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I had sojourned & explored Goa during my 30 days of Adventure. Therefore, I will be Effective in helping you with your 3 days in Goa Itinerary.

So, ultimately, you had chosen to visit Goa after several conflicts with your travel companion. 

High Five! ✋ If you’re taking a solo trip to Goa.

High Five if you're doing a Solo trip in your 3 days in Goa
Solo Trip to Goa

I assume that you also desired to travel to Goa for a prolonged period, but time constraints had allowed only 3 days trip to Goa.

No upsets; I will make sure that you see the best of Goa in 3 days.

To provide an overview of what’s coming further, 

Nah, merely be with me while I will take you to around Goa.

Before that,

How to Cover Goa in 3 Days 

That is very significant.

You must decide the mode of transportation you will be using in your 3 days in Goa.

You might be considering hiring a two-wheeler in Goa, right?

The cost of renting a two-wheeler in Goa would be Rs.300-Rs.350 per Day. It’s entirely your preference to pick the mode of transport. 

But, I would like to recommend commuting using Goa local bus service.

Goa Local Bus would a cost saver in your 3 days in Goa
Goa Local Bus Transport

The advantage you will have is that you can experience Goa locally, affordably & can move conveniently.

Let me share my experience with Y’all – 

I was staying in Mandrem & required to reach Goa Airport at 11 a.m. So I spontaneously thought that Cab would be the affordable mode in this circumstance. The Cab was fetching around Rs.2000 from Mandrem to Goa Airport. 

To your Awareness – You will not find Ola or Uber in Goa, in case you can use the Goa Miles Website or can download the app.

The way I spontaneously imagined, I instantly dropped the idea of moving in the Cab because of the expenses.

I took a 6:30a.m Bus from Mandrem, & after 3 hrs approx. I was at the Goa Airport under spending Rs.100. 

Fine, I understand that in the 4G world, only a handful use slow buses. But, the local buses are yet Effective in cost-saving.

It’s up to you how you desire to commute around in Goa. I shared my experience of using Goa’s local bus transport.

If you use a two-wheeler, you can confidently share your experience with others too.

That’s how everything works.

Goa Itinerary for 3 Days

Goa Itinerary for 3 Days Trip
Goa Itinerary for 3 Days Trip

I am so excited because I Volunteered in Goa for 30 days and explored; I had prepared the places to visit in Goa in 3 days. 

Please Note – I had divided 3 Days in Goa into 3 separate pieces.

Like day – 1, I had discussed underneath and days – 2 & 3 in the following posts because I don’t want it to read dull & sound lengthy.

Day – 1 of your 3 Days in Goa

I had made Day – 1 of the Goa Itinerary, holding peace, calm & a slight thrill too. At the same time, Y’all can go to the beaches of Goa.

Head – Out to the Beaches of North Goa

I had felt that some beaches of North Goa, like Mandrem Beach & Querim Beach (Keri Beach), are way too quiet & serene.

While other North Goa beaches like Anjuna & Vagator Beach had a mass gathering of the sightseer & have sea adventures to attract the thrill-seekers.

To your knowledge – Some of the names of North Goa Beaches are – 

  1. Querim Beach
  2. Arambol Beach
  3. Mandrem Beach
  4. Ashwem Beach
  5. Morjim Beach
  6. Vagator Beach
  7. Ozran Beach
  8. Anjuna Beach
  9. Baga Beach etc.

You can find out the list of North Goa beaches.

Your beginning day in Goa would be around the beaches of North Goa. 

Wherever you’re staying in Goa – 

For e.x – You had booked your stay in Anjuna. You can rent a bike or take the local bus to move. 

If you have hired a bike, navigate using google maps & you will reach your destination.

Tourist Riding on a Two Wheeler in Goa
Tourist Riding on a Two Wheeler in Goa

By chance, if your bike is out of petrol. You can take the petrol from the road shops. People in Goa keep petrol in their shops, and you can notice the fuel bottle hung using a rope from far.

Using Goa Local Bus to move around North Goa

I believe that on your 3 days trip to Goa, you will be eyeing the budget as well.

Traveling using the bus would make the Goa budget under control. Also, it will have a direct influence on your entire Goa expenses.

For e.x – You are staying at Mandrem and require to reach Vagator Beach by Bus. The Mandrem bus will first go to Mapusa Bus Stand. The fare will be Rs.20 per person.

For Buses, the Mapusa town acts as a Bus junction. From Mapusa, you need to take another Bus. The Mapusa to Vagator will fetch Rs. 40 per person.

I agree the bus will take time an hour approx. 

Distance Between the North Goa Beaches

Giant Rocks in the Sea
Giant Rocks in the Sea

If you begin early morning, the possibilities of covering maximum North Goa Beaches will rise.

Most of the beaches are present next to each other.

For e.x – When you continue walking in Arambol Beach along the shore, you will reach Mandrem Beach in 25-30 minutes. 

