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You can’t disagree with me that whenever you’re planning to click photos, that goes to the ‘gram. Isn’t?

Though why have I used the word planning above?

Because planning involves efforts, I know you don’t want your efforts to remain until your phone gallery, correct?

Ahh, I have asked numerous questions above; also, I know the response will be Aye!

Indeed, you’re targeting to reach others’ phone feeds or perhaps galleries; there’s no best place than Instagram to achieve that goal.

I have sorted out the photo ideas for Instagram from my multiple visits and even included indoor snaps, further explaining them beneath.

Web Story

View the web story regarding the pointers in brief, which I have explained further in the blog.

10 Photo Ideas for Instagram

1. Lying on the Ground

lying on the ground photo idea for instagram by Vansh Tiwari

That stays amongst the unique and creative photo ideas for Instagram. 

You can also photograph that at home, like, I did. Otherwise, on parks or any flat surface you can think off.

There are two ways to click that picture,

  1. Using a Drone – With a drone, it becomes pretty straightforward.
  2. With the help of another individual, standing on a ladder – Whereas shooting would become complicated using another individual.

In the picture above, I tried to show that – I packed my bags and moved forward.

So, that’s an impressive Instagram picture idea.

2. Mirror Snap

Mirror Snap Photo Idea for Instagram

I loved that mirror snap because everything remained genuine. 

The photograph will keep reminding me of a milestone. Accomplishing that, I took my grandparents to Leela Ambience Gurugram, our first time in a five-star.

Moreover, you can view a web story regarding, A Day in a Five-Star.

So, I photoed that there,

Truthfully, whatever photo idea you choose, make sure not to compromise with the genuineness.

Furthermore, that remained an Instagram story idea because of its precise dimension.

3. Look Behind and Say Wahh

photo idea for instagram by Vansh Tiwari

It was Photoed at Rao Jodha Desert Park in Jodhpur.

As a viewer, the image makes me smile,

Looking behind would never be pleasing until there’s captivating scenery ahead.

The fellow hostel mate gave that photo idea.

Plus, sitting in a triangle made the individuals appear clear.

4. Apply Photography Composition

Photography Composition Idea by Vansh Tiwari

When you apply what you have learned, you become more skilled.

Can you tell me the name of the photography composition I have used above?


Okay, I have used leading lines, where the space between the benches directs the viewers’ eyes towards me sitting there.

The COVID lockdown benefited me, as I learned photography compositions by buying a Mads Peter Iversen e-book from Amazon.

You can apply the identical when you see a bench and organize the surroundings accordingly.

5. Downwards and Upwards Angle

  • Upward Angle Photo Idea for Instagram by Vansh Tiwari
  • Downward Angle Photography by Vansh Tiwari

These angles remain my hidden talent as I hadn’t thought that intensely before.

Such a powerful perspective!

Although that may require multiple re-takes; however, in the end, you will become satisfied with the result.

If you’re photoing solo-dolo, then you require a tripod. Otherwise, another individual could help in getting those snaps.

Likewise, you can take a left-right angle,

When you begin creating your scenes, it will develop your skillset as a creator.

Besides that, individuals stay fascinated, constantly snapping vertically because that performs well on the ‘gram.

But, you should constantly evolve; horizontal photo ideas also portray images amazingly.

So, photo ideas for Instagram should not be vertically every time; indeed, a combination of horizontal too.

6. Straight Smile

Straight Smile Photography Idea by Vansh Tiwari

If I wrote this post in 2040, even then, the straight smile would never go out of fashion.

Because it’s so simple and appealing,

In search of numerous photo ideas for Instagram, we often overlook the simplest.

Honestly, I also neglected that photo idea, but I remained adoring when I saw the outcome.

Indeed, that would help in achieving your photo ideas goal.

7. Look Who’s There!

Look Whose That Photography Idea by Vansh Tiwari


I improvised the title; it looks like someone there because you can instantly visualize many catchy sentences to express that image.


Who’s that, which didn’t look at me!


Again, clear plus eye-soothing photo idea for Instagram.

A little bit behind the shot,

One mate came up with that photo idea while exploring the Jodhpur streets.

We were snapping the moments, not with a direct objective of posting them anywhere, but, yeah, if the shots came innovative, then why not?

So, you understood the intention behind getting photo ideas?

You have to love the process of capturing the moments; then, you will become surprised with the outcome.

8. Get Creative on Streets

Get Creative on Streets Photo Idea for Instagram

It will help if you remain attentive to utilizing your surroundings to bring pictures to your advantage.

Me being creative during street photography, 

I had picturized the outcome similarly when I saw the auto coming.

Likewise, you can consider photoing while staying focused on creating and capturing unusual moments.

9. Hide and See 

Hide and See Photo Idea

During childhood, hide and seek was my favorite game where I hid beneath the bed.

I am pretty sure your’s too!

You can also call the above photo idea an updated adulthood version; the fellows supported it while picturizing the photo.

The symmetry of the walls looks perfect; moreover, the outdoor light prevents the image from becoming entirely dark.

So, play hide and seek and snap simultaneously whenever you feel like getting your next photo idea for Instagram.

10. Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes Photography Idea by Vansh Tiwari

I never thought that BTS was a good photo idea before visiting Jodhpur.

But, I am glad I met fellows in Jodhpur, and so many beautiful things happened. Specifically toward photography and the approach to creating your scene.

Nothing is more exciting than behind the scenes because of the blunders, chit-chat, and rolling on floor laughter moments. Aye, ROFL!

Let’s say someone is photographing a scene, and you can capture his BTS.

BTS would grab more attention when you show something is in progress or completed, 

You can easily relate if you had waited in a cinema hall after the picture ends; altogether, more laughter comes when viewing behind the scene.

Likewise, I have created Jodhpur behind the scenes that will surely bring a smile to your face.

To Sum Up

Pick your shooting machine and begin snapping if nothing is striking your thoughts. Thus, you will find ways.

And, pretty quickly, 

I sense that you have already picked one of those mentioned above and begun preparing for your next shoot for the ‘gram.

You can follow me on Instagram for picture-related content and notably get more photo ideas for the ‘gram.

Before leaving,  

Would you mind letting me know which Instagram picture idea I shared you fancied?

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Vansh Tiwari is a passionate traveler who explores every corner. Then, he presents his vision in images and writing. Further, he loves long walks along the roadside!

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10 Photo Ideas for ‘Gram
10 Photo Ideas for ‘Gram
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