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Photography remains the topmost on my preference list wherever I go because I love content creation. Thus, when I heard about Museo Camera, I decided to visit.

Interestingly, I heard about Museo Camera on the Instagram handle of NofilterbyIndigo when they spread the info about season 2 of Nofilterbyindigo.

How do you reach the Museo camera?

Metro is the most convenient option. The nearest metro to the Museo Camera is the MG Road metro station on the yellow line of DMRC.

However, when I visited first, I searched online, and it showed Iifco Chowk metro, but after experiencing it, I feel MG Road is the nearest metro station.

After dropping from the metro, you must take an Auto as the Museo Camera is still approximately 2 km from the metro station. In winter, you could walk, but in summer, it’s much better to take an Auto and reach the point.

Is it even worth seeing?

When I entered, I was mesmerized to see the area. I haven’t been to any film set, but I could envision the Museo camera looking like that.

Wherever your eye moves, you could find a frame there. It is extremely well-made and maintained.

My first impression was remarkable because of the admirable appearance of the place. Indeed, it is worth seeing.

My experience at the Museo camera centre for photographic art

When I entered, there was a ticket and information counter on the ground floor.

The ticket to see the museum is Rs. 200 per person. Notably, the museum has a collection from old film to the latest digital cameras and other valuable things you won’t see nowadays.

Thus, it’s an ideal place for photography lovers and admirers.

Also, make sure to check about the timings to visit, as it remains closed on Mondays. Rest all days operating from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

On a Saturday morning, when I entered, I felt I was the first one to enter, as nobody was there. Therefore, I took my time to see things precisely.

  • The ground floor has a museum, and it would feel like heaven for photography lovers. 

You can also gain information on other styles of photography like pinhole photography in the museum.

Then, I walked to the first floor, but…

Before entering the first floor, I halted on the stairs—the frame was mind-blowing!!

The aesthetic was indeed well-built! 

  • On the first floor, I saw the exhibition by Nofilterbyindigo

The photographs on the first floor depict collections from all over India by various artists in different genres, especially travel photography.

When you visit someplace and halt too many times, ultimately, the visual had made you stop, that location is indeed intriguing.

  • The second floor took me back to the history of photography.

But, more than that, the placement of seating arrangements ahead of the wall art made me admire the Museo camera.

Let me show you the Museo camera through photographs.


Undoubtedly, I am sure, you got attracted by seeing the place virtually. In addition, you would get even more mesmerized when you visit it personally.

Also, there’s a cafe inside, which I didn’t get a chance to visit. However, it appeared a premium establishment.

So, had my blog inspired you to visit the Museo camera? Let me know.

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!


  1. Yes, Its a must Visit.
    The nearest Metro is MG Rd on Yellow Line. Only 20 minutes walk.
    Lots of trees around..so it’s a comfortable walk.
    Only few vehicles pass through this stretch.
    Also take Darshan of Ganpati Temple 2 minutes away.

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