13 BTS Photography from Jodhpur that Will Win Your Smile
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14 BTS Photography from Jodhpur that will Win your Smile

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BTS, Behind the Scenes Photography, sounds like fun, imagine something? It’s so much more than that!

Mainly y’all view the end upshot of making.

Undoubtedly a lot of effort went behind in shaping the picture to look pretty.

Hence, you might have a widespread understanding of what happens behind the scenes. The HAHA, WOW, UFF from behind the making makes you giggle harder than ever.

Suppose there’s a film, then the thought comes to your mind that a lot of hard work must have been done in doing that scene. Furthermore, you feel in your imagination and begin to plunge deeper…

Ohh, My Gosh!

Don’t think so much because I will take you behind the scenes from my Jodhpur visit.

This would be entertainment because I didn’t realize BTS Photography was in constant movement. I was such lean in our rhythm of Photographing that the output came out of it remained all-natural, and well was snapped behaving un-natural.


I can sense your enthusiasm,

It’s time to begin:

What is BTS Photography, and What Exactly Does a BTS Photographer Do?

BTS Photography is snapping Behind the Scenes, and that could be of anything.

For e.x. –

  1. On a film set, a shot of a song is in progress. The dancers are rehearsing, and someone clicked a BTS Photography of the rehearsals.
  2. Before entering the field, a debutant cricketer doing shadow practice to make himself comfortable & relaxed on the pitch. Someone clicked that behind the scenes & people perceived it.

A BTS Photographer clicks all the happenings going on. Most importantly, it turns out to be a lot more fun without telling that you have been caught on the camera.

Suppose the BTS Photographer somehow tells you to pose or pretend like that you’re not coming on the camera:

I consider that should be called a pre-planned BTS. Haha!

Behind the Scenes Photography from Jodhpur

1. An Increase in Food Craving Just After the Breakfast

BTS Photography from our First Halt at a Food Establishment

As soon we started our Photowalk, we spontaneously stopped at an establishment. Raju Namkin Bhanbdar, you may have perceived till now the stoppage reason.

It offers Namkin & Jodhpur popular eatables like Kachori, etc. Maximum of us grew excited to taste something.

Therefore, we halted for some time there and began asking that Bhaiya this one, that one, Ohh No, that one. Meantime, we got snapped.

I consider Dec-March is the perfect period to explore Jodhpur streets to avoid too much sweating & scorching sun. I went to Jodhpur in Feb ending. The climate was balmy and better for long-day exploration.

We finished eating and then posed for a photo

It’s not that we were hungry enough, although we had our breakfast just before leaving for the Street Photowalk.

Therefore, you can sense the food desire.

In one of the photographs, I am seeming sleepy! Bad photography timing. In actuality, I was eager to kick-start this exploration.

We paused there until everyone fulfilled their aspirations.

Upon realizing that we were getting clicked, we posed gently and smiling.

Everyone’s faces were shining in the sun.

C’mon, let’s proceed:

2. Photographed the Men at Work

While exploring the Jodhpur Streets, we looked at a stitching store. One of our buddies saw a frame that seemed quite genuine to photograph.

An experienced gentleman was doing his duty. We soft-spoken requested him to snap his photographs while he continued performing his activity.

He was pleased to become the center attraction.

  • BTS Photography from the Stitching Store

With our focus defined, we began clicking the shots, and unknowingly we were getting photographed too. Doubtlessly, Behind the scene was spot on. We were getting revealed to the camera from numerous angles.

The outcome of that was moderately delightful. We stayed in no hurry to complete our picture-taking journey that day quickly.

Hence, we continued our exploration in the Blue city streets.

3. You Click Me, and I’ll do the Same was not the Purpose Here!

You must have got yourself clicked several times a day. Assuredly!

The question remains, how many times were you able to show someone that you were getting clicked? Yeah, you understood that right.


Aha, now you perceived!

Suddenly, an idea strikes and a friend directed me to pose with your camera.

While posing, an idea hits equivalent to me, and I conceived to click them also.

Moderately, both purposes got fulfilled – 

  1. They got me posed with the camera
  2. I got behind the scenes Photograph


4. The Outcome of the Combined Efforts, Auto Tire Punctured!

Auto Tire Got Punctured Half Way to our Destination

We 6 of us sit in an Auto to go to Rao Jodha Desert Park. Our motive was to see the sunset from there.

Everything was running smooth, the Auto too. We were roughly midway to our destination.

Yet suddenly, the Auto tire got punctured.

Perhaps because the Auto was overloaded since you can view. Mayhap an evil eye could be the reason. Shit!

Two more personalities were sitting in front next to the Auto driver.

Na Na Na, Don’t overlook two were sitting in front also!

It was the outcome of the combined efforts. Hahaha!

