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Truthfully, I wasn’t aware earlier that there are places where you require a boat or ferry to travel to another Island within India.

Moreover, I could imagine traveling to other islands is possible only in foreign lands.

But, Gladly, I went to a few places, naming Port Blair to Havelock Island, where you require a ferry or boat to travel to another Island — Amazingly, within India.

Another — is Okha to Bet Dwarka Gujarat, Yea! The current article is concerning that experience.

Where is Okha, and How Can You Reach There?

Okha is in Gujarat, and the most suitable way to get there is by train.

However, you can drive till Okha if you reside somewhere nearer. But, undoubtedly, you need to consider thinking again if you plan for a long road journey.

Here’s how I reached Dwarka and, Ultimately, Okha:

  • I traveled from Delhi to Ahmedabad via flight and then took the train from Ahmedabad to Dwarka. 

Note – Ultimately, If you don’t have a plan to stay in Dwarka, you can take train tickets directly to Okha.

  • After that, I stayed in Dwarka and went to Okha by car. Sounded like, Phew? But, Indeed, I found that a more satisfactory plan.

Dwarka to Okha

The most timely way to go from Dwarka to Okha is to get a car for the entire day of sightseeing, including drop and pick up from Okha Jetty — Precisely, I did.

However, the police officers didn’t allow the cars to remain parked outside the Jetty; indeed, there’s a parking spot a little distant from the Jetty.

Okha to Bet Dwarka Boat

You have to reach Okha Jetty for a boat ride to Bet Dwarka.

The Bet Dwarka boat price is Rs. 20 per individual. In addition, undoubtedly, you would get a crowd as the boat departs when it gets completed loaded — OVER-LOADED.

Spot from where the boat from Okha to Bet Dwarka Departs
Okha Jetty
  • That remains the Spot where the boat from Okha to Bet Dwarka departs.
Standing Passengers Balancing themselves through their clothes
Standing Passengers on a Okha to Bet Dwarka boat ride
Standing Passengers on a Okha to Bet Dwarka boat ride
  • Standing passengers use their clothes to balance themselves on a moving boat.
Boat spotted in the Arabian Sea while on the way to Bet Dwarka
  • Boat spotted in the Arabian sea while on the way to Bet Dwarka. Additionally, you would see multiple boats moving; some also remained private boats that take passengers from Okha to Bet Dwarka.
Moving boat located on the way to Bet Dwarka Gujarat
People stood as the boat approaches nearer to bet Dwarka
  • People came to the corner to see as the boat approached closer to Bet Dwarka.
Boat approached nearer to Bet Dwarka Port
People moved out as the boat reaches it's location
Dada kept his head covered from warm sunrays
Boat ride from Bet Dwarka to Okha
  • Over-crowded boat ride, though, some boats don’t have a pole to use to balance while standing in a moving ship. So, umm, you have to think of a strategy to balance yourselves.
Children's bathing in the sea
  • Children were spotted bathing in the sea near the Bet Dwarka Port.
Boat ride
People moving out of Bet Dwarka Jetty

Similarly, you will have to travel from Bet Dwarka to Okha.

So, have you been to Dwarka? — Share your thoughts with me.

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