10 Best and Worst Things About Travel Blogging
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10 Best and Worst things about Travel Blogging

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On the occasion of 50th post, I will be sharing my 10 best and worst things about Travel Blogging.

The journey from 1st post to 49th post was very educating and impressive from my behalf. Although when I was writing my first post, I hadn’t thought that I will be sharing my experience till 50th post one day.

Very proud that I had made this Solo Travel Blog reach till here and lots more work needs to be done.

first thing first,

You must be thinking that how I came up with the name “Crossroadadventure”?

How Crossroadadventure Name was Born

My very first adventurous trip to Bir Billing in Himachal gave me Kick to be very honest.
It made me think every day that; is there a way where I can share my experience or can I get this Kick all the life? I got to know about starting a blog/website.

One day while thinking, what name should I give to my blog which will sound appealing and suit my niche too. I told to myself “This is a new path I am choosing right now and something related to two ways where one will lead to normal life and others will lead to Kick life”. That’s how “Crossroadadventure Name” was born.

It turned 16 months old (1.4 years old) a few days back.

Have you seen a baby grow?

Yeah right – Crawl, Walk, Run and ….

My blog is currently between crawling and walking stage.

i.e. this was little behind the scenes of how “Crossroadadventure” name was born.

Let’s dive deep into the main topic.

10 Best and Worst things about Travel Blogging

Best and Worst are the two sides of a coin, if it falls on your favor it’s the best thing and vice versa for the worst part.

Let’s talk about the best things and the impact it creates in Innerself and Outerself.

10 Best things about Travel Blogging

Impact in creates in Innerself

1. ABCD – Any Body Can Do, Yes Anybody. You didn’t need to take a course or excellent in English to start Blogging.

When now I compare my 1st post I think “what was I doing ”.

All you need is to learn from your mistakes and improve every time.

2. Improves storytelling – The way you describe something will definitely going to improve and that too with a creative approach. This is the main part from my point of view.

3. Make you an Impact writer – Impact writer creates an impact on the well being of society and the environment. Blogging will make you an impact writer not only towards Travel niche but another niche in your interest too.

4. Makes you Creative – Creativity comes with trial and error; Travel Blogging involves creativity. Frankly speaking, every niche involve creative ideas.

5. You will start valuing content – The content was the king in past, at present and will going to be in the future because after you start producing content you will get an idea of what it takes in planning, creating and marketing the content.

Impact it creates in Outerself

6. Travel Blogging can make you a Travel Photographer – In the majority of the cases but not necessarily because these are two different fields but plus point if you make out this turn your favor.

Nobody likes to read an article full of texts and no images to imagine the scenario.

7. Perfect Guide – Travel Bloggers know about a particular place exceptionally well. This involves planning and gathering knowledge that very few know.

8. Help your work to get seen – If you wrote quite well on a topic in your own words then there is a high possibility that when someone searches something related to your topic and your article appears. This will get your work seen and ultimately generate traffic.

9. A different perspective – If you are serious about Travel Blogging and want to grow then seeing the world from a different perspective is really important because it will eventually make you stand out from the crowd.

10. Make you an Extrovert – Being an Introvert is on a different note but traveling definitely going to make you a bit of extrovert because you wanted to know about unheard stories and present in front of people.

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10 Worst things about Travel Blogging

Impact it creates in Innerself

1. Tests Patience – It takes out a lot of patience. Trust me, I am talking about traffic here and it took the hell out of me to start getting a small percentage of traffic.

2. Continuous Hard work – You are now thinking that why I am listing these important elements in the worst part?

To make it sound more appealing so that you can turn it into the best things about Travel Blogging.

3. Have to write complete guides – Yes, the most talked about thing in Travel Blogging. Writing complete guides on a particular place is a must to gain search traffic and to rank high as well.

4. It looks an easy task – If you are in any niche of blogging, give yourself a big round of applause because what seems fun from outside is totally different when it comes in hand.

5. Should have knowledge of other things – If you have knowledge of other things like SEO, Web design, editing then it’s a plus point because even if you have basic knowledge of these things you will eventually be growing from time to time and becoming mature and advance.

Impact it create in Outerself

6. Reach out – Reaching out to other bloggers so that they can accept your articles and publish on their site so that it can help you in growth is a long process. I have just said in two lines but it’s a lengthy process.

7. Finding unique topics – Finding topics that you love to write on and can apply your unique sense is quite hectic to find.

8. Continuously updating yourselves – Keeping yourself updated and technology goes hand and hand. You have to keep changing your style, layout and writing technique so that your work doesn’t look outdated.

9. The reach is not necessary – It’s not necessary that your article will be going to get maximum reach because it depends upon a lot of factors before that decide how your article will going to perform.

10. Attention-grabbing title – Firstly thinking and secondly writing that thought title so that it grabs attention requires creativity. It will eventually decide whether the readers are going to visit the article or not.

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The conclusion is; Everything has advantages /disadvantages or best/worst parts and Travel Blogging is not apart. I have learned so much in the past 1 year and will keep updating myself and readers with the travel journey around India ( Around World at later stages ).

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Until then, see you on the roads.

Keep Travelling

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