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Motorcycling is a fun-filled way of traveling if you carry good quality gear along.


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I travel majorly on public transport.

This fast and furious method of travel requires full preparation for every possible situation. You have to drive your macho machine for long distances, therefore it’s wise to eliminate some of the burdens. And hence brainstorm regarding products/ accessories necessary for any road trip.

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Let’s see what all Motorcycle accessories while backpacking our guest author has to list.

Listed below are 10 accessories that are mandatory to be present while conceptualizing, backpacking, and materializing your trip on a motorbike.

Motorcycle Accessories While Backpacking

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1) Multi-tool with Sockets

One of the most important accessories is the complete motorcycle tool kit. The multitool kit accompanied by sockets is of great help for bikers. The prerequisites of such a tool kit are: it should be made with precision enabling easy fitting in the least available space in backpack, saddlebag, or motorcycle accessories bag like tank bag.

Also, it should have smooth edges and multiple sized sockets that can come in handy at the time of need.  There should be a sturdy belt loop carrier attached along with a hook and loop stoppage so that fastening is not an issue. It may consist of hex wrenches, open-end wrenches, a socket driver, and few sockets.

Multi-tool is a very useful device in your pocket while traveling on the bike as you can get a sharp knife or pliers within your reach whenever the need arises.

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2) Repair kit and Pump Designed for Bikes tires          

A puncture can abruptly stop your biking expedition so it’s better to get a repair kit along with the pump that can connect to the battery and re-inflate the punctured tire.

If the tires of your bike are tubeless, inflate them via pump but in case your wheels are tubed, then try packing patches along with the necessary items for this kind of job and if possible spare tubes to avoid deflated tire issue.

Small CO2 canisters should be part of the accessory kit as it would help to re-inflate both tubeless and tubed tires. The swivel head of this canister should reach the most difficult valve system of the deflated tires.

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3) Bungee/ Cargo net          

Bungee net comes very handy for fastening spare helmets, grocery, or other numerous items such as cookware in case you are out on a camping spree. Hooking it across the passenger seat or the gas tank creates an added pocket for the biker’s delights. This one of the cheapest accessories that adds great comfort to bike riders.

Also, carry along spare bungee cords, a tube of chemical metal used for fixing any broken part.

Motorcycle backpacking on Chitkul would be complete bliss if you are looking to try this adventure.

4) Strap Mount  

A strap mount enables fixing all your data devices to the fuel tank of your bike. So, with a well-structured strap mount all your GPS, mobile phones, iPod, or other tech gadgets are placed securely in front of you to make your ride joyful. The strap may be available as a magnetic or strap-on version.

Take a GPS that is compact and waterproof. The device with a bright touch screen enables easy usage at night or day. It should have a battery life of up to 8 hours after a single full charge. Pair it with the Bluetooth headset and it can render spoken direction for the convenience of the biker.

5) Tank bag          

A tank bag from the renowned brand can serve various utilities. The multi-purpose bag is designed to be operable as a backpack, saddlebag, tank bag, helmet, and various other motorcycle accessories carrier. Just detach the tank bag when you are off your bike, untuck the shoulder strap to hang it on the shoulder, and take it anywhere comfortably.

This tank bag may be fabricated of nylon fabric which is waterproof and should have mighty magnets fixed on its inside cushioned compartments. The exterior of the bag should be lined with neoprene (synthetic rubber) material so that the motorcycle’s body earns no scratches or scuffs.

6) Digital tire Pressure Gauge          

This is one of the most significant items on the road that enables you to detect tire pressure. Maintaining the correct air pressure is very important for a safe journey. Even if you start your journey with the correct air pressure, you never know when the need for this gadget may arise.

7) Antigravity Micro-Start Personal power supply          

If carrying cool gadgets is mandatory for bikers, then arranging for its recharge is also unavoidable. The personal power supply should be strong enough to start a powerful engine like V8 and should be laced with multiple charging adapters bracket (not to forget mini jumper cables).

The entire kit of motorcycle accessories while backpacking should not weigh more than 12 ounces and should perfectly fit into your backpack or tail bag of a motorcycle.

8) Alarm Disc Lock          

Stealing a motorbike is not a new concept so, make sure that you are carrying a good lock with you. Get one of the best locks available that combine the strength of a stainless-steel base with the inbuilt alarm.

It can be laced with self arming 120 dB lithium powered alarm that has a shock and motion sensor to offer maximum security to your machine. The lock can have the key barrel, ice spray proof body along 1/4″ hardened steel pin.

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9) Bluetooth camera and communication system          

Bluetooth camera with the communication system is all one product manufactured, especially for bikers’ vloggers. A Bluetooth camera can double up as a high-quality action camera along with the Bluetooth communicator.

It can have Bluetooth 4.1 software, water-resistance, and many advanced features such as recording your voice directly while making a video or operating the Bluetooth function of the device while having easy access you all the other functions of the gadget.

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10) Visor cleaning kit          

A good quality visor cleaning kit is a must-have accessory in the carry bag or the backpack of a motorcyclist. Usually, this kit comes in a personal carry bag that makes its transportation convenient.

A dirty visor or stained goggles are real trouble for a biker as they would be unable to read road signs. A branded visor cleaning kit comes in handy to clean even the hardest dust, mist, or other debris residues.

Lay your hands on the best cleaner kits present on various portals for greater cleaning of gadgets and travel accessories. First, clean the visor with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Always clean the dirt off with a generous amount of spray before starting scrubbing.


Motorcycling requires proper dwelling into the accessories that would be best suited for any particular terrain. The biker’s accessories market has an array of options. If you are on an adventurous trip carry a multi-fuel stove along with other compact kitchen tools and a gas canister. Water bladder comes in handy for carrying drinking & cooking water. The attached tube of this bikers’ accessory enables drinking water on the go. Don’t forget to carry a spare key in your wallet.

Try dressing in a waterproof, quilted, and layered jacket if you are visiting cold regions. Winter gloves, helmets, and waterproof footwear offer comfort and support for rough and uneven road riding. Never forget to carry a physical map book because you never know when the technology can ditch you.

These are all the necessary Motorcycle accessories while backpacking that our guest has to offer.

I hope you liked our guest’s awesome efforts in pinpointing these points.

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Have a Blasting Ride.

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Rebecca Smith is a freelancer and travel writer based in the United States. She has traveled across the globe and is an avid bike rider. She has written many articles on Motorcycle travel. 

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