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You have heard the term “Hitchhiking in India” quite a few times now. This is what you are thinking, right?

Yes, because Hitching will be going to be the next big thing in India in the Travel industry.

With the idea of traveling more often, people started finding ways from where they can save a little to utilize in their next journey or something different.

In western countries, it’s a normal thing and soon in Asian countries, and especially in India, it developed a craze in people too.

New York Times once published a post in which they wrote about World’s Best Hitchhiker – Juan Villarino. The world is pretty big and roads are part of your journey too, i.e. nothing is impossible, you can travel even without enough money.

Some of you who don’t travel too often must be thinking –

What is Hitchhiking?

In layman’s terms,


The people must have something like a four-wheeler or two-wheeler so that you can accompany them.

You know what a funny part is – What if the person who will be going to take you along asks you to perform on the spot, he/she can i.e. they are someone who is taking you free of cost, they need something in return. Even a small amount or anything.

Who is a Hitchhiker?

A hitchhiker is someone who wants to reach a destination in the slowest possible manner.

What Talent Require to be a Hitchhiker?


This part is my addon, listed below are some points which I think required to successfully crack the Hitchhiking in India deal.

Have you seen the movie “My name is Khan” where Shahrukh shows a board in which it’s written “Repair almost Everything”?

Yeah, now you remembered.

I will say it’s not necessary but still gives you an edge in Hitchhiking –

Knowledge of four/two-wheeler spare parts and how to repair (If the car broke down in between).

An artist who can keep the other person entertained.

A storyteller who can keep the other person involved and can generate curiosity about what’s coming further.

These are a few points that I thought would be necessary that one should have a basic knowledge about before asking for a Hitchhiking journey.

Sometimes you don’t need anything to do like –

I have Hitchhiked for a few km’s in a Truck and in return, they haven’t demanded anything.

This happened in Kalpa, my bus was at exact 8 a.m. and on that route, no public vehicle is available to reach the bus stop and luckily I saw a truck and asked them, so they dropped halfway and another halfway I asked a local car person who is talking his relative for a check-up and the person dropped me halfway.

So, this was my first Hitchhiking experience in India.

Do let me know your first Hitchhike experience in India or any country?

Why Hitchhiking in India will be the next Top thing in Industry

1. People want to Travel more

The youngsters are pretty attracted to traveling more often and this will be going to increase shortly. The point is Hitchhike will develop a good habit of sharing.

2. A way to Save

We all know what happens when we find ways to save. Hitchhiking is a very good activity, just imagine why should a person travel alone or with two in a four-wheeler he/she can fill the car with more persons who are going in the same direction.

Does this sound like Ola and Uber? Ahh, on some aspects but not the same.

3. Saves time as well

Hitchhiking will not only save money but save time as well. How?

Suppose you are in the middle of the road traveling in the bus and suddenly your bus gives up, now you have the option of going back to take another bus or move forward. Going back will be time-consuming and i.e. left with an option of moving ahead with Hitchhiking.

4. A new way to experience Travel

Hitchhiking in India has been entered and gradually picking up the pace and I think 2020 is the time that it will start evolving and a large number of people will come forward to experience hitchhike.

Hitchhiking Group

One of the members of the Indian Solo Travellers Facebook group that I am a part of had shared about his Solo Hitchhike in India and his next step is Hitchhiking in London.

You can see, screenshots have been attached below for your reference.

Hitchhike trip in India
Hitchhike trip in India

Solo Hitchhike in India

This justifies that Hitchhiking is emerging as a big thing in the Travel Industry.

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Does it safe to Hitchhike in India?

It depends upon the location from which you are Hitchhiking. If you are Hitchhiking in a lonely place where you can’t see any vehicle within a km will be a different scenario as compared to a place such as a highway where few vehicles stop.

Yes, you have to apply some thoughts and choose from where to Hitchhike. It is a debatable topic that whether it’s safe to Hitchhike or not.

Safety precautions to take before Hitchhiking

1. Pepper Spray

Yeah, this is necessary especially when you decide to hitchhike in a lonely area.

2. Emergency number of that particular place

It could be a police station number or any type of helpline number of that particular place.

3. Note the number plate

It would be beneficial if you note down the number plate of that particular vehicle whom you are Hitchhiking with towards your destination.

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Hitchhiking experience in India

While surfing I came across an article where two Indians Hitchhiked cashless from Bengaluru to Bengal to have an experience of a lifetime.

This is not the only example where people traveling and experience differently but there are numerous examples.

People coming forward to travel more choosing Hitchhiking as a medium. With live examples, more people will come forward to experience Hitchhike in India.

So, when are you ready for this crazy experience of Hitchhiking in India or abroad?

If you have liked this article then don’t forget to share your Hitchhiking experience in the comments and follow this blog for future posts.

Until then keep Travelling

See you on the roads 🙂

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