How to Spend a Good 24hrs in Srinagar after Tiring Journey
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How to Spend a Good 24hrs in Srinagar after Tiring Journey

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Are you planning for Srinagar trip?

If Yes,? ( like seen in the picture below ⬇️, meeting each other )

I got things to do in 24hrs in your Srinagar trip to make your day tiring ( As in Interesting )

people boating in Srinagar
people boating in Srinagar

If No,? ( like seen in the picture below ⬇️, crossing apart )

Don’t worry your Srinagar trip will come soon in later stages or maybe after reading this. Right?

people crossing each other while boating at the dal lake
people crossing each other while boating at the dal lake


You must be thinking that –

How safe is Kashmir to travel?

Kashmir is safe to travel not only Srinagar but overall Kashmir throughout the year. There is no need to worry when you see army officials because they are for our safety and smooth conduct without any disturbance.

Safe for everyone whether you are a solo traveler, couple, group of friends.

But you have to commit something,

Commit to travel and reach Srinagar to witness this beauty from your eyes ( In the image below ⬇️ ).

Article 370 and 35A were removed from Jammu and Kashmir and now India has 9 union territories including Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

Now Tourists are allowed to enter Kashmir from 10th Oct onwards.

boating at dal lake srinagar kashmir
boating at dal lake Srinagar Kashmir

I did New Delhi to Srinagar trip – halfway by public transport and halfway by shared cab to reach Srinagar, you can also opt for the same or according to your preference or needs.

The distance between Delhi to Srinagar is approx 815km via NH 44. (Road trip lovers)

You can read about how you can reach Srinagar by the road from Delhi here.


view form the boat ride in dal lake srinagar
View from the boat ride in dal lake Srinagar

I had been to Srinagar, Kashmir approx 5-6 years back and then the main motive was to see the snow and now the motive was to explore beyond, admire the culture, and try to indulge with locals.

-From Jammu to Srinagar travel time by road is around 7-8hrs.

Kashmir attracts tourists from across the world and people acknowledge Kashmiri’s culture, behavior, and attitude, i.e I think it’s the main reason people love to come over and over again.

Before starting firstly? the main and important thing for all the network lovers –

Network Connectivity

Network connectivity in Srinagar
Network connectivity in Srinagar

I carried my Airtel sim till Kashmir and this was the mistake I did. Asking for the network from locals throughout the journey, to call home, or check for important messages.

Don’t want you to do the same. If you are of my category (then do ?)

Two things here –

1. Postpaid Sim

Purchase a postpaid sim from anywhere because a prepaid sim of any other state doesn’t work in the Jammu and Kashmir region.

2. Prepaid Sim

The Prepaid Sim works only when it’s registered in Jammu and Kashmir.

Network Connectivity in Srinagar
Network Connectivity in Srinagar

Q. How to Purchase a Prepaid Sim in Jammu and Kashmir?

Ans – Go to any local vendor and all you have to do is showcase your Id proof. It includes an election card, driving license, passport, or any other and doesn’t include an Aadhar card.

Yes, if you want a prepaid sim from Jammu and Kashmir then Aadhar is not accepted in obtaining a prepaid sim.

*Major Note – Must keep any of these – Election card, Driving license, Passport with you.

After reaching Srinagar you will be thinking that where can we stay on our Srinagar trip to make it blissful?

Hello to Houseboat experience ( In the picture below ⬇️ ) – saying hello

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local people waving at dal lake Srinagar
local people waving at dal lake Srinagar

Houseboat Option in Srinagar

If you wanna try something different then a houseboat experience is waiting for you.

Yes, a houseboat experience.

Where cemented houses get changed with floating boats and traveling around the area feels like going with the flow.

I have stayed in Houseboat Holiday Home, it’s straight from Ghat no.4. ( As you can see straight in the picture below ⬇️ ).

people crossing from one side to another via boat
people crossing from one side to another via boat

In fact, all the houseboats look the same to me to be honest, if you are a person who prefers luxury stay with all the necessary items available in one place then every houseboat seems different to you.

But are you thinking that it is a houseboat so it will keep flowing and you need to balance it every time?

I know my bad joke!

Okay, it’s a houseboat and it doesn’t move, well-grounded.

No worries here.

The houseboats are made with wood and are well settled at the ground, only boats move from one place to another.

You must be thinking that how the Houseboat owner gets to know that you want to come to a boat from the other side?

1. Give a phone call

First one, you can call the person on the houseboat to pick you up.


2. Wave Hands

The second one, You can wave hands in front of your houseboat from the other side. They will see and pick you up. This is probably what I did during my stay in the houseboat.

I used to stand here and wave hands during my stay at a houseboat
I used to stand here and wave hands during my stay at a houseboat

Plus one, if you found any other option. Also, let me know in the comment section.

i.e. now you have arrived in Srinagar, got a houseboat to stay, and now what?

Just one thing, keep your bags and enjoy your time in Srinagar.

Also, I have tried my first Youtube video, please watch and let me know your thoughts. Will improve video by video.

