Best Hostel in Rishikesh near Laxman Jhula
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The Hostel in Rishikesh near Laxman Jhula

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Hostels are the love of backpackers from a budget-friendly to a crazy environment. Today I will be sharing my experience in Shiv Shakti Hostel in Rishikesh near Laxman Jhula.

This Hostel is about 290 m away from Laxman Jhula and about 2km away from Ram Jhula. Direction as it, folks coming from Laxman Jhula will find it on the left-hand side in a lane and opposite for the folks coming from Ram Jhula side.

Note: This article is purely based on my experience and does not include the promotion of any.

Rishikesh Bus Stand
I mostly travel at night. Road trips are the best therapy in my case.

But before going take a look at some travel mistakes and try to avoid as much as possible.

Check-in between 12 p.m.-1 p.m. probably the ideal time. I reached Rishikesh around 7 a.m. in the morning and instead of taking a tuk-tuk which would cost me 150R.s.

I believe in saving money while traveling and if you are a person who strongly believes in these points then you are definitely going to enjoy the fullest.

From Rishikesh, ISBT bus stands the Shiv Shakti hostel is almost 5k.m. away and believe me, morning walk with a backpack on your shoulders will be a moment of immense joy as you walk in the streets and capture extraordinary stills.

Rishikesh Streets

After some time walking, I can clearly hear the blissful sound of the river Ganga.

As I crossed the Ram Jhula, the distance remains 2k.m.

Step by Step, and there you go my destination has arrived. I was very early to arrive at the hostel.

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Shiv Shakti Hostel

Common Area

Common room at Shiv Shakti Hostel

Shiv Shakti Hostel

So, I kept my bag there and went on to explore some café’s and to have breakfast. If you had visited Rishikesh and hadn’t been to these café’s, please think again-

Cafes in Rishikesh near Laxman Jhula

1.Chatsang Café

The morning I arrived in this city and the very first café’ I had my breakfast is Chatsang Café’. The melodious music in the background and yummy breakfast plate in front of me made the morning lovely and happening.

The food is quite amazing and especially the variety it offers like Pimento and Cheese (Served with chips and salad), Tomato olives, and Basil cheese toast. I don’t know how many of you heard these items but for me, it is like damn what’s that

2.Little Buddha Café

Little Buddha café is just in the straight of Chatsang café. It’s on the first floor as you climb up the stairs.

Another café and lots of varieties to offer. Get ready for some confusion about what to choose. I had tried to hear Indian food and it was mind-blowing, in terms of quantity and taste.

But I didn’t like the strawberry shake at all and it’s my honest opinion, everyone has their own tastes that’s why I told it’s completely my opinion. Do take the seat close to the river Ganga side as you can enjoy the delicious food with a view.

I missed taking the side seat because it was very crowded at the time of lunch. So, go in the morning time or after lunch.

3.Spiritual Reserve

Let me share something –

As I and my friend checking what to eat. She advised me to eat falafel. And I didn’t know what is that. So, I thought let’s give it a try. When the food arrived and after a few bites, I was like my stomach is almost full with few bites and it was very heavy. Like really heavy. But on the delicious note, it was yum.

Advice – Don’t eat falafel if you like not that hungry (last eaten anything about 4-5hrs).

I especially like to point out the ambiance here as it is an open room and at night it was a dream place to be.

You can ask at the hostel counter to provide you with a map. It includes the place to visit and the best cafes to eat and if you will take the map along, you’ll going to get a 10% discount on the cafes. I know 10% is not so much but still.

Availability of Map
Spiritual Reserve doesn’t count in the discounts.

The Hostel includes some daily activities on the condition if the majority of people are interested otherwise booking for rafting, bungee jumping is always an open option for you at the hostel.

The hostel is in a good locality which is almost close to Bazar. It has beautiful interiors with a matching color combination in the common room which is just at the entrance.

Pradeep, Raj, and Anu will never let you felt alone in the hostel with their craziness.

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Finally, I got a dorm bed ready with proper bedding and checked in.

Dorm Beds

6 Bed mixed dorm
6 bed mixed dorm will cost you about 349R.s. and 10 Bed mixed dorm will cost 299R.s. for 1 day. You can check out more information on the Hostelworld.

*Note – Prices may be subject to change, please check before booking.


You can also look for alternatives to the Hostelworld itself.

Probably, I wanted to stay near Laxman Jhula so I had searched Hostel in Rishikesh near Laxman Jhula and I pretty liked Shiv Shakti Hostel on the online instance itself.

I had started using these lines because I can relate it with me –
From crossing the bridges,
To finding new roads.
From climbing the mountains
To meeting new folks.

And If you love meeting new people than any Hostel will never disappoint you.
From sharing sweet travel memories to accompanying each other in the city tour.

Where else you can find this bond made quickly with the people from across the countries. The hostel is the place I look for in every city.

Let me share a sweet moment –
I meet a girl from Serbia and the very first thing she told that you look like my best friend which is in Serbia. She showed me his photo and I look a little bit.

I meant to say, where else you can share these moments with each other. At the hotels in a private deluxe room?

Na, not my place to be.

And the bond was made, I made her try some delicious Indian food and taught some words of Hindi and I learned a bit of Serbian language Zdravo (Hello) as well.

The Hostel is very close to some amazing café’s and yoga centers to look for.

The Poster on Stairs of Hostel

They have another property named “Blue Jay” in Tapovan in Rishikesh.

The dorm beds are spacious with a curtain to maintain privacy and a charging point at your corner with a locker too. I always like the upper dorm beds, not for any specific reason but I like it very much. And I got an upper bed in this one.

There is no facility of food inside the hostel for travelers until you are a staff member. All three staff members are very friendly and I remember one has told me that he is very Uttarkashi.

The last night I couldn’t able to sleep on the bus because it was a seater and the night at the hostel is so peaceful that I slept as soon as I was fallen over.

I had checked out in the morning and kept my bag in the common room and went on to explore with my hostel friend as I know I will be arriving back to the hostel at night because my bus is at late night.

What I think is Hostels are the best gift to travelers.

And Hostel in Rishikesh, a place which is much talked about among people from all over the world is a treat to live and enjoy every moment.

Note– All the shops and Café’s in Rishikesh closes before 9.m. so, if you are looking for a late-night dinner be ready to stay hungry. Just kidding though.

But Yes, shops close before 9 p.m. but there are still a few places open very few where you can have your dinner.

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