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I heard about the Spiti La Darcha Fair while actively searching to cover a cultural event.

La-Darcha is a 3-day festival. Earlier, the trade used to happen where people exchanged horses and yaks, and now it’s limited to just exhibiting them. In some instances, it happens if someone wants to buy them.

Besides that, cultural performances, competitions, food stalls, displays, and many more fun-filled things take place.

Challenging Month

La Darcha Festival takes place in Spiti in August (Monsoon Season), and that’s a difficult month to visit Spiti because,

during this time, the mountains receive heavy downpour that forces floods and roadblocks.

Straightforward, at one moment, I was confused about whether to attend the La-Darcha Fair or leave it—because the entire Himachal region was experiencing floods and landslides then.

But, I kept my self-belief and went on what I call now:

A breathtaking journey of a lifetime

While all areas were experiencing natural disasters, it remained a perfect climate in Spiti to shoot.

Eventually, I decided to visit from the Shimla Route to Spiti as Manali was receiving multiple landslides daily, and even roads were closed from that side.

Note – If you have plenty of time, then only think of visiting during that season.

I stayed in Spiti for 20 days and have traveled to places unhurriedly.

Reaching Spiti

However, I had reached the town much earlier because the festival was intended to start on 14th August, but it got delayed for various reasons.

I waited as I genuinely wanted to cover that festival. Besides, I went to other places since I had plenty of time.

Finally, the La Darcha began on 22nd August, and indeed, I pre-confirmed by going to the ground and seeing the setup. I felt relieved.

Where does La-Darcha take place?

La-Darcha happened at the Kaza ground.

You can commute by walk or rent a scooty/taxi to reach the ground. I had planned to visit other places also. Therefore, I rented a scooty for comfort.

But you can choose to walk. It would be a mind-blowing decision.

La – Darcha was a grand celebration for the Spiti people; thus, people reached in mass numbers to attend. Approximately 4000-5000 people must have made an appearance.

Highlights of the Fair

Some of the highlights of the fair were:

  • Stalls like Village to Village Tibatian medical camp, Weapon showcasing by the Indian Tibet Border army, and many more stalls were set to spread awareness of their excellent work.
  • Stage performances by various local artists and artists from different regions.
  • Sports competitions like Volleyball and Tug-of-war also happened between other districts.
  • Inauguration of the Fair by Buddhist Monks & MLA of Lahaul & Spiti, Sh. Ravi Thakur.
  • Local stalls selling Toys, Clothes, and Utensils attracted people to look around.

La Darcha Fair 2023

On the first day, I reached around 9:30 a.m. Some of the stalls were still getting set.

Sooner, I began interacting with the people.

La Darcha Fair Inauguration

With Kaza police marching forward, Lamas from Key Monastery and other monasteries reached the ground, and the Senior Lama inaugurated the festivities on the opening day.

Wildlife in Spiti

Kesong Chunit on the right and Tenzing on the left showcased the Wildlife in the Lahaul-Spiti & Kinnaur regions. The Photographs exhibited include some clicked by them and others by various photographers of the town—species like Snowfinch, Blue Throat, Himalayan weasel, Rock bunting, and more exits in the area. Hence, Spiti is an Ideal destination for Birding too.

Dolma Flower House

Dolma Flower House – She showcased various Flowers grown locally, like Petunia, Marigold, Dog Flowers, Geranium, Pansy, etc. Impressed by her flowers and dedication to maintaining them, the DC awarded her 10,000 rupees the past year. While talking with her, she sold two flower pots in a minute! In addition, the lady runs her guest house in Kaza.

Children’s Enjoying the Fair

Regardless of age, there is something for everyone to remain connected to. While sitting, I saw a girl carrying a small child on her shoulder come to take an ice cream; that moment was captivating.

La-Darcha fair is the time for enjoyment; The kids here are experiencing it!

Village to Village Tibet Medical Camp

Tsundue on the left and Sangma on the right displayed the Village to Village Tibatian medical camp organized by Zangchot Chizin Chhokpa (Rangtong). They conduct medical camps in different places in India. Precisely, they import the Raw materials from Tibet and process them here because they are grown at a high altitude. Therefore, they import, make medicines, and provide them to the public in medical camps. In addition, their main office is in Dharamshala, Himachal.

Local Artisans

Local artisans displayed their products created from hand-made Kashmiri willow.

The Fair was also ideal for street sellers, who can show to a larger audience, like the lady selling toys for small children. 

Yak Showcasing

Lotte from Demol near Kaza brought his Yaks for presentation at the La Darcha fair. He raised the yaks and took care of them thoroughly. “The weight of the yak is around 150-200 kg, and the minister will reward the yak, which has a good build”.

Lotus Group Women

This all-female food stall made a name for itself. Food items were limited to veg and non-veg momos and chanapuri. I have tried veg momos, and it tastes delicious. Since Spiti borders Tibet in the east, you will find many influences from the neighbouring country.

Cultural Performance

There’s nothing more fascinating than witnessing a Cultural dance performance because you notice them dancing to their rhythm tunes and, undoubtedly, wholeheartedly!


The Tug-of-war competition happened among the India-Tibet border army. 

The participants of the Fair who came to perform watched Volleyball matches played between different districts. Undoubtedly, the kids have the finest seats in the ground to watch. 

Volleyball matches happened between youngsters from different regions. Moreover, the Spiti people love to play Volleyball; explore the streets, and you’ll find enthusiastic youths playing it.


Earlier, I wondered whether the Fair would occur because of disastrous weather circumstances in nearby districts. Eventually, after experiencing it, I can proudly say,

Yes, it was worth the visit!

When researching online, there needed to be more detailed information about the La-Darcha fair, but that didn’t exist. Being such a grand occasion for the Spiti people, I saw only one media personnel at the event.

But it was an extraordinary fair I hadn’t seen in my life. Interacting with individuals, getting to know them & listening to their ultimate stories was enjoyable.

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. Wow, the pictures and the experiences that you have shared has made me eager to visit Spiti during this festival🥹🥹

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