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If you prepare well in advance, the 72 hours in Jaisalmer would be enough for a short vacation.

My top motive for visiting Jaisalmer was to go to the sand dunes to capture the desert photographs.

Accordingly, I planned well in advance for a 3-day trip to the Golden City—Jaisalmer.

How to reach Jaisalmer by Train?

I visited Jaisalmer in September 2023; by then, the flight operations to Jaisalmer had yet to begin. Indeed, it was about to commence in October.

But Jaisalmer, by train, is also a fun overnight journey from Delhi; in the early morning, you would reach.

I reserved a seat in AC 2 Tier from Delhi to Jaisalmer on Shalimar Express 14646, which originates from Jammu. The timing of this train suited my needs; it departs from Delhi at 11 a.m. and reaches Jaisalmer by 5:30 a.m. In actuality, the train arrived an hour earlier at Jaisalmer.

Now, you can also commute using regular flights to Jaisalmer.

Insta Reel on Jaisalmer

What can you do on your first day at Jaisalmer?

On the first Day, when I reached Jaisalmer, I didn’t even go to the hostel; I went to the Gadisar Lake at 4:45 a.m.

The train arrived at Jaisalmer at 4:20 a.m.; I thought I might never get this chance again. Therefore, I hurried to go to Gadisar Lake.

Gadisar Lake during Sunrise

I witnessed sunrise from Gadisar Lake

As I went outside the Railway station, a person approached and enquired

where do you want to go? I can drop you off.

A person on railway station

He had a bike; I sat beside him and told him to drop me at Gadisar Lake, hardly 10 minutes away from Railway Station. While dropping, he asked me,

are you sure you want to explore this early, almost night?

I was confident enough!

There were bats in the surroundings of Gadisar Lake; I could hear them from afar. But I have to go closer to the point to get the morning shots. Undoubtedly, I could see the movement of bats. However, I was slightly worried, but I kept my faith.

So, I put my camera on time-lapse and went a little away from the bat zone. The camera finished shooting—phew!, and I went to the other side of the Gadisar Lake.

I recalled that the sunrise light was stunning—I came that early to see this mesmerizing sight.

Hence, on your first day in Jaisalmer, you can visit the Gadisar Lake, especially around sunrise or sunset. Mainly, you can spend some time there.

Gadisar Lake during Sunset

I also visited Gadisar Lake during sunset.

Mainly, I arrived 1-2 hrs before the sunset and spent some time photographing.

Genuinely, it’s equally rewarding, still I feel, that sunrise is more prominent than sunset—as a lot of crowd also comes during sunset. Undoubtedly, it concerns the calmness & mentality.

Take a walk inside the Jaisalmer Fort

People live inside the fort.

The walking experience would be suitable when you have someone known with you. Otherwise, there are multiple lanes, and the chances of getting lost are high if you overlook the path.

Indeed, exploring by walking is always a superb encounter.

Where to Stay?

I have booked Zostel Jaisalmer for 3 days.

Zostel is located inside the Jaisalmer Fort. Google Maps would help you find it. Interestingly, many hotels and hostels are within the Jaisalmer fort.

When I heard it, I found it appealing that people stay inside the fort, that’s exquisite!

It was genuinely a pleasing experience.

However, people have built so many houses that it’s very congested. Even the lanes are narrow.

Day – 2

Rent a Scooty

I decided to rent a scooty; the purpose remained to go to the Sand Dunes.

The scooty rental cost was Rs. 500 per day. In addition, I got the petrol tank filled at Rs. 500.

Enquire for the Sand Dunes

Most individuals suggest you go to the Sam Sand Dunes, as it’s significantly touristy and crowded. Furthermore, the accommodations there are very well-built and reasonable.

However, I wanted to avoid tourist areas and aimed for peaceful, picture-worthy dunes.

After enquiring, I learned about Khuri Sand Dunes, which is entirely in the opposite direction of the Sam Sand Dunes. Though it’s a little pricey, since only a few people visit there, mainly foreigners choose that location.

I determined to visit since it sounded like a fantastic location to shoot, and I desired to fulfill my motive.

The operator said Khuri Sand Dunes would cost:

Rs. 3000 for 1-night stay, breakfast and dinner, 1 jeep Safari, and 1 camel Safari.

Thus, I left for Khuri Sand Dunes in the afternoon from Jaisalmer and arrived around the evening.

Then, straightaway, I went for a camel ride in the dunes. The dunes were 300 m – 500m away from the accommodation.

Accompanying people during the camel ride

On the way, I stopped the camel ride and clicked some photos in the middle of the dunes.

Soon, I had dinner watching the Kalbeliya performance by locals, but an unexpected instance awaited.

I Slept in the Desert

My bed for the night

Did you ever get a chance to sleep in the middle of the desert?

That night, after having dinner. I went to my room, but it was filled with insects of different types.

I enquired from the owner, and the solution came that sleeping in the desert was the only choice to escape from insects and mosquitos.

I was sleeping behind this jeep

At first, I hesitated, but after coming to the desert at night, I agreed that I could spend the night. However, I believe the only thing that motivated me to sleep there was Astrophotography.

At late night, I heard a sound, and afterward, I saw a camel’s silhouette standing not far away. Before figuring it out, I got scared! Thus, that kept me awake for some time!

Ultimately, Day – 2 in Jaisalmer started with sunshine in Jaisalmer and ended with a cold night in the Thar desert.

Day – 3

I returned from the Sand Dunes in the morning after breakfast.

It may sound that this day remains empty. But, indeed, you would become tired after coming back from sand dunes. Even the night’s sleep there would not be enough.

Hence, take some rest and explore the nearby shops.

You can walk around the surroundings of Jaisalmer on foot. Indulge in the shopping and local dining. It would be awesome!

I feel that for the individuals who arrive in Jaisalmer, the ultimate goal remains to visit the sand dunes. Hence, your main objective would be fulfilled in 72 hrs in Jaisalmer.

Which month is preferred to go to Jaisalmer?

I visited Jaisalmer in the second week of September. However, I feel, that:

November to February would be ideal to explore Jaisalmer. Precisely, it gets scorching and humid in other seasons, therefore winter is always the most promising choice.

I had no other option than to go to Jaisalmer in September, and I was sweating while walking for some time. Hence, winter is the answer.

Is Jaisalmer suitable for Foreigners?

Jaisalmer is an excellent place to visit as a foreigner and admire!

However, if you encounter people who try to be over-smart and seemed to be charging more money, you must stay cautious. Ultimately, you have to stay on your path and move-on.

In Jaisalmer, many people mistook me for a foreigner, so they tried to become over-friendly, but, as I uttered, they left surprised after realizing I was from India.

Which Sand Dunes to visit?

I realized there is a prominent dune, that the majority of the people visit, Sam Sand Dunes.

In particular, Sam Sand Dunes is commercialized to its extent. I heard from the curators, there’s no peace, but individuals still visit there.

On the contrary, I want to visit a place away from the crowd, with satisfactory dunes to capture.

Me standing and watching the sunrise from Khuri Sand Dunes

Thus, I started enquiring and came to know about Khuri Sand Dunes. It was a little expensive, but it would foolproof fulfill my goal, and your’s too if you’re in search of peace.

Indeed, I remained satisfied.

So, when are you planning to visit Jaisalmer?

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