How to Restrain Down Your Goa Expenses Below Rs.710 per Day
Goa,  How to Control Goa Expenses

How to Restrain Down Your Goa Expenses Under Rs.710 Per Day

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To Restrain below your everyday Goa expenses, you’ll be required to execute some bold calls.

I know that Goa is a fun capital that most of us cannot restrain ourselves from spending.

You will agree with me that we end up paying casually on most occasions make it the majority of the time. Later we realize that there was the other way too.

We end up paying casually on most the occasions
Overlooking Vagator Beach

We finish up giving unnecessary several times. The only Experience appears into action when you take your move ahead.

Okay, those words were sounding like a dull academic speech.

Let’s enter straight away into the entertainment capital & look to restrain the Goa trip cost while exploring.

If you’re going to Goa for the first time, it will become essential for you to limit your Goa expenses initially.

Three factors will be influencing your everyday Goa expenses –

  • How many Days You will in Goa, Obliquely means the number of days you will be sojourning in Goa.
  • How you’ll be commuting around in Goa, Obliquely means renting a scooter or car or using a local bus.
  • Where you’ll be dining in Goa (This is directly said)

Please Note – I will be eliminating how to reach Goa expenses & departure to your city cost.

Boat in the Chapora River Clicked from the Chapora Fort
Boat in the Chapora River Clicked from the Chapora Fort

I will be classifying places to visit in Goa & monuments in additional expenses because the entrance fees to monuments will merely cost about Rs.10-Rs.20 per person. So, I will be concentrating on the three points that I had stated before.

I will be explaining every point step by step in detail –

1. How Many Days in Goa

The number of days you’ll be spending in Goa would directly impact your Goa trip cost. To plan the number of the day stays in advance before finalizing your entire Goa trip cost is of absolute significance.

Assume you end up deciding the number of days while you are in Goa. Then, the possibility of increasing your number of days in Goa will grow high.

Se Cathedral Church in Velha
Se Cathedral Church in Velha
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Arambol
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Arambol

Because a state like Goa opens the arms as you’ll begin exploring more.

NEVER ENDING story of exploring Goa & the NEVER ENDING Goa expenses.

Ultimately, an increase in the no. of days in Goa.

For e.x –

Goa Expenses for 3 Days Stay

I had figured out a definite number to control your Goa expenses under Rs.710.

We will be further discussing less than half of Rs.710 here, under Rs.300 of Stay in Goa.

You need to stay in the hostels to restrain your Goa Expenses
Staying in the Hostel over a Hotel

Preferring to stay in a hostel above a hotel will sort out your everyday Goa expenses. You can obtain several hostel options in Goa below Rs.300 per day per person.

You can find the availability in the hostel during the off-season in Goa on the point. If you’re planning to come to Goa during the peak winter season, you’ll need to reserve where you will be staying in advance.

In your Goa Itinerary for 3 Days, the sojourn in Goa expenses will be less than Rs.900 per person (3×300 = Rs.900).

The hostels are a good option for budget travelers & especially if you’re on a solo trip to Goa. You’ll get to meet people from all over the world and share the same dorm sometimes.

Choosing a hostel to stay in Goa will be going to help control your Goa expenses.

I believe that the point is apparent to you.

2. How to Commute around in Goa

Now this will be a moving step.

I believe that most of the Goa expenses spent while commuting around in Goa.

The confusion starts when all the available options are present right in front of you. Whether to rent a scooter or to hire a taxi is everyone’s personal decision.

Renting a scooter per day would cost you around Rs.300-Rs.400.

I would be concentrating on the Goa local bus transportation. In the earlier point, where we had looked upon Rs.300 had been filled on the sojourn.

Commute using Goa Local Buses to restrain your Goa Expenses
Commute using Goa Local Buses

Now, the following Rs.100 will be going to spend while commuting around in Goa daily.

I am presuming that you are willing to cover the places during your number of days in Goa.

For e.x –

Traveling Around by Bus in Goa

Depending upon where you are staying, you can take a bus wherever you wanted to go in Goa.

Let’s take another e.x- If you wanted to go to Airport from the Mandrem Beach.

You can take the Goa local bus to reach your destination.