When you continue your walk from Mandrem Beach, you will reach Ashwem Beach & Morjim Beach.

Arambol Beach to Mandrem Beach, Ashwem Beach, and Morjim Beach are present at a walkable distance.


Remember that many of the beaches are not present in walking distance of each other – 

Querim Beach is close to Arambol Beach, but you must go from the road. Unfortunately, there is no way to go to Querim Beach along the shore.

Anjuna Beach to Vagator Beach is 5 km, but there is no way to reach it by walking.

You must be pondering, What to do apart from walking from one Beach to Another?

Things to do apart from Waking on the beach
People Boating in the Sea

I had stated earlier that the 1st Day of the 3 Days in Goa would be calm, peaceful & complete contrary, adventurous.

Apart from Walking on the Beach & playing frisbee in the Sea, you can bring your Beach mat along & lie down at the seaside. 

You have to pick whether you require to lie down on the calm & quiet beaches of Mandrem Beach & Ashwem Beach or the adventurous Arambol Beach & Vagator Beach.

Nevertheless, whosoever Beach you fancy, Allow the sea breeze to hit you hard and make you loosen.

Overview of some of the Must-See North Goa Beaches 

In your Goa plan for 3 Days, you must have beaches on your checklist & what you can do on the beaches, correct?

I will provide an overview of my opinion on the beaches I had spent plenty of time –

1. Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is a bit congested. 

You will see a lot of restaurants near the beaches. But explorers will love the entertainment vibes of Arambol Beach & food too.

You can surf in Arambol Beach or can even learn to surf. 

You can do Surfing or can learn to Surf in the Arambol
Surfing in the Arambol

The Surfboard will get provided to you & the charges for surfing are dependent on the no. of hours you require to Surf – 

  • Surfing for 1 hr = Rs. 500 
  • Surfing for 6 hrs = Rs. 2000

If you need to learn to Surf, it costs Rs. 2000 per person. The instructor will guide & provide you with the Surfboard and other essential equipment required.

Surfing in Goa would be a new water sport experience
Water Sports Adventure – Surfing in Goa   

Later in the evening, you can spot the people putting up their Beach market. I would not term it a Flea Market because the products people sell are often first-hand, like Cakes, Food items, etc. & some also provide services like massage.

The beach market would be a good experience for Y’all. 

I had informed you that I would provide an overview for a better understanding somewhat than making you bored, but at this point, I had gone quite far from holding it short.

2. Mandrem Beach


Mandrem was the first Beach I had ever seen & walked on in my existence.

Entrance to the Mandrem Beach
Wooden Bridge Entrance to the Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach is calm. An early morning walk will make the Day happen, I can ascertain.

You all will love the entrance of Mandrem Beach, a wooden bridge guiding you to the sand. Unquestionably picturesque!

There are few restaurants near the beachside, but only a handful compared to Arambol Beach.

3. Morjim Beach

Morjim is yet another party beach, where you’ll spot a lot of international travelers. 

If you had begun your walking journey from Arambol Beach, Morjim Beach would be the endpoint of the long passage.

You will not get an impression of the Beach name on continuous walking if you’re a first-timer in Goa.

Morjim Beachside doesn’t have any water activity as such. But, if you know about surfing or swimming, you can try it by yourself.

Security Guard sitting on the edge of the cliff
Security Guard sitting on the edge of the cliff in Morjim Beach

For any mishap, the security officials of the Beach will be present there to assist you.

4. Anjuna Beach

Amongst the most spoke about Beach between the travelers.

That was from a personal experience!

I had heard quite a lot time people talking about Anjuna Beach.

Anjuna Beach in Goa is a must visit in your 3 days in Goa
Anjuna Beach in Goa

After, I visited Anjuna Beach. I Understand maybe because of the crowd as most travelers mark their favorite destination as Anjuna. 


Maybe because of the Water sports that are present there.

The water sports: 

  • Parasailing
  • Boat Ride
  • Jet Ski etc. 

Water sports could be a solid reason to get attracted to Anjuna Beach.

Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of things to do in Anjuna.

Anjuna Beach to Chapora fort distance is 5.8km approx. 

From Chapora fort, you’ll see the complete view of the blue Sea overlooking the Chapora River & Vagator Beach.

Huff, I believe you will have fun while exploring the North Goa Beaches in your Goa Itinerary for 3 Days.

You can take your time exploring one Beach & its nearby surroundings or Beach after Beach to absorb the kick.

I will see you on Day – 2.

Keep smiling and enjoy your 3 Days in Goa
Smiling Face Showpiece outside the Chapora Fort

Please Subscribe to the Blog; I will keep you updated.

Let me know your thoughts from Day – 1.

Hint, On day-2 of the 3 Days in Goa, we will be going somewhere around 50 km approx., from North Goa beaches.

Be Ready!

Jump on to read Day – 2

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