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The important thing right at the start – In this article, I will be telling you how to travel every month with a full-time job on one side and travel blogging on one side.

Sounds Exciting?

Hell yeah?

Most of you might be thinking that why I am bringing this topic towards the end of 2019. The answer is few people have asked me how to travel every month with other expenses to manage.

And that’s why I decided to share how to travel every month with my own experience in hand.

Stay connected as I will be sharing after taking six back to back solo every month this year.

Note – These travels are in the home country of India itself.


Glad that I am back with my travel tips. I was sharing a lot of travel experiences from the past 5-6 months or so ?.

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How to Travel Every Month with a Full – Time Job

How to Travel Every Month with a Full - Time Job
How to Travel Every Month with a Full – Time Job

If you genuinely want to travel every month like a serious one then you have to sacrifice some aspects of your life. Achievement and sacrifice go hand in hand without a doubt.

Let’s dive straight into the points –

1. Dedicated

Dedication doesn’t come easily at least without something really big that you are looking to achieve. Especially travel is never like “You have spent the whole month’s income in another interest area and now you want to travel after seeing the other person traveling every month.

2. Focused


The travel industry has been misjudged by the majority by thinking like he/she must be earning a lot that’s why they can afford to travel every month.

It doesn’t matter how much you earn but what matters is how you are spending that earned income so that you can see your potential growth in a specific area and love for that.

3. Priority

Set your priority of travel on your meter as high. This will be going to decide if you end up traveling every month or not.

If you ask me, my priority meter has only one thing.

Setting priority at certain stages of life is important.

4. Sacrifice

I have mentioned above that you have to sacrifice something to achieve something. Now, what sacrifice do I mean here is –

A. Sacrificing other interest areas like going to movies, eating out, buying clothes.

B. Not only interest areas but covering distances too like choosing public transport over a private taxi or walking over public transport.

Let me tell you something the last movie I saw in a multiplex was about around 1.5 -2 years back (maybe went 1 time when somebody forcefully insisted on me). The last time I ate proper food at a restaurant was about 1.5 years approx. (proper food). The last time I bought cloth for myself was about 1 year back and only buy if it’s really necessary like when my shoes got torn and I needed to buy one for my next adventure.

Wondering why I am listing this?

Sacrifice on other areas so that I can properly implement one particular area where I want to grow a lot.

5. Travel on Weekends and Weekdays

The first four points have decided how to make your mind towards travel and the next few points on how to make your feet moving.

Now, this is something which you have already known and mostly be doing.

“Travelling on weekends “, do these three words sound boring to you just add “weekdays” to it and you are good to go.

From a normal Job routine everyone gets one leave, try to get that one leave on Fridays/ Mondays to make a three day weekend and try an additional one day of non-paid leave on Thursday/Tuesday to make it a 4-day trip and try to adjust all of this in near festive season like if there’s a national holiday on Wednesday can make it a 5 days trip for you.

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6. Save While Traveling

Now we are proceeding further with every step: from making our minds to save while traveling.

Save on stay and food, this is the main troublesome for making you go over budget. If we talk about stay then hostels and homestays are almost everywhere now at least hostels, homestays are still underrated in many a place.

And if we talk about food, try to eat some healthy food like fruits because it will eventually be going to cost you less and make you energetic as compared to other food which makes you lazy as well as inactive.

This is how I travel every month and this is how you can travel too with a full-time job.

These all points are compiled into one easy point for me and if you want to begin, all you have to do is apply the points listed above into reality to make them act as effective and work in favor of you.

How to do Travel Blogging with Full – Time Job

How to do Travel Blogging with Full-Time Job
How to do Travel Blogging with Full-Time Job

1. Take the hell out of time

This is as simple as that; suppose you are working 9-5 and you’ll be having the next 12-13 hrs. in your pocket for a day and here’s come the role of priority into play.

2. Work on Weekends

Make your weekends count and make sure to make them count. No problem even if you are taking 5 min out or 5hrs out to invest in something that can change the whole scenario of how the world will be seeing you.

3. Invest time smartly

Investing in something for a long-term benefit is the best investment ever. If you currently finding hard to blog on weekdays then take time out on weekends and make sure that the time you are investing count.

4. Do Cheat

Yes, a little bit of cheat is fine. When working full time in the office, try to search for something you can write on or a place you want to next visit. Even you can check the article on how it has performed and analyze what more can be done to improve.

It’s a matter of time that you are taking out to invest.

In one word, “Priority”.

I have planned my Kinnaur Trip in the office though, find it below.

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How to do Traveling Blogging when Traveling

In this case, you need to adjust, adjust to the environment and conditions.

Let me tell you with an example –

Suppose you are traveling on weekends,

Why suppose you are traveling on weekends and the place you will be staying at will be a temporary place to write a blog. Take your laptop/phone along with you and after exploring the whole day, take out a pen and paper jot down the points and start making a masterpiece at night.


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Until then Happy Traveling & see you on the roads.

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