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It was almost half a month when the PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi, declared a severe lockdown. But, with each passing day, people have counted the days when they will step out on the roads.

While some have already broken the lockdown by taking the situation lightly, with increasing COVID -19 day by day, it somehow becomes challenging to say the exact time when the restrictions will be over.

Our primary focus should be on the majority, i.e., locked inside the homes.

Suppose you think the rest of the lockdown days are becoming hard to pass. You will utilize it effectively; no need to think much.

How you Should be Spending the Rest of the Lockdown Days

1. Working on your Passion

Working and Improving your passion every day should be the target on your home list. It could be anything from Cooking, Dancing, Singing, etc. Try unique ways and be creative with what you will be doing.

I know this idea came to your mind, but laziness often makes us shift to another day. If we see it from the other perspective, this is the precious time we can practice in our homes. Then, when the lockdown days are over, we can apply the practiced passion to the real world.

i.e., seeing it as a practice time would help a lot.

A slight improvement would do the job if you couldn’t devote an entire day. So it’s not about how much time you give but how much you improve from your past learnings.

2. Traveling at home

I know in this current situation, all we have to do is avoid “travel,” You must be thinking, is this guy gone mad that he is listing Travel in lockdown days.

No, I am not, but for Travel, Yes.

By Traveling, I refer to travel from home by refreshing the memories you had made and sharing with your family members.

You can start by – Gathering everybody in your family and sharing your precious memories from the past. That could be an excellent exercise to refresh your mind with lived moments.

You could also turn it into a game – for e.x.- A pillow passing travel story game when the music stops and the person having the pillow will share his past travel memory.

So, this could be an Interesting time spent at home.

3. Digging out the old album from Graveyard

We all would be having old albums in your house dig somewhere in the corner. The album could be of a past marriage you have attended, a place you went with the family, home moments when you were born, etc.

In the earlier days, people used to frame the moments in an album to look at and relive in the future.

It would help if you took all the albums from the graveyard, which many of us almost forgot that they even exist in the house. The chances are that you will find some unbelievable things inside the album that your elders kept and forgot.

4. Spending time with yourself alone

Excessive usage of the word “Lockdown” shown on TV and various other platforms will create a mental impact. i.e., It’s required to keep yourself away from hearing a lot about this issue. If we use (ctrl + f) to find the amount of usage in our minds and how many times we had consumed the word lockdown, I would think a minimum of 20-30 times a day.

We all wanted to remain updated with the ongoing situation, but keeping yourself away for a few days would be stress-free.

Meditating, playing indoor games, listening to music, and even daydreaming would help overcome the much-talked-about issue.

5. Keeping yourself Busy

Keeping your interest in something will help you forget about the days remaining. The claim involves putting in the heart and soul.

You can keep yourself busy with the things I mentioned above in the points or learn online.

You can learn countless things online, be it Language classes, writing classes, and many more. The goal should be to keep learning, creating, and evolving with time.

6. Sitting on the floor of your Balcony

That will sound weird.

Sitting on the floor would be more relaxing than sitting on the bed or sofa because the heartwarming vibes that the foundation gives cannot be felt on any other. So you will be going to agree with me.

Since it’s the month of April and in India, the weather remains pleasant before the arrival of hot summers.

You can sit for hours on your balcony and hear the birds chirp or get deep down in your thoughts.

7. Implementing and Following Daily Routine

Make a daily routine for the rest of the remaining days because probably you will not be getting this much time again at home. My Finger crossed that if everything goes well, you will be again running every day, whether it is school, college, job, or household work.

The routine life of waking up in the morning. You must be thinking that it’s the daily routine of waking in the morning, how it’s different in lockdown, and that’s the motive for keeping the way going.

Because when the lockdown is over, you will be facing problems as this 1-month routine will make you lazy for starting the days.

Why not utilize it every day after the lockdown since it will be fresh as if it landed the first time on the planet. The air quality, road conditions, and water quality will make you feel different in this phase of life.

These are the points that I thought would help me spend the rest of the lockdown days quickly.

After the restrictions are over, we must save ourselves by following the activities we were supposed to do all the time.

To travel across the globe, you have to stay fit and healthy.

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Stay Safe & healthy

Until then, See you on the roads

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!

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