Dharamkot Himachal – An Unguided Journey Turned Out to be Blissful
Dharamkot,  Himachal,  McLeod Ganj

Dharamkot Himachal – An Unguided Journey Turned Out to be Blissful

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Do you know an Unguided path makes one a storyteller? Yes, It does and Dharamkot Himachal Pradesh did.

An Unguided path for me is best defined as –  Entering a cinema hall during the start of a movie, which means you make your way in the darkness with your destination in your mind.

Okay, Got it.

Where is Dharamkot?

There are two Dharamkot, just not to confuse you. One is Dharamkot Punjab & another one is Dharamkot Himachal.

Dharamkot is present in Himachal in Kangra valley, Dharamshala being the Headquarter in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is just 5km and 2km away from Dharamshala Mcleodganj respectively.

It is located just above the McLeod Ganj and one can see spectacular views of Dhauladhar ranges upon reaching Dharamkot.

Dharamkot is truly a place less explored by Indian tourists with a maximum of people making their presence till McLeod Ganj.

How to Reach from Delhi to Dharamkot?

One can reach Dharamkot Himachal upon reaching McLeod Ganj easily from Delhi.

Dharamkot is at a 2-3 km distance from McLeod Ganj and can be covered on foot. If anyone willing to take Taxis or Autos that too is available till Dharamkot from McLeod Ganj taxi stand.

The most convenient way is by Bus apart from the fact that your departure is from the states other than Delhi, Punjab region.

Let’s take an example of people coming from Delhi to Dharamkot by Bus –

Starting Point – New Delhi

Destination – Dharamkot (486 km)

Dharamkot Himachal Pradesh Route from New Delhi
Dharamkot Himachal Pradesh Route from New Delhi

People taking the option of coming up with their vehicle is also a blissful decision because the drive to Dharamshala is scenic and one cannot miss those views.

Ahh, you hoped in your comfort buses and ready to leave.

McLeod Ganj to Dharamkot

There are many ways within the McLeod Ganj region to reach Dharamkot. These include –

  1. Upon reaching McLeod Ganj bus stand and entering the Tibetan market on the left, one way goes to Dharamkot (1.8 km) another goes to Bhagsu nag Waterfall (1.5 km).
  2. Upon reaching Upper Bhagsu, stairs go straight up to Dharamkot passing by a trail less traveled.

( I have explored Dharamkot’s journey like an unguided path ).

Dharamkot Himachal Pradesh 

Me – Welcome to the foreign land!

You – Foreign land?

Me – Wondering why I have stated foreign land here? This is what the majority of the Indians are going to feel here because of the reason of more foreign tourists as compared to native tourists.

Yes, I know you guys.

On a funny note ?.

This place is mostly covered with foreign tourists especially from Israel, the U.S., and other respective countries, and some are settled in the Dharamkot.

It’s a peaceful area with a lot of conversation and less disturbance.

For me, Dharamkot Himachal is not just a normal place in the mountains but it’s away from the summer crowd of Mcleodganj and the word “peace” defines here.

Peaceful surroundings in Dharamkot Himachal
Peaceful surroundings in Dharamkot Himachal

This might fascinate you because of the reason of no honking, no traffic jams, and other areas of disturbance but do you know why?

Because there are no proper roads inside Dharamkot.

i:e No cars = No traffic = Peaceful environment

Road in Lower Dharamkot Himachal
Road in Lower Dharamkot Himachal

All you have to do is a hike from up-to-down and vice – versa.

Wait, what’s up and down here?

There is an Upper Dharamkot and a Lower Dharamkot.

From a Traveler perspective, there is no such difference but from a hiker perspective, Upper Dharamkot will check your stamina not much but still.

I know you guys will rock.

Okay, what I noticed –

Upper Dharamkot?

More Availability of Hostels and Home-stays as compared to the Lower one and that too at a slightly lower rate. Cafes with a full view of the Dhauladhar range is the USP. A quiet place if I have to say in one word.

Lower Dharamkot?

What makes this area unique is its cafes and lively environment. People are interactive and friendly. This area is most preferred by people during daylight. A happening place if I have to say in one word.

Note – One Insider from a local

Locals of Lower Dharamkot don’t give much preference to the Indians/local tourists when it comes to offering Homestays and Hotels because foreign people will stay longer as compared to the local tourists.

One of the important reasons is behavior too (This was a part of conversation b/w me and local).

i.e more no. of days stay and more – I hope you guys have got this.

Likewise, if anyone says no don’t be disappointed as you always have the option of staying at the Upper part.

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What makes Dharamkot a major attraction among foreign tourists?

From my point of view, I think It’s the vibe and love for the culture which connects them and makes them settle forever.

I noticed people and found that they always try to make a healthy environment like a smile for a smile not with a perspective to make anything but it’s in people’s nature and it can be seen. Also, they love to speak Hindi, words like Namaste, Dhanyawad, and much more.

What to Pack for Dharamkot Himachal

Dharamkot weather remains pleasant when unbearable Delhi’s heat is scorching overhead. As such no hard-hitting packing is required, just like visiting any other mountain place it’s just like that.

Short and Simple.

Cafes in Dharamkot

It can’t be possible that a place like Dharamkot doesn’t have pretty cafes.

