5 Most Surreal places to look up in Himachal
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5 Most Surreal places to look up in Himachal

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What I meant to say here is surreal places: dreamlike. Today I decided to write about the surreal places in my opinion, what I think to be included here.

Himachal itself is a surreal place without a doubt, with a lot of twists and turns at every journey.

In this article, I have listed my surreal places in Himachal Pradesh.

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Let’s get started

5 Most Surreal places to look up in Himachal

5 Most Surreal places to look up in Himachal

If you read this clearly, you will notice one thing here –

1. Jibhi

A Village in the state of Himachal which is about 100km (approx.) from Manali and around 8km from Banjar. Located in the Banjar Valley, Jibhi is an unknown and Fabulous place in the mountain laps less known to the majority of the people. Jibhi is a place known for trekking, hiking, most importantly fishing which would be a new experience.

You can do fishing after acquiring a permit from the fisheries officer. Houses build in Jibhi are of wood and that’s kind of unique in terms of structure. There’s a good chance that you will fall in love with Jibhi and want to come again and again. That’s why I have included this in surreal places.

2. Kalpa

Located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal and known for its apple orchids. Approx.300 km from Manali. Let me give you a Visual image, the Bollywood film Highway has been shot at the locations of Kalpa and Reckong Peo.

One of the best things you can do is going to Kalpa by HRTC bus because it will be an adventurous experience worth doing. Visiting Kinnaur Kailash mountain which attracts a large number of devotees throughout the year. Suicide point remains the talk of the mountains in Kalpa and that’s the surreal Kalpa for me.

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3. Chitkul

The most famous last inhabited village near the Indo-china border is not far away from the last surreal place I have listed above which is Kalpa. You cannot travel further without a permit, because Chitkul is the last point in India one can travel without a permit.

Chitkul is around 62kms from Kalpa and 315kms from Manali. Chitkul is also a village in the Kinnaur district. Potatoes grown in Chitkul are said to be the best in the world. If you want to see mountains, roads, trees, houses covered with snow come to Chitkul in winters.

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4. Rakcham

Another beauty located 52kms from Kalpa in the Kinnaur district. The 3-4 surreal places surrounding each other is the best part of this article and to the travelers also. The roads in these regions will surely blow your mind away. It is a small village and is best seen with the foot.

It comes right before Chitkul and after Sangla.

I hope you have heard the travel quote wander where there is no signal. This came true because the village has no connectivity. A true gem of Himachal if you are looking for peace. Rakcham is a surreal place for me.

5. Shoja

7kms away from the Jibhi. Houses in these areas are wooden and a perfect place to land upon. The area remains almost packed in the peak season because of the beautiful surroundings and the adventure enthusiast that goes trekking from Jalori Pass.

Have you noticed the thing which I talked about at the start?

Don’t worry!

In this list, three are in Kinnaur Valley only (Kalpa, Chitkul, Rakcham) because the vibe of Kinnaur is different altogether and it’s not like every weekend you can travel to Kinnaur. You must be prepared for a backbreaker.

That’s my 5 surreal places in Himachal.

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I hope you will visit at least once to these places. If you have liked it, please follow this blog.

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