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Dubai—the city of extravagance, is one destination that knows how to celebrate good times. 

From November’s onset, the city becomes a dazzling and vibrant hub to experience outstanding recreational events, leisure activities, and festivals. As one of the most popular places to ring in the new year, Dubai’s New Year’s Eve celebration wins hands down as the most anticipated event in Dubai for locals and tourists alike. 

New Year’s Eve is a big deal in Dubai, but the excitement doesn’t stop there and continues until the end of Dubai’s cooler months. Thus, if you have a Dubai tourist visa and plan to spend the New Year in Dubai, don’t fly back home just after the Eve. Instead, spend a few more days to let the vibes sink in and, at the same time, make the most of your New Year’s Trip to Dubai. 

6 Things to do on your Extended New Year’s Trip to Dubai

1. Begin the New Year with some Pampering

Dubai’s New Year’s Eve is a frenzied affair! You will be reeling with its effect the following morning. Take it slow and let the excitement ebb away into calmness with soul-soothing spa experiences in Dubai’s luxurious spas.

Dubai is a popular spot to indulge in eloquent spa experiences, and it has some of the most diverse, unique wellness retreats to pamper you. Look for deals on spa experiences in Dubai so that you can have a refreshing, rejuvenating experience before you return home without going over budget.

2. Enjoy the scenic city from a Different Perspective.

D.ubai appears breathtakingly beautiful when viewed from a city tour, but bypass the crowds and take in the view of the city from an offshore location. Make arrangements for a private yacht cruise on Dubai Marina or a Dhow cruise experience on Dubai Creek to enjoy the beauty of Dubai from afar. You can also try out a bird’s eye view from a helicopter city tour or Sea Plane tour. Let the glimpses of Dubai’s awe-inspiring skyline be an unforgettable memory from this Dubai trip.

3. Explore Seasonal Attractions and Events in Dubai

Miracle Garden Dubai

Enjoy every second of your winter vacation in Dubai! Don’t let the New Year’s festivities hinder your chance to see Dubai Miracle Garden floral displays. Alternatively, you could also have a quick trip around the world this new year with a visit to Global Village Dubai. These two attractions are tagged as Dubai seasonal attractions, open only for about six months of the year. These outdoor experiences are only available when the weather turns from scorching hot to pleasantly cool for people to enjoy outdoor activities.

In addition to these attractions, if you are in Dubai in January, you should also visit the Winter Garden at Habtoor Palace Dubai and the Winter City at Expo City Dubai, open until 7th January 2024. 

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4. Venture beyond Dubai’s city life for an Adventure

After spending New Year’s Eve in Dubai and witnessing the city’s spectacular fireworks and dynamic vistas, it’s time to unwind and enjoy some time away from Dubai’s bustling ambiance and calmness in the gorgeous ambiance of the golden dunes of Arabia. Go for an adventure of a lifetime with Dubai Desert Safari. Find yourself in the stillness of the sprawling undulating sand and soak up the serenity.

If you are up for an adventurer, enjoy dune bashing and quad-biking to pump that adrenaline. Moreover, you have more options to enjoy a serene time in Dubai after a New Year’s Eve celebration. An excursion to Hatta is also a great idea!

5. Take advantage of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Dubai Shopping Festival, DSF, UAE

Dubai is a haven for shopaholics. It is evident from the crowds of tourists that travel to Dubai annually to visit the malls and take advantage of duty-free shopping. The Dubai Shopping Festival, also fondly known as DSF, is held in December each year, with which the emirate has raised the bar for the ultimate shopping experience in the world. It still holds the title of the biggest shopping festival in the world. Take advantage of the DSF if you intend to spend the New Year in Dubai, and check off that shopping wishlist in style.

There are also opportunities to enter and win raffles. So try your luck! The Dubai Shopping Festival ends on 14th January 2024. 

6. Book in Advance and Save!

You can also take advantage of early bird deals, pay-and-stay offers, winter offers, and discounts on stays after New Year’s Eve by arranging your hotel reservation well in advance, planning to arrive in Dubai a day or two before the big day, and then extending your stay into the new year. The Raffles, The Palm Dubai, Vida Hotels and Resorts, Armani Hotel Dubai, and Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City are prominent hotels with appealing deals.

Not only luxury hotels but many boutique hotel chains and four-star hotels offer fantastic deals during the Christmas and New Year holidays. It’s a good idea to reserve your flights and the attractions you wish to see before your New Year’s Trip to Dubai to keep costs down and avoid going overboard on your budget.


With its alluring modern-traditional blend, Dubai provides an enchanting experience for extended New Year’s stays. Additionally, most travel stays and attractions have ongoing promotions extending into the new year, allowing you to explore Dubai at a reduced cost.

With the advantage of getting discounts and the vibrant, brand-new-year flair in the air, the days after the new year are amazing to experience in Dubai. Stay back to fully experience the city’s festive spirit on New Year’s Eve, which then slowly ebbs away into calmness. Hotels and flight tickets sell like hotcakes during the winter for Dubai holidays, so start planning now, or you may run out of time!

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