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Triund Trek is considered a beginner’s friendly trek amidst mountains.

But, are you scared of height because it is situated at almost 9,350 ft above sea level?

You don’t need to ?:

Because to conquer your fears, you have to start from somewhere, and the foothills of Dhauladhar are the best place to make a start.

Triund Trek from McLeod Ganj

Some Insights before we Start

Let me tell you something.

About two years ago, I did Triund Trek and was quite afraid that height might play a role for a step-back and created doubt whether I would be able to do it without giving up.

With the trust of the guide, I gathered the confidence that someone was here to motivate and help me keep pushing my limits. Hence, I took the courage that it can be done as others do.

It took 5-6 hrs to reach Triund then.

Half way of Triund Trek

After 2 years, I returned to McLeod Ganj with much more stamina and confidence because of Solo Travelling and the many adventurous activities that took place in between those 2 years.

Started for Triund Trek as a Solo Trekker, meet people in between –

People – Are you from here?

Me – No, but why?

People – because you are doing it so smoothly without any struggle on your face.

Me – Yeah, it’s all because I am fond of trekking. My stamina and confidence have been increased over the past few years, and Solo is my strength.

And reached Triund within 3 hrs and guided people too. Gone Solo to Triund and came down making a lot of friends. (One accompanied while coming down).

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Near Bhagsunag Waterfall

Follow where you want to reach; people of the same Interest are bound to meet.

What I am trying to say here is –

You have to feel confident about your strength, stamina, and self-belief that continuous efforts are required to become better at something.

Hault during the trek

Triund Trek Pictures from My last visit

These are my Triund Trek pictures from my last visit here. If I compare from then to now things have changed like –

  1. Opening of more shops ( Two more are in process in between if you take the trek route from Bhagsu point ).
  2. More commercialized
  3. Increase in number of trekkers
  4. More litter in the surroundings ( Most Importantly )
Trek Trek - 2 years back
More fond of self clicked then

I used to take breaks every 10 min.

Sunrise from Triund
Sunrise from Triund during winters

It was a kind of snow trek during winters.

Consider the list of these winter essentials.

Let’s get to the present now – things to know wait wait wait…….. before starting for Triund Trek, take a day to explore Upper Bhagsu, Yes you will really enjoy this part.

Now, shall we start? –

1. Triund Trek Route

There are two routes to start Triund Trek. They are –

MacLeod Ganj view from the top

  1. Triund Trek from Bhagsu Nag Waterfall (Shiva Café)
  2. Triund Trek from Dharamkot

The Bhagsu Route

Shiva Cafe

The Bhagsu route passes from Shiva Café and goes by Jungle and steep climb every time.

By every time, I mean after a few steps. This route is fairly difficult compared to the other one and is usually preferred by a bit experienced trekkers and locals.

The Trek route is 6-7 km but steep, taking you straight to the height.

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Dharamkot Route

Dharamkot route for Triund Trek

Triund Trek from the Dharamkot route is easier because of the proper walkable steps been made.

This Trek route is a bit longer, specifically 9-10 km, and goes in a circle and can easily be done by children and adults as I encountered while coming down.

I started from the first route ( Bhagsu Nag ) and came down from the second route ( Dharamkot ).

Note – If you ask me, an easier and hustle-free route would be to start from the second route ( Dharamkot ) and come down from the first route ( Bhagsu Nag ).

2. Things to take for Triund Trek

I am pinpointing three things to focus on–


It would help if you carried a light backpack with essential items inside. Backpack with a max. Weight of 2-3 kg or as low as possible.

B. Water Bottle

At least 2 bottles if you don’t want to buy in between because the rate is Rs.40 for a bottle of water and increases by +10 on Triund, i: e Rs.50

C. Energy Bars

The majority don’t prefer energy bars here, but I do.

2-3 packets of Bar one or Snickers would do because a point will come where your throat demands something to swallow, and a heavy item will definitely not work.

The cost of a Maggi on Triund varies from Rs.50 – Rs.70, and we will be willing to pay after the hard struggle and because of fewer varieties. So, That’s fair enough.

Recharge or carry Power bank – Recharge your phone before or carry a power bank along with you.

Q. What’s the status of Mobile signals on Triund?

A. Yes, a full network is available during the trek and upon reaching Triund.

3. Triund Weather

The weather, which seems clear at the start of a Trek suddenly becomes dark upon reaching.

Welcome, you are in the mountains.

Must carry an umbrella or a raincoat because conditions can change at any time.

Trek to Triund at the monsoon time is a big “NO.” One shouldn’t take deadly risks.

If the weather permits, you can also Trek to the snowline upon reaching Triund, about another 2-3hrs.

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4. Triund Temperature

Triund Temperature

The temperature on the foot of the Dhauladhar range mainly remains cool and pleasing.

A.Temperature in Summers

Triund Trek is preferable in summers to escape from hot and humid city life (May -July). It varies from 15-20 degrees.

B.Temperature in winters

In winter, the weather would be very harsh, and it becomes a snow trek too (Dec – Jan). The temperature varies from (-)5-5 degrees.

5. Camping facilities at Triund

You can camp?️ At the foothills of mighty Dhauladhar, the price range for camping would be around Rs 500-Rs 600 for a night.

If you are doing it for the first time, you must camp to feel the vibe under the stars or start early and come down before sunset.

Trekking and camping can be done further too at snowline and Indrahar pass, but I would suggest Indrahar pass to more experienced trekkers than beginners.

Major Update – Camping at Triund has been closed for now because of Illegal structures and a lot of waste material.

I will update further when it re-opens. But you can go on a day hike.

6. Don’t litter the surroundings

Don't litter surroundings

The most important thing to keep in mind is our responsibility to make our surroundings neat and clean.

Don’t throw cans, chips packets, etc., on the ground if you can’t find any dustbins, instead keep it in the bag and throw it in the dustbin when you come down.

Note – Travel Responsibly.

7. Toilet Options in Triund

Another most important part –

Is there any availability of toilets in Triund?

As such, no toilet options are available apart from toilet tents. So, Enjoy nature at its fullest and practice squats.

Note – Take a torch with you if you go camping; it will be used especially at night for toilets.

8. Food Options in Triund

Okay, food lovers.

Sorry this time, but you have to control your yummy tummy here.

The food being served here will be Maggi, Omelette, and Chawal with Dal or Rajma or a mix of these items only.

Earlier, when I had visited around there are not many food shops beside 1-2 but now more and more localities opening their shop seeing more traffic gathering on Triund year by year.

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The number has increased to 5-6 shops making Triund like a picnic spot.

This is what I felt is Important to be shared before you start for Triund Trek.

If you found anything more important, comment below and help everyone prepare for the best.

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  1. Great post! So informative with lovely narration and beautiful pictures! When I visit India I hardly get time to take a break, but this looks like a good trek to go on. Cut off from the world for a while!

  2. Oh wow! That looks like an intense trek! I’d be like you in the picture passed out on the ground taking a break lol. I love that you get to meet some furry friends along the way.

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