – 17 Pictures that will Leave You Say WOW

This post was recently updated on September 5th, 2021

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The article is a photoblog on Jibhi Himachal in Images that will urge you to make a plan to explore this small town in the mountains. And if you had visited Jibhi before the pictures will refresh and give life to your memories.

Jibhi in Himachal is among the places that truly hold the WOW factor. I am pretty sure if you would have been to Jibhi before you still make plans in your mind to re-visit the town again. The surroundings, environment, street, or it could be anything that can catch your attention and you’ll save in your memories.

A picture speaks louder than 1000 words. The words in this article would be lesser.

But before moving to see the Jibhi Himachal in Images, you can read my previous blog that talks about Delhi to Jibhi Weekend Guide

The Beauty of Jibhi Himachal in Images

I had also explained a little bit behind the images for a better understanding and your involvement in the scene.

It contains a series of 17 images in no particular order  –

1. Small Water Stream

Small Water Stream on the way to Jibhi Waterfall
Water Stream from Jibhi Waterfall

Behind the Shot

This has been short towards the pre-evening in the dense where the trail leads to the waterfall. The stream here is not very fast so you can easily put your feet in the water and can easily standstill.

2. Uneven Rocks

Uneven Rocks with Water Stream on the way to Jibhi Waterfall
Uneven Rocks with Water Stream

Behind the Shot

It was the first time I was attempting a water shot. I had included the water shots before also but not to particularly show the water. The stream was on the slower side. You can spend hours here if you love to be surrounded by nature.

3. Trail in the Dense

Wooden Bridges in the dense surroundings in Jibhi Himachal
The trail in the Dense

Behind the Shot

The rectangular blocks were like a guide that takes you to the Waterfall crossing the Bridge. There are around 3-4 wooden bridges that look very serene to the human eyes. A person on the way even had asked me where’s the waterfall located that has a wooden bridge crossing. Just see how giving a pleasing look can attract people from different states or maybe even countries.

4. An Evening Walk

River Stream & Bridges
Evening Walk Along the Stream

Behind the Shot

At the very instant I saw this scene, I created in my mind that I would like to frame the shot where the bridge was a bit higher than the water stream & a little close at the same time. Since it was the time of the evening & very few people make their way in the evening. It allowed me more time to re-frame my shots.

5. Autumn Trail

The Path reminds of Autumn Trails
Autumn Trail in the Dense

Behind the Shot

I personally really liked this path that leads to a direction. It creates the effect that someone is guiding you to your destination. The Autumn colors were just spot on surrounding the trail. What I think is these scenes make a place more special and attractive.

6. Sideway Stream

The silky & smooth water stream in Jibhi made with the long exposure photography
Sideway Smooth Stream

Behind the Shot

As I had told that this was the first time that I was trying to capture the flowing stream. There’s no chance that direct sunlight would reach inside here since it was surrounded by completely dense. It becomes, even more, colder in the evening.

7. Smooth Water

Long Exposure Shutter Speed at Jibhi Waterfall
Smooth Long Exposure Water

Behind the Shot

I won’t be going behind the technicalities of how I had shot this. But I had explained how to shot long exposure waterfall images in complete detail. You would love the smooth and calming effect that this shot had created.

8. Beneath the Waterfall

Water getting collected in the pond
Beneath the Waterfall

Behind the Shot

The Jibhi Waterfall was just behind this scene. The water gets collected in a small pond & then flows into different directions in a small portion. At that time there was no one so it got easy for me to try and shoot from different directions.

9. Entry to the Waterfall

Entry way to the waterfall passing the dense forest
Entry to the Waterfall

Behind the Shot

At that time, I was planning to leave & suddenly my eyes struck at this scene which looked pleasing to my eyes. The pond at which the water was getting collected and slowly & steadily being released to different directions. These small streams were forming from that flow of water.

10. Overlooking Tall Trees

Tall Oak Trees in the Jibhi Himachal
Overlooking Tall Trees

Behind the Shot

Shot overlooking the valley. The tall Oak trees make the sunlight reach you almost impossible if you’re surrounded by the trees.

11. Trees Sooking the Sunlight

Overlooking the big tress picture in Jibhi Himachal
Trees Sooking the Sunlight

Behind the Shot

That was a clear day as compared to the other days where the sky was full of clouds. The sunlight making its way to the trees.

12. Autumn Color on the Roads

The Autumn color tree and a small house in Jibhi Himachal
Autumn Color on the Roads

Behind the Shot

There was quite a lot of Autumn color kinda trees that gave an interesting angle to an image. I had shot this from another road, there’s a two-way one that leads downwards & the other leads upwards.

13. Guided Path

Zig -Zag Autumn Trail to the Waterfall
Guided Path with Autumn Colors

Behind the Shot

This was a very interesting path full of colors & multiple bridges could also be seen here. I loved shooting these paths because of their uniqueness. These paths make this place unique many people come to know about this place after seeing the bridge’s images.

14. Clear Sky Day

Facing the tall trees of the Jibhi
Clear Sky Day in the Valley

Behind the Shot

This was from yet another clear sky day in the valley. The winter season and clear sky in the mountains are not at all friendly with each other. So that’s a rare moment.

15. Beneath the Bridge

Small River Stream Flowing from under the Bridge
Beneath the Bridge

Behind the Shot

The stream was flowing underneath the bridge. You can easily stand as I had already told you before but keep your shoes dry. I mean don’t let the water slip into your shoes because it will double your problems especially in winters when you are carrying one pair of shoes. When you keep going with the wet shoes on for a longer period the chances of catching a cold become higher. It was totally from my experience.

16. Eye Soothing Colors

House and Colorful tree in Jibhi Valley
Eye Soothing Colors

Behind the Shot

The Color of the tree & roof had attracted me to shot this. The strong vibrant color took all the eyes.

17. Wide Landscape

Wide angle Landscape of Jibhi Himachal, shot of the Valley
Wide Landscape of the Green Valley

Behind the Shot

The greenery turns completely white at the peak winters when it snows here. The green has its charm which no other color or season can take from it. The wide landscape of the Jibhi Valley was peaceful.

I hope that the Jibhi Himachal in Images had made you say WOW.

Do let me know which image had made you say “WOW” from the 1-17 number and if you have anything to ask you can just comment down.

Still, If your search hasn’t ended here, then you can jump to Shutterstock for more images from this place.

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Until then, see you on the roads.

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