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Serolsar Lake Trek – A 6km Hike to See this Crystal Clear Water

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The Serolsar Lake Trek is amongst the Himalayan treks you can take if you’re a complete newbie in the trekking environment.

The only condition is that you must need to be active enough and ready to walk for about 4-5 hrs. The requirement is pretty fair enough.

Are you up for this adventure?

I heard an exciting BIG YES, then let’s start.

Just keep reading till the end to know the full information. If not, you can always comment it down or can even get directly in touch with me.

I am very excited on both instants, while I was trekking & when I am penning it down.

The distance between Delhi to Serolsar Lake is around 506 km.

i.e Delhi to Jalori Pass distance = 500km approx. + Jalori Pass to Serolsar Lake Trek distance = 5-6km approx = 506 km in total.

Firstly you’ll need to cover Delhi to Jalori Pass distance to start the trekking to Serolsar Lake.

We would be talking about a little bit on the Jalori Pass, the nearest mountain pass from Delhi. All the other high mountain passes are pretty far distant.

How to Reach Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass is a high mountain pass located at the height of 3,120m (10,236ft). The road conditions from Jibhi to Jalori Pass are considerably perpendicular.

If you are in your vehicle, then please drive safe. The sharp corners can give you goosebumps, anytime.

Jalori Pass Temple - The Serolsar lake Trek starts from behind the temple
Jalori Pass Temple – The Serolsar Lake Trek starts from behind the temple

Jalori Pass has a Jalori Mata temple right at the starting & several chai shops. The Jalori Mata temple embarks the start of the Serolsar Lake Trek. The trail for which passes from behind the temple.

That was a short introduction to the Jalori Pass.

Delhi to Jalori Pass Bus

You have to divide your Delhi to Jalori Pass bus journey into different phases. As such there’s no direct bus to Jalori Pass from Delhi.

Your priority should be to reach from Delhi to Jibhi and then cover the remaining 10 km afterward to Jalori.

Delhi to Jalori Pass on Personal Vehicle

If you are coming by your vehicle then you can directly head straight to Jalori Pass. Proper rest will be required & it would be completely your decision on where to halt.

Routes to Reach Jalori Pass

There are two most preferred routes from which you can reach Jalori Pass –

Delhi Via Shimla

  • Route – 1 = Delhi – Ambala – Solan – Shimla – Narkand – Jalori Pass

Delhi Via Mandi

  • Route – 2 = Delhi – Ambala – Bilaspur – Mandi – Jibhi – Jalori Pass

The majority of the buses coming from Delhi prefer Route 2. The reason is –

  • The Jalori Pass is located at steep, chances for deluxe/Volvo buses to reach anywhere near the pass is NO.
  • No buses directly come for Jibhi & then Jalori Pass. Buses pass via Aut tunnel, drops the passengers, and go straight to Manali.
  • Most people set up their base at Jibhi/Banjar and come to explore Jalori Pass for the day visit only.

If you are coming by your vehicle –

  • It will be up to you which route you choose to take first.
  • Anyways you can always come from the first route and end from another. Both will get covered.

How to Reach from Jibhi to Jalori Pass

Shoja comes before the Jalori pass on your way
On the roads of Shoja Valley, Shoja comes before the Jalori pass

Upon reaching Jibhi, you can take a shared cab/private cab, which will take a round trip to the Jalori top. If you’re traveling with your vehicle, then there’s nothing to wait for, then head out straight.

You can ask your hostel/hotel/homestay you’ll be staying for the local guide to the Serolsar Lake trek if you need any guidance.

Note – The starting is a bit complicated, so it’s more useful to take a local guide accompanying.

Serolsar Lake Trek

Finally, following a long driveable journey, we have touched our landmark for the Serolsar Lake Trek.

Seasons preferred for the Serolsar Lake Jalori Pass Trekking

1.Summer Season

There’s complete, no doubt that Summers is considered the best for any treks on the mountains.

The clear blue sky, comfortable clothing, the added hot sun will make the trekking just more relaxing.

2.Winter Season

The Winter season of Serolsar Lake Trek is dependant upon the amount of snow accumulated at the peak. It is not favored when it snows massively.

