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Firstly, I arrived, kept the backpack in the hostel’s common space, and straightaway headed to Gangaur Ghat Udaipur. So, unknowingly that was my initial interaction.

But, I was utterly clueless that during my 58hrs in Udaipur, I would visit the Gangaur Ghat 4 times.

The first impression always leaves an impact, either positive or negative. Thus, I visited Ghat multiple times during my 2.5 days’ stay, where I had to cover the most prominent Udaipur places.  

You are superb in predicting — the Ghat influence was firmly flattering on me.

Moreover, Gangaur Ghat became the Hello Mornings and Goodbye Sunsets place!

So, can You Stay Near the Ghat?

Furthermore, Yea, I insist that you stay near the Ghat and not anywhere far away from the lakeside.

Because of two reasons:

  • At Ghat, the atmosphere remains pleasant in the morning and evening due to the lakeside. So, you can walk from your stay to reach the Ghat straightforwardly.
  • You can dine/shop from the market near Ghat. Eventually, you would see the stores on both sides of the street and, in the end — the big entrance gate to the Ghat.

Indeed, Numerous hotel and hostel stays are functional; I stayed at the Moustache hostel — approximately 200m away from the Gangaur Ghat.

How is the Morning View from the Gangaur Ghat?

Morning view from the Udaipur Ghat
Morning Scenery at the Gangaur Ghat

After getting fresh, I first visited Gangaur Ghat.

The daytime is admirable near the Ghat side.

I am a big fan of morning explorations; therefore, I visited Gangaur Ghat twice in the morning, and the experience was calming. 

Along with Gangaur Ghat, you won’t want to miss the other 4 places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days.

  • People Feeding Pigeons
  • People Giving Water to the Pigeons
  • Pigeons
  • Pigeons Flying in the Air

I noticed,

  • People were feeding pigeons, and those scenes were awe-inspiring.
  • Tourists were snapping pictures of the beautiful scenery visible from the Ghat. 
  • Individuals were enjoying their daytime, furthermore somewhat performing an exercise.
  • There was also a small temple on the Ghat stretch; people worshiped there.
  • I also saw multiple people bathing and rinsing their clothes in Lake Pichola. But, ooh, the water must be cold! 

Can you guess what I was doing?

You will undoubtedly guess correct, 

I was photoing the lovely surroundings and the happenings at the Ghat.

Morning Photos as seen from the Ghat

Morning View From the Gangaur Ghat
Morning View from the Ghat

I chose a quiet place on the Gangaur Ghat stretch the following morning. 

Mainly, that was a small area, so I decided to stand there and view the Ghat surroundings from the bird’s vision.

Similarly, I was already assuming that the visuals would be jaw-dropping.


I stood stunned to see the live scenes. Wooh!

  • Udaipur City Drone Shot from Gangaur Ghat
  • Sunlight Gradually Falling Over

The sun was gradually spreading its rays over that area of Udaipur.

Even the reflections of the establishments near the lakeside appear remarkably elegant.

Reflection Images of the Establishments

Moving forward,

Honestly, the Gangaur Ghat remains calm and less crowded during the early morning, mainly 6-8 a.m. 

In contrast, the Ghat becomes packed in the evening. 

How is the Evening Viewpoint from Gangaur Ghat?

Vansh Tiwari During Evening at Gangaur Ghat
Vansh Tiwari in the Evening at Gangaur Ghat

All age groups spend their precious time near the lakeside during the evening.

As I conveyed, the evenings at the Ghat become crowded. Even you wouldn’t get to sit on the stairs if you arrived just around sunset.

I was lucky enough both days to sit on the stairs as I arrived well before sundown. So, ultimately, you can see the lovely red, orange, and yellow sunset colors dispersed in the sky.

It would be best to remain cautious while walking on the stairs near the lake as they are slippery — falling from which can hurt you.

I have seen a woman slip on the stairs and fall on her bum. 

From her expressions, I could clearly convey that All was well, but deep inside, it must have hurt that individual — which secretly put lotion at home!

Photoed the Entrance of the Ghat with a Different Standpoint

Vansh Tiwari Posing at the Entrance of the Gangaur Ghat
Vansh Tiwari Posing for a Shot

While returning, I immediately got the idea to photograph the tall structure from a different standpoint. Therefore, I told my friend to hold the camera from below while clicking to give the image a fresh look.

Though my friend snapped multiple, most of the pictures clicked remained unconvincing.

Entrance Gate from Insect viewpoint

Finally, he clicked the image that somehow appeared convincing to me.

Hence, that practical photography activity engaged us during the evening.

What is the Best Time to Visit Gangaur Ghat?

Both morning and evening are the most suitable to visit the Ghat.

In the morning, around 7 a.m. – 9 a.m., and evening around 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

I have experienced both the time slots in March, so I consider that an ideal and suitable time to visit the Gangaur Ghat.

March — is the last month that would remain an adequate time to visit Udaipur. But, as I can feel, the superheated sun would constrain your time even more in the following months, especially the entire summer season.

Oho! Are you planning to visit Udaipur in April?

Ultimately, the winters will be the most suited to visiting Udaipur and spending a long time in the sunlight.

In addition, present nearby is the Jagdish temple, hardly 10 mins away from the Ghat, which you can visit. But I hadn’t seen Jagdish temple, though, mainly on the day of Holi in Udaipur; while scrolling the streets, I reached there.

Moreover, I adore the morning and evening times more in Udaipur after visiting outdoors during the afternoon. Phew! Very hot.

How Gangaur Ghat Became the Highlight of My Udaipur Trip?

I will again express that visiting the Gangaur Ghat in the morning and evening, plus sitting/walking and photoing the surroundings from my viewpoint, have played an ultimate role in making the Gangaur Ghat a highlight of my Udaipur trip.

Doubtlessly, I am confident that you will also adore your time there.


Indeed, you will visit palaces in Udaipur; the City palace would remain the topic of your most conversations, further Monsoon Palace. Ahh, don’t forget Bahubali Hills and Badi Lake for the spectacular scenery.

After all these adventures,

Nothing could beat the satisfaction of sitting on the lakeside, especially on the Gangaur Ghat in Udaipur — priceless feelings.

Let me know how you experience sitting anywhere near the lakeside.

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