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For every Indian who loves going on adventure trips. Traveling to Leh-Ladakh will be on your dream list. It has attracted tourists and adventure goers from all over the world. There’s no doubt that this trip features in the bucket list of everyone who loves going on road trips, be it by car or motorcycle.

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A trip by car and one by an adventure motorcycle would require varying preparations. However, since you are going along the same route and would face the same road conditions, there are certain things that you should keep in mind regardless of the vehicle you are traveling in.

Traveling to Leh-Ladakh is not only about the destination. There isn’t an aorta of doubt that the destination is unmatchable. However, the journey in itself is something to cherish and you should learn to soak in every moment of the journey. You must understand that there will be times when you have to travel hundreds of kilometers without a single soul in sight and no human habitation at all. Find the solitude tranquil or eerie—either way, you have to face it.

Let’s take a look at some of the most essentials that you need to be equipped with while on the road:


Must Carry Medicines

Since you’re planning to Leh-Ladakh trip, you must realize that it is situated 18,875 feet above sea level. This means it is a high-altitude area and there are chances that you might suffer from acute mountain sickness (AMS).

However, AMS is self – diagnosable and usually self-treatable. Since a lot of people face it while traveling to Leh-Ladakh, you should carry some basic medicines (along with your prescribed medicines, if any) with you. Additionally, Leh-Ladakh is a very cold place.

2.Plenty of Water

Plenty of Water is a must essential

When you’re going on a long road trip, it is only but natural that you will have dehydration. To avoid acute dehydration, make sure you have plenty of water with you. Drinking water throughout the journey would help you avoid dehydration. Moreover, at such a high altitude, it is easier to get dehydrated. A lot of people neglect this and wonder what it is that has deteriorated their health. So, drink water at regular intervals to avoid such a situation.

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Another essential for your road trip is sunblock. This should be of at least SPF 30. UV rays at high altitudes tend to be quite damaging for the skin. Your skin might crack up way more than it normally does. This causes a lot of discomfitures. So, you would want to avoid such a thing while being on this road trip. And, if you want to enjoy the trip, make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. These essentials are aplenty.

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To get instant energy during the journey, you should keep a glucose-induced drink with you. Since we had mentioned, 90 percent of the Leh-Ladakh trip is the journey in itself. You must enjoy the road. However, don’t forget to get your glucose as well, since you wouldn’t want to drain yourself out while you’re at it.

5.Car Charger/Power Bank

Car charging or power bank will come in handy while traveling to ladakh

For a lot of us, our smartphones act as GPS navigation. This means a lot of battery will be used up while on the road. So, taking a portable charger is mandatory if you do not want to feel like you have been stranded between isolated mountains. Besides, if you like taking pictures on your smartphone, which you should because Leh-Ladakh is simply marvelous, you must keep your batteries charged.

6.Spare Camera Batteries

Camera batteries is must while traveling to leh-ladakh

A trip to Leh-Ladakh is something worth sharing with your family and friends. This means you will take your camera along with you to give them a glimpse into the scintillating journey that you’ve just been to. Besides, these pictures would also help you later to relive those moments yet again. With such a beautiful view all around you, it is natural that you would like to capture as much as you can. This would surely drain your batteries, So, make sure you have a couple of spares with you.

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7.Documents and IDs

This is the most important part while traveling to Leh-Ladakh but at any place. After all, if you’re not allowed in, how are you supposed to continue with it? Make sure you have at least one government-issued ID and a few photocopies of the same. These would be required to get the inner line permit.

Before you decide to carry anything else with you, make sure you have at least these seven essentials. This would ensure a hassle-free road trip to Leh-Ladakh and enjoy the journey to the maximum extent. So, be careful when you need to be and take care of your health throughout the journey.

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