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Road trips to anywhere are always on my list. When it comes to traveling and likewise, road trip hacks make the journey adventurous. One of my favorites and surely, yours too. Why I love road trips?

The ongoing journey becomes equally as beautiful as the end destination. The breeze touches your face when you open your window, the side mountains which are saying come here climb us, the stars which seem like following us at every step. What else beautiful than that.

But, we do not want our road trip to be boring like, just sitting and seeing the clock again and again when we will reach our destination.


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We will see what are the best road trip hacks now. 

10 Road Trip Hacks –

1. Start early in the morning

Witness the sunrise is among my best road trip hacks

Why I have listed start very early in the morning –

  • Starting the road trip very early in the morning is as important as eating breakfast. Night sleep has refreshed you, and you are good to go on a road trip as early.
  • Less traffic on the road, and that ultimately means smooth driving.
  • If you start very early, you will get a chance to see lightness comes out of the darkness. Okay, just tried it in another way, Sunrise.
  • Eat sleep, wake early, repeat it is a good saying.

2. Music

Perfect Partner in every Journey

Hence, No journey is complete without music. It gives energy and motivation, feels the music from its lines, and does not just listen for the sake of time pass. There is some music which brings out the adventure in you.

  • Research a road trip and adventure hardcore music.
  • Carry a pen drive.
  • Sing along from the heart as hard as possible. Let the world hear your voice. It is probably the best travel hack for me. But do not sound mad.
  • I am listening to music while writing this, getting some energy though

3. Carry sleeping bags and tents

Stay close to Mountains

Above all, Have you ever slept in a tent on a mountain road trip? If not, you have missed the best experience. Probably the mountain road trip is the best road trip for me.

  • Purchasing a sleeping bag and a tent will help you in the long term also.
  • Sleeping in the mountains where you will not find any disturbances from your streets or neighbors, just count the stars in the cold night.
  • It is easy to set up the tent, and you can find the instructions on the tent itself.

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4. Stop the car

Get of from car and spend some time with locals

What I am trying to say is stop the car on the roadside for coffee and light breakfast.

  • Interact with the locals. They can give you so much knowledge you probably will not get on the internet sometimes.
  • Click the pictures.
  • Go to villages or small towns to see the culture of that city. To taste their delicious food, let me tell you the roadside and the small town foods are the best. Make it your best road trip.

5. Keep a notebook

Write what you have seen for a lifetime memory

Keep a notebook because you can write what you have done, and if you want, you can write and publish it for others to read it. So that they will also make their road trip memorable and learn from your experiences.

  • It will add a new skill in you of writing down what you have done.
  • Now, it is easy because of the phone also. It depends on one.
  • It will make your memory comes alive when you read it after some years.

6. Keep your phone aside

Dont stay too long on phone

When you are on a road trip, you did not want to miss anything from your eyes. But what to do the phone always distracts you.

  • Click the picture, but do not waste time uploading it and looking for the best caption. You have all the time when you reach home.
  • Now what happens is while doing the perfect editing while on the journey, you will miss other things, which might never come back into life. I hope you have got the point here.

7. Travel like a local, not a tourist

Try to adapt to the environment its culture with people

To travel like a local is not something everyone can do. Those who have a passion for knowing a place can master it.

  • Now, this is important. Traveling like the locals will make you adapt to the other environment very quickly.
  • Traveling local is interacting more with the locals. Adapting to their culture, spending some time talking with them, making new friends, shop what is best in handmade.

8. Take care of Your Car

keep your car ready
  • Most Net worthy. This one not to be left alone.
    • If you on a road trip, a car is the main thing that will make your journey memorable and comfortable. Take care of your car from the start itself. Get the service done before.

9. Carry extra clothes

Be on a safer side carry extra clothes

Carry extra clothes, as you know the condition changes very quickly. So, be on the safer side.

  • You are on a road trip, then count it for a few days. Spend time at the location to make it more happening.
  • Carrying extra clothes would not be a difficult job in a car.

10. Accompanying partner

Friends with same mentality are blessing

Finally, How can we forget this?

  • An accompanying partner is the one with who we want to go on a road trip. It can be friends, a family who is as crazy as you are.
  • Who you are comfortable with. Hence, These are the road trip hacks for an Outstanding journey.

Share your road trip hacks in the comments section, and let’s find out some fascinating hacks.

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About Author

Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. Very good tips – the best trips we have had are when we connect with the locals – I love stopping for lunch at a delicious, local restaurant versus the fast food chains.

    1. Hey Pam ,

      Thank you , you have rightly said connecting with locals been so good. They have soo much to share and they know better than internet sometimes. I am Glad you have shared your experience here.

  2. Nice! I love road trips, but have not done enough of them yet. My favourite was when we drove slowly and meandering for a week to pick up our son from the army base where he was stationed. We visited three friends along the way!

    1. Hey ,

      Thanks for sharing experience with me. A road trip with your loved one’s became more memorable. I hope the car has not gotten tight packed… just kidding.

      Thank you once again !

  3. Thanks for these great hacks. I hate road trip cos of the many discomfort and health issues I always experience each time I embark on any road trip. But I think these tips you listed here will be of help to me. Thanks again.

    1. Hey ,

      So sweet of you , but felt bad that you faces health issues at road trips. But , keep solving the kind problem you are facing and one day your road trip would be an epic one.

      Thank you for your comment !

  4. Oh I’m going to be taking my first road trip soon, and I’m so excited!!! All this knowledge will be sure to help.

    1. Hey ,

      All the best for your first road trip , journey would be as beautiful as the destination. I am glad that i was able to help someone.

      Thank you so much and have an awesome road trip.

  5. I so agree, leaving early is the best idea! You beat traffic and get to see some amazing sights, often without oodles of people driving around. I love stopping with my camera and a note pad!

    Claudia xo

    1. Hey Claudia , i personally love this so much. Away from the morning crowd , starting fresh , everything seems so perfect in the early morning. Before i don’t write but had started now !

  6. We don’t go on “road trips” per se but we do make a drive from South Carolina to Michigan to see family every year. I’ve never thought to take a notebook to write down stuff from our trip. This is a great idea and definitely something I’ll be doing this year when we make the drive!!

    1. Hey ,

      Writing down on a notebook is very helpful specially for bloggers, it will become a lifetime memory as well. Not only bloggers it will be helpful to everyone , writing down what you see is very helpful !

  7. As someone who has spent most of my summers since I was a kid road tripping around the world I so agree with these tips! Especially travelling like a local, getting away from the most popular tourist attractions and going “where the locals go” allows you to really live the life of the region or country you are visit.

    1. Hey ,

      Getting around with locals and talking with them means you will getting a lot of backstage stories that you won’t heard anywhere. That’s the best way to travel any city/country.

  8. Great trips. My family often takes road trips, I) because we have family at opposite ends of the country, and II) because we love local tourism. But sometimes road trips get on my nerves, especially the really long ones.

    Yvonne Wabai

    1. Hey yvonne ,

      That’s really awesome ! Road trips at country side is such a amazing thing and you have family too at opposite side, jealous of you that you will get a lot of road trips !

  9. Great tips indeed. I love the idea of a tent and sleeping bag if you don’t have a camper van. My one tip is take plenty of water!

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