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I visited Delhi Yamuna Ghat for the first time in the 2023 winters. Before that, I had heard about Yamuna Ghat and the happenings there, particularly in winter.

Moreover, I have seen pictures and videos on Instagram of that place and it look fabulous, like a set-up scene—indeed, it’s real.

Finally, I chose to visit and find out whether that place was worth the hype.

How to reach Delhi Yamuna Ghat?

The most convenient way I learned is to take a metro to Kashmiri Gate.

Further, you can either take an Auto or an E-Rickshaw or walk instead.

The Auto would charge Rs. 80-100, and the E-Rickshaw would charge Rs. 10-20 per person. Make sure that neither of these transports charges you more than I stated.

I prefer walking as the most suitable option. Put location—Yamuna Ghat in Google Maps, and by walking, it would take around 20-25 mins to reach.

Which Yamuna Ghat to go?

Is that even a question?—For sure, yes!

There are multiple Yamuna Ghat’s in Delhi. Indeed, if you tell the Auto driver, he will also need clarification about which Yamuna Ghat you want to go to.

You must ensure you reach the same Ghat where boating occurs and people come to feed the Birds.

I will be more precise: Dharam Sangh Gau Sewa Sadan is next to that Ghat. You can simply follow the map below.

Those Ghats are named Yamuna Ghat no. 23 to 30. It would help, especially if you visit there for the first time.

What’s great about that place?

After undergoing it,

I felt the migratory Birds, the Siberian Seagulls, and the dense winter fog make that place an exquisite spot.

I also visited that place in the afternoon; there was no crowd, and it was empty. I saw the Seagulls and spent some time there.

Undoubtedly, you would love the birds!

But, after, that place won’t excite you when you hear about it next time—until you visit the Yamuna Ghat in the morning.

Winters, especially the end of November, December, and January, are most promising since Delhi receives fog. You would be amazed to see the dreamy environment when you view the Yamuna Ghat during that time.

Yamuna Ghat in the Winter Morning

A photo walk was conducted by Fujifilm, for which I showed interest and had to reach the Yamuna Ghat before Sunrise—that was 7:05 a.m.

I left the home at 5:45 a.m.; the Blue Line metro had begun operating. I changed at Rajiv Chowk and took the Metro towards Samaypur Badli, and in between came Kashmiri Gate.

When I reached Yamuna Ghat no. 23, it was around 6:50 a.m. I was terrified to see soo many people on that Sunday morning. Nearly 200 must have been present there, plus the teams of pre-wedding shoots.

I never imagined that so many people would have turned on that chilled Delhi winter morning.

The scenery was breathtaking!

I could see the people feeding Seagulls so that many of them would come and they could take photographs.

Ultimately, many youngsters were there, so it was an environment of chill and creating moments.

Some carried guitars, sang music, and clicked pictures, and some watched the happenings from their eyes. It was a joyous moment.

As Sunrise inched closer, I could see the gradient in the sky: one side was Orangish, and the other Bluish.

People were capturing the splendid environment with their phones and cameras.

Boating at Yamuna Ghat

Imagine the dreamy climate, plus couples in the boat; generally, pre-wedding shoots get executed likewise.

The backdrop becomes very captivating for both commercial Photography and Videography shoots.

Moreover, you can take beautiful shots when you sit on the boat; the boat driver will fling the foodstuffs into the river, the Birds come in gatherings, and you can capture the sight. It looks wonderful!

Generally, the Boat operator charges the rate of boating according to the rush. On weekends, they charge Rs. 50 per person, and that may be lower on the weekdays.

You can also go to the other side by boat; I like the other side. It’s more open, and you can walk a long distance to the bridge.

When I visited, I went till the end; it’s a lovely view of the bridge.

The boat is the only way you can come back to the Ghats. You can take the Boat operator’s number and call him when you are done exploring so he can take you back.

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Web Story

You can read the Yamuna Ghat Web Story.

Where do you get the foodstuffs to feed the birds?

On the Ghat, you could see an open shop to buy puja items and for bird-feeding.

Has Yamuna Ghat emerged as for Chilling only?

Apart from Chilling, people visit the Yamuna Ghat to offer prayers.

The Ghat is meant for Puja and Prayers, but Yamuna Ghat has also emerged as a winter hotspot among youngsters.

How much time is enough to Explore?

Nearly 10 Ghats are adjacent, and you can spend as much time.

If your purpose is Photography or Videography, you will spend more. Generally, 2-3 hours is fine.

Moreover, if you have pre-wedding or any other shots planned, you would be grateful to spend time there.

Which months are best to see the Dreamy look of the Ghats?

In winter, especially from November to February.

Summing – Up

You will relate to my feelings when you experience it.

I inspired you to get up on the cold winter morning and see magnificence! Utilize the Delhi winter mornings, as these moments are precious.

Ensure you reach the Yamuna Ghat early morning around Sunrise to see the promising happenings.

Please share your experiences with me in the comments. I am sure it would be awesome!

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Delhi Yamuna Ghat Winter Vibes
Delhi Yamuna Ghat Winter Vibes
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