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Trekking is the most amazing activity which many adventure enthusiasts love to do, but you need to know trekking tips for beginners before kicking start.

But how many of us do it correctly for the sake of our safety, not all. These are the must to follow Trekking Tips for the journey to make our trek even more blissful. Everyone has their own Trekking Tips, i.e I decided to come up with mine.

And it’s a request don’t litter the mountains, keep the waste with yourself and throw them into the garbage.

Trekking Tips for Beginners

1. Wake up early

Starting the trek early in the morning is beneficial because you are fresh after the night’s sleep. Waking up early doing exercise will eventually make things a little easier. Admit it, nobody wants to start in the afternoon when the sun is right at our head.

Let me give you an example – Have you ever wondered why most of the summits have been done in the morning?

Because starting before the sunrise always fills with energy and enthusiasm and the best time to reach your goal.

2. Healthy Breakfast

Before starting a trek don’t eat a heavy breakfast because it will make the trek difficult. Eating some sandwiches and fruits is a good option.

3. Carry some Chocolate

Take some Chocolates such as high energy bars so that when you feel a little hungry you can eat that and it will surely help to keep you energetic in the trek. Eating parathas in the trek will surely be a bad idea and also don’t drink too much water.

4. Shoes

One of the most important which many of us ignores the most is the shoes, wear well-maintained trekking shoes and not the casual one which you usually wear. Having quality shoes will help maintain the grip and you will walk with ease. Who knows at one stage you might have to do rock climbing as well.

5. Lightweight bag

Carry a lightweight bag and the things which are necessary to take like some clothes, water, food, etc. Make sure to make your bag as light as possible because when you trek you don’t want your bag to act as a burden who takes all your energy.

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6. Warm clothes

Don’t forget to take along some warm clothes because surely when you reach the top you will encounter the snowy winds and at night the temperature falls continuously. Just don’t forget. Sometimes at high altitude, you also require some equipment like Trekking poles to carry along.

7. Keep your ego aside

Ok, you are cool but don’t make your ego come in between. Like you told everyone that I will reach first at the top and at one go means without resting, you can do until and unless you are a professional or experienced, just don’t be that one. It can affect your health.

8. Make friends

Making friends and socializing with fellow mates is one of the best things about trekking. Getting to know each other, I mean it will make the journey memorable. And don’t forget every mountain has its own story to tell.

9. Follow the leader

If you are going in a group follow what the leader says. Say for ex- when everybody is resting and you got an idea that let’s go without knowing where to go and you land up in an unknown area. So just follow or ask the route.

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Keep Traveling.

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