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I extended my Jodhpur Trip to 7 days instead of the 3 days outlined initially.

I can’t recall any place where I end up extending the days. The first 3 days of the Jodhpur trip were phenomenal, and that’s the main reason. I am moderately sure that it might be the same in your case for stretching a trip as well.

All the planned things went upside down before things happened at night that started changing my mind.

Just Wait

I will be sharing what occurred that somehow made me extend the Jodhpur trip inside the post. So keep reading not for reading but to have time well spent and obtain insight.

Thank you for being here.

Let’s commence the Jodhpur Trip.

I was back in Rajasthan after almost 4 years of gap. But, to be honest, I overlooked the state whenever I considered exploring and creating.

But a Solo trip to Jodhpur made me realize there’s also a world other than mountains.

Delhi to Jodhpur Bus

I was undergoing several things for the first time on the Jodhpur Trip. And traveling in a sleeper bus from Delhi to Jodhpur is one.

The sleeper buses will cost you between Rs.800 – Rs.1200 per person.

There are also semi-sleepers buses that cost a little less than the sleeper. 

A happy night’s sleep will make you wake up in Jodhpur in the morning.

Delhi to Jodhpur distance is 615 km, and the bus journey takes around 12-13 hrs of laidback travel. 

Since this was my first time traveling in a sleeper bus, I was pleased to see a comfortable sleeping bed. Just like I found a water well in the middle of the desert.

Keeping Joke Apart!

Best Season to Plan a Jodhpur Tour

I visited Jodhpur in February, and the daily weather was acceptable for exploring outside.

If you are not a fan of exploring hot places during summers, I assume you are not. So then, exploring Jodhpur in the winter season would preferably consider the best to explore both throughout the daytime and nighttime.

The weather during this period remains highly praised, roaming the streets, and appreciating the forts, temples, and other places to see in Jodhpur.

Where to Sojourn in Jodhpur?

A Suggestion from my side –

Choose a hotel/hostel closer to Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower). Because whether it’s a blue city walk or a Mehrangarh Fort visit, all the happenings around the area are pretty striking.

I had suggested that you can decide simply for being convenient and resting.

Just for knowledge, you can also visit Ghanta Ghar. It is in the shape of a tall minaret in the center of the Sardar Market. The Clock tower entry fee is Rs. 25 per person. It remains closed on Saturday, and the rest all the days are open. 

How it’s Like to Extend 3 Days Jodhpur Trip

If you are mapping for 2 days Jodhpur trip, I have compiled an article on 48hrs in Jodhpur Blue City.

I firmly believe that you will love the happenings around you when you start exploring. That will urge you not to leave anything unexplored from your end.

My first day gave me the feeling that I might extend this trip.


All the planned things went upside down before things happened that night.

On the first day-night, I instantly connected with other solo travelers exploring Jodhpur.

We joined other travelers, sat and talked for hours, and had dinner together. 

I got a feeling of connection spontaneously that somehow takes time in my case. That was also among the unusual things happening almost the first time.

Yeah, you got it. That immediate connection is more than sufficient to stretch the 3 days trip to 7 days.

But the first-day connection wasn’t enough alone that will make me stretch my days.

Then, we went to the blue city street photography walk the next day. The day was joyful. We headed to different places to see Sunset in Jodhpur on alternate days.

As the day progressed towards the end,

My mind becomes confident enough that I will be extending my Jodhpur trip.

Sometimes, you require someone or a small section to make your day.

Have you ever thought about this?

I believe that you understood what I was trying to say.

For me, extending a trip means that I had enjoyed the time more than was expected. 

When you begin exploring the streets, I assume that the Jodhpur streets are enough to give you a thirst for exploring the farthest possible on foot.

Thoughts Summing Up in Few Lines

How could I be still awake?
I am a person who sleeps at around 8.

I suppose a desire to explore,
Then, what else do I want more?

The truth is that I am still awake,
Roaming the streets till late.

I need to return,
To the place I sojourn

But these nights won't come again?
There's only me to blame.

Come on!
I need to be awake
To explore till late

The time is ticking fast
I don't know where the journey will last.

I need to be awake
Because I want to explore till late.

How to Commute Around in Jodhpur?

You can easily find shared Auto and Battery Rickshaws that will take you to your favored location.

That could also get done if you fancy exploring while sitting on a tanga. The minimum charge for Tanga is Rs.100 per person. 

Shared Auto’s will work wonders for you when choosing long-distance travel. 

Rest you can choose to walk when exploring nearby or short spans.

After all, the best gets seen when explored on foot.

Is it Really Worth Extending Your Days in Jodhpur?

It depends upon your purpose for visiting Jodhpur.

A Purpose in life to go someplace answers everything. 

For e.x: Your purpose can be to explore Jodhpur; It can be for leisure, work, etc.

If you decide the direction right when you plan for the Jodhpur trip, losing your way becomes less.

In simple terms, it’s worth extending your Jodhpur trip and keeping aside whatever your purpose is!


Jodhpur had just discovered you.

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park Jodhpur
We Witnessed Sunset from Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

I meant that Blue city is yet to get discovered by the traveler’s footsteps.

I hope the blog has somehow raised your curiosity about exploring Jodhpur city.

This blog post was new in light of sharing what I felt and how the experience makes a decision.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Until then, see you on the roads.

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