You can consider yourself amongst the lucky ones if you’re trekking to Serolsar Lake just a few days after the snowfall.

It takes some time for the Jalori Pass itself to get opened up after the snowfall. The roads get completely blocked, even a no way to walk on the slippery roads.

People clearing the roads full of snow at Shoja
People clearing the roads full of snow at Shoja

If the luck is in your favor, then you’ll be spotting some jaw-dropping scenes from the Jalori top.

Note – You can always enquire from the local people living there. But before planning your trip to Serlosar Lake Trek in Winters. In the age of social media, nothing is far apart. You have to reach out.

Things to pack for the Serolsar Lake Trek

Since the trekking is a day hiking, you can pack only a few things unless you plan to camp around Serolsar Lake. The things to pack are –

1.Light Food & Water

It’s is a basic, everyday necessity. But carry lightweight food like sandwiches, peanuts, etc., during the trekking.

Rest there are Chai & Maggi shops. It will work out for your stomach.

2.Lightweight Backpacking

Let me remind you again that the trekking to Serolsar Lake is a day hike only. You can cover both sides for an average time of 6-7hrs. There’s no requirement to carry your entire rucksack throughout your trekking.

You can keep your backpacks at the place where you are staying. Otherwise, the car on which you have been transferred to the Jalori Pass.

A rucksack load of no more than 1-2kg would sound suitable for trekking.

3.A Strong Grip Pair of Shoes

Now, the shoes you won’t have to pack! You have to wear them for your trekking & strong grip shoes would be handy for the trekking.

Without strong grip shoes, it’s more like hurting your legs. I believe that you don’t desire to damage your legs at any expense. After all, there are so many treks that you have imagined & wish to do.

So, the overall outcome is a grip shoe. Huh, a pretty motivating line on shoes!

These are the things in my knowledge that would work best for the Serolsar Lake Trek.

Detailed info of Serolsar Lake Jalori Pass Trek

Serolsar Lake Trek during Winters accompanied by a group of travellers
Hiking towards Serolsar Lake in Winters
  • Starting of the Trek – The trekking to Serolsar Lake starts behind the Jalori temple.
  • Average time required to reach the Serolsar Lake – On average, it is around 2:30 – 3hrs to reach the Lake.

The trek passes from the mysterious jungle with tall trees. Probably there are different routes to reach Serolsar Lake. But, take the same path that the guide told you to take.

Some trails will look pretty good to capture the mountain from the top. Just go for it also, keep an eye on the route the accompanying you are taking. In no case, you don’t want to get forgotten in the jungle.

It’s not a dense jungle where you cannot find someone easily but still be more alert.

The hike will be straight with a little ascend & descend.

Mesmerizing views of the mountains around during the trek
Mesmerizing views of the mountains around during the trek

The view from between the jungles and from the open valley will be splendid. The mountains would leave you awe-struck ?.

You can spot the dark layers of the mountain top, which will make you feel like jumping from one mountain top to another. Like we all have played in the games or still play.

Feel happy to be a part of the surroundings.

Upon reaching the Serolsar Lake

There are several shops where you can sit & relax over a cup of Chai just before getting mesmerized by Lake beauty.

The sitting area just before reaching the Serolsar Lake
The sitting area just before reaching the Serolsar Lake

In summers, the clear water of the Lake would be visible. But, at the time of winters, the frozen Lake will again leave you to say WOW.

Ditto, whether you will be able to do the snow trek in the wintertime to Serolsar Lake would depend upon the quantity of snow and weather circumstances throughout that period.

Frozen Serolsar Lake in Winters
Frozen Serolsar Lake in Winters

The Lake is less in a round shape & more of an oval shape.

You can sit beside the Lake, but don’t throw anything into the Lake. Please try to keep the crystal Lake shine for the further coming visitors to acknowledge.

The return route would be the same & you will end up consuming less time.

Try to match the timings, as such that you end up reaching the starting point to observe the sunset. Both sunrise and sunset from behind the mountains give delight to the eyes & inner soul.

That’s it from the Serolsar Lake Trek.

I hope that this post has helped you to gather the necessary info.

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Until then, see you on the roads.

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