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I am glad to see you back here on Day – 3 from the 3 Days Trip to Goa Itinerary.

I had kept adjusting the titles of the articles so that you’ll feel refreshed as quickly as you see the title and jump within to read further.

Are you excited for the last day of the 3 Days in Goa?

Monkey thinking what's next in the 3 Days Trip to Goa on Day 3
Day – 3 of the 3 Days Trip to Goa

Bang ON! I am too excited about this day.

If you had just arrived here,

On the day – 1 of 3 days in Goa, We had looked – 

  • How to travel around Goa?
  • Using Goa Local bus to move
  • Exploring & Utilizing your time on the beaches of North Goa

proceeding further,

On the day – 2 of the Goa Itinerary for 3 days, We had looked-

  • Renting a two-wheeler especially, for this day.
  • Exploring the Old Goa Churches

I believe you are charged up for the day because it will be a moving & lengthy day.


I have informed you that we will travel to 60 km approx., from Old Goa.

Day – 3 of Goa Itinerary for 3 Days

On day -3, we will head to the Dudhsagar falls.

Yeah, you got it accurate! that Chennai Express film waterfall

Day 3 in the 3 Days Trip to Goa Itinerary
Railway Track near the Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa

The photograph above shot from the ground below.

It’s a railway track that could get seen ahead of the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, while the waterfalls underneath.

You must have heard of the Dudhsagar falls many times. At the same time, you’re on 3 days trip to Goa. I suggest you don’t skip visiting amongst the highest waterfalls in India.

Where is Dudhsagar Waterfall?

Add Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa in the 3 Days Trip to Goa Itinerary
Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa

The Dudhsagar Waterfall remains located at Sonaulim, Goa, inside the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. 

It is on the edge of Goa & Karnataka. 

To draw your attention –

Despite this, the waterfall is on the touching borders. It still requires some hours to reach Karnataka by road.

Distance from Known places to Dudhsagar Waterfall

To give Y’all a rough idea of how far away is the distance from your place in Goa to the Dudhsafar falls. I had stated underneath the spaces from some of the popular areas in Goa.

So you can get an approximate guess of how far you’re from the Dudhsagar falls.

  1. Arambol to Dudhsagar distance is 100 km approx. 
  2. Morjim to Dudhsagar distance is 90 km approx.
  3. Mapusa to Dudhsagar distance is 80km approx.
  4. Anjuna to Dudhsagar distance is 90km approx.
  5. Panjim to Dudhsagar distance is 75km approx.
  6. Madgaon Railway Station to Dudhsagar distance is 50km approx.
  7. Goa International Airport to Dudhsagar distance is 70km approx.
  8. Agonda to Dudhsagar distance is 70km approx.

I believe that you can now be able to guess roughly. 

The Street Just before the Entrance to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls
The Street Just before the Entrance to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Understanding the distance is a beneficial approach to proceed to make a plan.

Now you know the distances, but how to travel to Dudhsagar falls?

How to go to Dudhsagar Falls?

After you know the distance to Dudhsagar falls from your place, that is a crucial point.

In the 3 days trip to Goa – 

Day – 1, we had covered North Goa beaches on local transport.

Day – 2, we had covered Old Goa on a hired two-wheeler.

The day – 3, any guesses? 

I wanted to discuss two means of transportation Y” all can use – 

  1. Renting a Car
  2. Going with a Tour Operator

Renting a Car for Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Sincerely expressing if you’re satisfied driving a car & are disciplined enough. Then, you can hire a car in Goa and reach Dudhsagar waterfalls.

By the term disciplined here, I expressed that it will require some time to reach Dudhsagar falls. 

Furthermore, starting pretty early in the morning is more favored because there’s a possibility that you might be reaching back at night.

Nevertheless, You can use google maps to get to your landmark.

Renting a car in Goa would be somewhere nearby Rs.1000 per day approx. 

Also, it depends upon the model of the car you’ll be choosing.

Going with a Tour Operator

The bus tour operators had a fixed departure & furthermore everything remained previously planned for all the sightseers.

Furthermore, the Tour Operator will arrange the tickets for the entrance to Dushsagar falls & will drop you back. So everything had to be left on the trip operator.

A bus trip to Dudhsagar waterfalls would be somewhere around Rs.1500 – Rs.2000 per person per day, approx.

I had discussed both; it’s totally up to you, which means you prefer.

I firmly believe, till now, the 3 days trip to Goa Itinerary is Impressive.

Recommendations for the Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trip

Dudhsagar Waterfalls Necessary Recommendations
Dudhsagar Waterfalls Necessary Recommendations

I want to recommend some points for your Dudhsagar falls trip.

The following points underneath had been curated from my experience & I believe they will be valuable for Y” all.

  1. It will be a long journey, so you can take your nap while in-between the trip. While such, the surroundings in the journey outside the window will not be jaw-dropping. Furthermore, road & the houses throughout the trip.
  2. If you’re a solo person, you can take a bus tour operator & you might found other people traveling to Solo to Dudhsagar waterfalls.
  3. There’s no requirement to carry food for the entire day trip. There are eateries just outside the entrance to the Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.
  4. Try not to opt for other routes to reach Dudhsagar Waterfalls that are unauthorized for the visitors. In awe to give a fantasy & make an exciting aspect, people often took some unofficial alternatives.
  5. Be Cautious of the slippery rocks.

Approx. Time Required in Visiting the Dudhsagar Waterfalls

On average, it requires at least 7 hrs – 8 hrs from the entire day. 

At least 3-4 hrs will get consumed at the Dudhsagar Waterfalls. You’ll get dropped by any means of transportation just before the entrance of the Sanctuary.

It requires another 40-45 mins from the entrance to reach the Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

Rules and Regulations for the Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trip
Rules and Regulations for the Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trip

That approximately concludes with the above-stated time.

A Visit to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls will be an extraordinary Escape from the simple beach days.

I had a blog post dedicated to the Dudhsagar falls.

You can read in detail about Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Huh, that makes us reach an end.

I believe that you had liked the Goa Itinerary for 3 days series.

Let me know your feedback on the 3 days series.

It would be helpful for me to come up with an exciting series in the future.

Until then, see you on the roads.

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  1. Nice post and really amazing waterfall. One day I wanted to visit India, but this country is not for now between my top of countries which I want to visit.

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