Let’s see cafes in Lower Dharamkot first –

If you’re planning a visit, keep an eye on these cafes –

1. Funkey Monkey Cafe and Restaurant

From a Healthy breakfast to Homemade Muesli, life happens in Dharamkot.

Contact – 9829873439

2. Chillax Cafe

Just on the other side of Funkey Monkey is Chillax Cafe.

3. Cafe Moon Light

Cafe in Dharamkot - Cafe Moonlight
Cafe in Dharamkot – Cafe Moonlight

Make sure to add a Cafe moonlight on top of your checklist.

The ambiance is vibrant with delicious food and a feeling of sitting in a lively environment.  (Must Visit)

4. Bodhi Greens

Cafe Bodhi Greens
Cafe Bodhi Greens

This organic vegan cafe is a delight for vegan lovers.

5. Space Out

Cafe Space out
Cafe Space out

Upon entering Lower Dharamkot first cafe you will encounter is “Space Out”.

With sitting arrangements in open fresh air to inside decor. Everything looks perfect with an added flavor of food.

6. Open Heart Cafe

Cafe Open Heart
Cafe Open Heart

In this world of jealousy, keep your hearts remain open.

This is my list of must-visit cafes in Lower Dharamkot.

Cafes don’t need an intro and especially Dharamkot cafes what I feel. Therefore, listing down the name of cafes if anyone would like to check out during their visit and wondering about any places to eat and chill.

Let’s hike to Upper Dharamkot now –

  1. Day and Night Cafe
  2. Heena Cafe
  3. Friends corner
  4. Dream catcher
  5. Manu’s place

These are some of the cafes in the Upper part, although they are not much talk of the town still you can give it a try.

What I found interesting in Dharamkot is people’s talent like everybody is showing his/her talent whether it’s singing, dancing, yoga. I personally now call this place a “Talent Hub”.

Upper Dharamkot
Upper Dharamkot

You can see on the faces that eagerness to learn and grow is what makes this place attractive.

Like –

  1. An Astrology and Tarot reader (Luna from Argentina)
  2. Jolly music House – Where people come and learn music styles.
  3. Foreigners running yoga and meditation center (You will come across many here)
  4. Tim from Finland running a small handmade candle stand shop ( In Upper Bhagsu).

And much more…………

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Yoga Centers

Yoga is firmly practiced in the Himalayas and people from all over the world come here for relaxation and to find peace.

Some yoga centers are –

1. Amara Prema

200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training
June – Sept 1st – 26th

For more details contact – +919072096550 or visit – www.amaraprema.com

2. Himalayan Lotus Yoga

Pranayama free – 9-9:15 a.m.

For more details contact – +919895728187 or visit – www.himalayanlotusyoga.com

3. So Shanti Yoga (Near Trek N Dine)

So Shanti Yoga is present near Trek N Dine Restaurant. Hatha and Meditation with Sat and Sun also open.

Contact – +919130885282 or visit www.soshantiyoga.com for more info.

Without a doubt, Dharamkot is a lovely place I have been to in the Himalayas and I think for you too after visiting.

Things to do in Dharamkot

There are interesting things to do in Dharamkot –

1. Triund Trek

Dharamkot to Triund Top distance is around 9-10 km and is a perfect beginners trek for indulging in Trekking and Camping activity. The Dharamkot route is an easier one because of proper walkable steps. One can visit the Gallu Devi temple which is also a starting point of Triund Trek.

Q. Can Triund Trek be done in one day?
Ans. Yes, Early morning start and you can be back easily before the sunset after spending plenty of time on the foothills.

2. Shop

Like seriously, you guys are far better than me at shopping. But what you can shop here?

Local people make crystal, hand stones which you must check out with local Himachali and western dresses which attract foreign tourists.

Shopping is an essential part of our journey to make the trip more memorable.

3. Relaxation

Relaxing in the Himalayas is what everyone dreams of in the Mountains with a backdrop and breezy wind but don’t forget a cup of tea in your hand.

Ahh, I know you have started to imagine.

4. Eat and Repeat

Dharamkot has some finest cafes and restaurants in the town. I have listed some above you must check out.

5. Conversations


I mean who doesn’t want to interact with the people especially with the locals or foreign tourists to gather knowledge about the Himalayas and some funny stories to inspire from.

I love conversations, to be honest. Especially from strangers because it brings out the sincerity of the person.

Nearby places You can Visit from Dharamkot 

Apart from Dharamkot, you can visit –

1. McLeod Ganj

McLeod Ganj is just below the Dharamkot and daily up-down is easily possible. I did 3-4 times up-down a day.

It’s within a walkable distance and Dalai Lama Temple and Monasteries must be on your list.

2. Dharamshala

Dharamshala is about 7-8 km from McLeod Ganj. Tibetan markets and Tibetan food attract tourists from all over the world. Yoga and Meditation are best practiced in these areas.

3. Bir (Trekking and Paragliding)

Bir is about 60-65 km from McLeod Ganj and can easily be reached by Bus which complies every day from the bus stand. Experience paragliding at Asia’s highest paragliding place.

This is Lively Dharamkot Himachal Pradesh from my side.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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