If you’re a person that would like to explore one place at a time then you’re daily traveling Goa expenses would always be lower than Rs.100.

Imagine that you are in Mapusa and needed to go to Vagator. You will take a bus to move from Mapusa to Vagator. You will spend some time exploring Vagator and the nearby areas before going back to where you had been sojourning.

Vagator Beach in Goa
Vagator Beach in Goa

That means exploring one place at a time will sort out your per-day spending on travel in your Goa expenses under Rs.100.

If you are traveling to, say towards Anjuna beach, Vagator beach will be some distance away. So, wherever you will be traveling in Goa new place to explore will be within walking distance. If not by road then, happily by the beach.

Just keep walking along the shore, after a few minutes of walk, you will realize that you had arrived on a different beach.

For e.x – If you keep on walking along the shore on the Mandrem beach, one side will be Morjim beach, Ashwem Beach & another side will be Arambol beach.

Not a single rupee was spent & you had managed to explore three places by walking on the beach.

I am sure you don’t want to cover four places that are present North, East, South & West in Goa in a day. That will lead to not giving enough time to explore around.

3. Where to Dine in Goa on Budget

I can bet you already know this answer.

Yeah, awesome you’re right.

The Goa local food shops don’t look attractive & appealing from the outside.

But trust me the local food will fulfill  –

  • Cravings
  • On a Superb budget
  • Fill your Stomach
  • It Will make you visit again

YUP, my mouth still gets filled with the water.

This point will sum up & control your daily budget of Rs.710 per day.

Goa Local Food Establishments

I had stated above, the local food eateries in Goa will don’t seem charming enough

However, The food will be going to be delicious.

I had visited many local eateries in Goa. I spontaneously noticed there were no menus & the people will inform you whether you need Veg Thali or Fish Thali.

The Veg Thali in Goa local restaurant will fetch you Rs. 70 – Rs.80 per thali.

Veg Thali in Goa Local Run Establishments
Veg Thali in Goa Local Run Establishments

The Fish Thali in Goa local eateries will fetch you Rs. 120 – Rs.140 per thali.

You can choose amongst any of these. However, you don’t only get the above-stated two food options everywhere in Goa.

You can visit your local food restaurant in Goa & can explore the options.

I am guessing that you’ll need three meals per day, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. When you eat in Goa local establishments, the per-day meal charges will sum up below Rs.310.

I understand that you will be looking to try various eateries every day. But if you are in Goa for a short period, you won’t get tired by visiting the local eateries & trying the same meal each day.

& this will ultimately add up –

No. of days you’ll be staying – Rs. 300 per day + traveling around Goa Rs. 100 per day + food to eat in Goa Rs. 310 per day = Under Rs.710 per person

Overall Goa Expenses Keeping in Mind the Above Points

I am sure that the above-stated points had given you clarity. That, how is it possible to control down your Goa expenses below Rs.710 per day.

Now, let’s look at the day-wise Goa trip cost you will be spending while you are here –

1.Cost of Goa Trip for two days

By Gripping in mind Rs.710 per day estimates,

The expenses for two days Goa trip will add up to Rs. 710 + Rs.710 = Rs. 1420 ($20 Approx.) per person for two days.

2.Cost of Goa Trip for three days

The expenses for three days Goa trip will add up to Rs. 710 + Rs.710 + Rs.710 = Rs. 2130 ($30 Approx.) per person for three days.

3.Cost of Goa Trip for four days

The cost for four days Goa tour will sum up to Rs. 710 + Rs.710 + Rs.710 + Rs.710 = Rs. 2840 ($39 Approx.) per person for four days. 

Likewise, you can keep up adding the number of days you are planning & make your Goa trip on a low budget.


Egret in Goa
Egret in Goa

If you are preparing to travel to Goa for a short time,

Say for two to three or max four days then, above-listed points are easy to be followed.

But if you are thinking of going to Goa for a long time,

Say for one week to max any number of days. Then, I think it will become tough for you to follow the same routine every day,

At last, you are disciplined enough to stick to the plan.

I hope that the article had helped you somehow. Let me know in the comments.

Until then, see you on the roads.

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