It appeared like we couldn’t manage to reach Desert Park on time.

Thankfully! The Auto operator arranged a separate Auto within no time. Consequently, we succeeded in reaching our destination seamlessly plus on time, most importantly.

5. Exceptional Tale from Behind the Scene

Our accompanying mate has a train to catch in the evening the same day we visited the Rao Jodha Desert Park.

We were trying our best efforts so that his train gets missed. Bahaha!

Although, he very well-knowns everything we were seeking to do. Hence, keeping an eye on the watch. Furthermore, he was enjoying the time he has left in Jodhpur.

You can view the unnatural behavior caught in behind the scene photography.

He was in flawless swing, and we assumed that he might extend his stay. Nonetheless, destiny has some different plans that day. Therefore our attempts stood unsuccessful.

We bid him adios and continued our journey.

6. Wohh! What a Breathtaking Landscape

In Rao Jodha Park, we reached a spot from where the landscape looks breathtaking.

Our friend got the idea that he will be sitting on the rocks, and the lake should appear awe-inspiring.

By the way, the lake looks awe-inspiring from such a height with naked eyes.

Accordingly, we began snapping from multiple angles incorporating the artistic side of us.

The breeze was blowing massively there. So, we remained for some time and, when we became content, we progressed towards our point to witness the sunset at the desert park.

To bring to your knowledge,

Please Pay Attention – It may seem like our friend was sitting at the ultimate edge but it’s behind. We didn’t go on the edge of the rocks. Hence, kindly don’t jeopardize your life just for the sake of getting a shareworthy picture.

7. I am Blessed to Share this Moment with NatGeo

BTS Photography from Mandore Garden when a folk artist was performing

Succeeding day, we went to the Mandore Garden to see the sunset.

Aha, another sunset and yet another BTS Photography, yet a musical one.

I propose you explore these 3 Sunset places in Jodhpur to complete your day.

Within few minutes, we observed an artist with Ravanhatta, a folk instrument.

BTS Photography where I could be seen in a strange pose

We commenced speaking to him and politely requested that he continue performing, and we would love to snap a few shots of him. 

The artist gave a smile since he had to do what he was most skilled at.

Besides clicking the photographs, we were there for some time.

In the picture, I can be seen in a strange pose. I was probably targeting my angle from the eyes. Haha!

Individually, I enjoyed the musical time & you can read the viewpoint from that moment which I have expressed furthermore on the World Music day with NatGeo.

8. Exploration, Sunset, Photography – Our Routine

When we reached the sunset point at the Mandore Gardens. One of our buddies came with an idea:

  • Vivek – Hey Sid, Get on the wall and commence walking!
  • Sid – Hein!

This gave us an idea of ​​artistic Photography where I chose to do Silhouette photography.

This remained a precise moment to embrace. 

I was blissfully satisfied with the shots. Meantime, I got snapped in behind the scenes.

BTS Photography from the Sunset Spot at Mandore Garden

We remained there in the garden despite the sunset. Although we came simply to witness the sunset but end up somewhat late.

Exploring Mandore Garden certainly requires 2-3hrs, and we pretty much got to know following the sunset. Therefore, we dropped the thought of exploring the Mandore Garden as it already got dark.

9.Behind the Words

No BTS Photography alternatively Behind the Words.

Simply because that time, I was left in uncertainty that BTS Photography didn’t appear a concluding choice.

I didn’t want destiny to take the decision. So, no toss, please. Haha!

I needed some time to evaluate and act upon it!

It’s the decision of whether to extend my Sojourn in Jodhpur or vice-versa. The initial days were phenomenal, and it became a magnificent reason to prolong my 3 days Jodhpur Trip to 7 days

Here comes the actual behind the words:

I had an overnight bus that was previously booked. Meantime my mind was in confusion about what will go wrong if I extend my stay! Promptly, I made my mind to extend my stay.

Hence, I didn’t cancel my bus. To be honest, one of the people had told me that he will get me the complete refund of the bus without cancellation.

So, I believed him.

Everything went contrary, I didn’t get the refund back, and the person was not answerable. Sad!

Nonetheless, on a concrete note, I continued my exploration.

Although I have expressed more deeply previously. However, I genuinely feel that is an experience-changing situation. Without hearing the heart, I couldn’t make the Jodhpur trip memorable.

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That’s it!

Summing Up

I enjoyed it a lot while selecting, editing & writing, moreover sharing the BTS Photography with you all.

In my belief, Behind the Scenes Photography will eventually help in developing a faithful bond with the readers.

And, that’s correctly what a creator needs.

Okay, so…

It brought a proud smile to my face.

I can sense you, a slight smile! Aha Although, you can clarify in the comments.

Did BTS Photography win your smile?

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