Here you go –


On a serious note, something interesting coming in the future and you don’t want to miss anything.

Right? ☺️

Things to do in Srinagar Travel Journey in 24hrs

Since the title says Srinagar Travel in 24hr, let’s see what all can be done –

1. Boat ride in Dal lake

Boat ride in your Srinagar Trip
Boat ride in your Srinagar Trip

One of the most talkable thing in Srinagar is the Dal lake boat ride. People specially come for boat rides in imagistic dal lake from around the globe.

It’s never an off day on boats.

But, What’s the cost of riding in a boat?

The cost of riding in a boat is Rs 400- Rs500( When you bargain and keep it down ) or else be Rs600 per person for an hour and increases with people and time ( As you can see in the picture below ⬇️ ).

Rate List and Info by J&K tourism

I know a person named Nurr Mohd. who takes people daily shikhara ride and knows every aspect of Srinagar ( You can also call your Srinagar Travel guide ) whether you are looking to stay or where you can eat, he is the man you can consult. ( As you can see in the picture below ⬇️ ).

Shikara Boat rider
Shikara Boat rider

His name is Noor Mohd.

Mainly you can find him on Ghat no.4 if he is not taking any rides.

You can contact him if any problem or info about Kashmir (Srinagar) is required.

2. Sneak a peak in Vegetable Market

Vegetable market at dal lake Srinagar
Vegetable market at dal lake Srinagar

We all have visited the vegetable market, be in any part of the country, or any street.

But have you visited a vegetable market in a lake?

Yes, the Dal lake vegetable market is a unique market where vegetables grow under the lake. The roots are inside the ground and vegetables show in progress after some time.

The people gather near the market and purchase the necessary items. The lake is 40ft and on some side 60ft deep.

How to reach the vegetable market?

The vegetable market is in Dal lake while having a shikhara ride you can tell the person that you are willing to see the vegetable market and he will take you there. The person will not be going to cost extra to take to the vegetable market since it’s an hour and free to go anywhere in Dal lake.

Vegetable market in Dal lake
Vegetable market at Dal lake

Note – Try to go vegetable market as early as possible to see how the process of buying and selling goes. Around 7 a.m -8 a.m to witness the unique market.

I was a bit late to reach the vegetable market i.e all the vegetables were sold and the people were returning.

3. Nishat Bagh

You can visit Nishat Bagh after dropping out of the shikhara ride. It’s about 2-3km.

All you can do is take shared sumo or any other shared four-vehicle which will drop you in front of Nishant Bagh and it’s on the main road only. The shared car will take Rs20 from Dal lake.

The entry fees for Nishant Bagh are Rs24 per person and you can spend quality time of 2-3 hrs. admiring the beauty of Nishant Bagh.

Nishant Bagh
Nishant Bagh



The other way to do is –

There’s a daily double-decker bus.

You – What?

Me – Yes, a double-decker bus in Srinagar which goes till Nishant Bagh and costs Rs50 on both sides.

I don’t know the exact reason behind the double-decker bus but maybe because to promote Srinagar tourism.

This will be a different experience altogether; I will prefer you should choose this one.

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Nishant Bagh - Mughal Garden
Nishant Bagh – Mughal Garden

Note – From Dal Lake road to Nishant Bagh shared four-vehicle cost will be Rs 20 and if you are willing to go Shalimar Bagh/ Shalimar Garden from there the cost would be Rs10 same as sharing and if you like to come back to Dal Gate the cost would be Rs. 30 from Shalimar Garden.

* I want you to visit and share your experience with me here.

4. Shopping in Srinagar

Shopping but in a different style, like we bought vegetables and now we will shop. You will find various options from traditional local clothes to western clothes. Not only shopping but can eat food as well while on the shikhara ride.

It will be a different experience.

I haven’t listed Shalimar Bagh here because to bring variety to the journey because Nishant Bagh and Shalimar Bagh are both gardens. So, that’s why a little different. You can still go if you would like to, I have listed how much it cost from Nishant Bagh to Shalimar Bagh in point(3) and back to Dal Gate cost from the shared vehicle.

If you wish to get clicked in the Kashmiri dress and that too in the Dal lake, here you go ( As seen in the picture below ⬇️). Options are available.

Photography in Dal Lake
Photography in Dal Lake

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I would say this Srinagar travel guide will going to be one of the best-spent 24hrs and you can double your hours depending on your need. Perhaps, the best thing one could do is getting involved in the simplicity of Kashmiri people, i.e when memories rewind in your head the moments spent with people come alive.

I hope this would have helped you in some way.

If this then please don’t forget to share and follow this blog for future happenings around the world.

This was my 24hr Srinagar Travel guide. If you have anything to say and ask then comment down below and I will be in touch at the earliest.

Srinagar was seen to me like this ( मुझे श्रीनगर कुछ इस तरह दिखा ) ( Beautiful from every angle )

I saw Srinagar like this - Beautiful from every angle
I saw Srinagar like this – Beautiful from every angle

अलवीदा (Good day) for now. See you soon.

Vansh Tiwari
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