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The Ooty Boat House is favourably visited to enjoy Boating. Visitors worldwide come for the boat ride; undoubtedly, the weekend draws the mad rush, but weekdays also have people gathering for Boating. The Ooty Lake is over 65 acres, and Boating is a major tourist attraction.

However, the other activities glance from a window of opportunity and demand attention. When I visited the Boat House for the first time, my eyes also saw the excitement of doing a boat ride, and other activities went out of focus.

However, I went there multiple times throughout the course, living in Ooty for 10 months.

Through this Travel Story, I would like to spotlight different things apart from Boating at Ooty Boat House, mainly amusement rides like Mini Train, Wipeout, Dashing Car, and many more that kids and youngster families would also have a fantastic time riding. Thus, it could be a fun outing.

Ooty Boat House Apart from Boating

Mini Train Ride

Ooty Mini Train Ride

The person peeks through the window to make announcements and tell people, “You can ride the mini train that lasts for 10 mins and takes you around Ooty Lake”. He notifies people and spreads awareness that such a thing exists in Ooty Boat House.

Kids running to ride the mini toy train

As the ticket checker arrived to check the tickets, the children understood that the train would depart anytime shortly, so they hurried and ran to board their Mini Toy Train.

Tourists enjoying the mini toy train

Kids and Adults enjoy the Mini Train Ride as it proceeds around Ooty Lake, surrounded by forest. On an entertaining note, you can match the train’s pace with your foot. 

Workers seeing the train leave

The Individuals working on the railway track stand and watch as the Mini Toy train leaves the cave and passes them. For tourists, it’s a fun activity; for workers, it’s their livelihood.

Wipeout Amusement Ride

Wipeout Amusement Ride: The giant wheel, which tilts at a steep angle, can fill 40 enthusiasts, fluctuates in a wavelike manner, and spins at various speeds. People shouting and screaming are an everyday activity on this ride. At first, people hesitate to ride, but they feel thrilled when they ride. 

Dashing Car

Dashing Car Ride

A dashing car, also known as a Bumper car, is an electronic-powered car. Kids love this ride, especially when they smash the car into another. 

Family loving the Dashing car ride

A little one, likely his first with his Family, relishes the Dashing Car ride. The Family creates moments on a fun electric-powered car.

Dragon Coaster

Dragon Coaster Ride at Ooty Boat House

Dragon Coaster circles in a tiny area, usually ridden by all age groups at the Ooty Boat House. However, that’s not very fast, but good enough to make you feel the thrill.

Smiling faces during the ride

Energetic smiling faces express it all about their fantastic Dragon Coaster Amusement ride. The Adrenaline rush in them is unmatchable.

Wooden Horses

Wooden Horses Ride at Ooty Boat House

The seats are traditionally in the form of rows of wooden horses or other animals mounted on posts. The girl expresses how she’s feeling.


Vansh Tiwari

And that’s me covering the travel story at the Ooty Boat House. Indeed, I told a tourist to click my picture.

I have stayed in Ooty for an extended period, and I have covered this travel story after experiencing by visiting it numerous times.

The Ooty Boat House was around 4.5km from where I stayed. On alternate days, I used to leave the house around 8:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. to reach on time. The Boat House opens at 9 a.m., and I prefer to come as early as possible before it becomes crowded.

The weekends draw a mad rush right from the opening time. If you’re there on weekdays, try to visit then.

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