An Evening at Radhanagar Beach

By Vansh Tiwari

After consuming all the online information, I became keen to see Radhanagar Beach. That resulted in me visiting the beach repeatedly.

Why You Should Prefer Evening?

Because I also visited Radhanagar in the Afternoon, the scorching sun made me tan. So, it's more suitable to come to view the sundown.

If the weather doesn't permit, you won't see the sunset.

However, the scattered sun rays would appear incredible to sight.

Walk Along the Shoreline

That remains the most memorable thing to do at the beach for many of us. Meanwhile, the breeze hits you, and the water makes you wet.

The Radhanagar beach closed by 5:30 p.m. On the first time we arrived, only 30 minutes remained.

Besides, the sitting arrangements on the beach would help you relax comfortably.

The farthest I could see is just the beautiful Andaman sea. Meanwhile, mates decided to go on a quick walk. However, it seems like they are walking on the glass.

You can bath in the sea. Plus there is changing room with shower to keep you sand free.

From my experience - The seawater of Radhanagar is so salty that it irritates when it enters the eyes.

Beach and Sunset, I strongly feel that your reason to visit would be that combination at first.

Umm, photography could be too. For that, I prefer Kalapathar beach over Radhanagar.

Has Radhanagar Beach Become Overhyped?

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